Author Topic: Neo Geo Pocket Everdrive?  (Read 2193 times)

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Neo Geo Pocket Everdrive?
« on: May 26, 2020, 04:10 AM »
If Krikzz had a dollar for every time someone requested this huh?

I ask because the prices for games on ebay are starting to get insane. There are 2 options, but they are weird. 1 cart only stores 2 roms at any given time. Worse than that is that the software is windows only. Proprietary software like this is always a hassle, what happens when we upgrade our PC and the new version of windows won't support it? It's happened with me in the past with other flashcards. The second one will store the games on a micro SD card but you need to flash the rom which takes a very long time (check youtube). It's such a bummer.

I couldn't imagine this being a hot seller for Krikzz, the NGP is relatively niche. Maybe he could sell them for a bit more? I was about to pull the trigger on one of the two mentioned, im so reluctant, I'm posting here hoping that krikzz would reply with "I've been working on one" or something so I can wait haha.

NeoGeo Pocket is a great system, and they are relatively cheap to buy on ebay in this retro reseller climate.

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Re: Neo Geo Pocket Everdrive?
« Reply #2 on: May 26, 2020, 08:28 PM »
I know what you are talking about lack of OS support. I have some older flashcarts that I can only program by using Windows XP in a virtual machine.

About this Neo Geo Pocket GD, it says it doesn't support "Resume game functionality". What's that about? I guess it's just save states or something, and not actually a feature of the NGPC hardware?

Edit: Answering my own question, it appears that it's a hardware feature of the NGPC after all. I guess this is what the CR2032 battery is for (besides RTC and personal settings):

Quote from: Everything You Always Wanted To Know About NeoGeo Pocket Color ngpcspec.txt

  Requesting resume function to the system saves the values in

 work RAM area 0x4000 ~ 0x5FFF.  This area is destroyed when

 another software from cart or internal software is run.

   If resume operation request is to be made with the use of

 User_Answer of the System Work, it is necessary to do the

 following on startup.  At startup check the resume startup flag,

 User_Boot, and verify the validity of the data.  If the data is

 valid, operations to resume user software should be taken.

The Neo Geo Pocket GD's OS menu probably gets in the way. I wonder if it's problem on the Flash Masta since it just flashes the rom without an internal menu.
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