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FXPAK (SD2SNES) / Re: SD2SNES Not working anymore...
« on: September 06, 2019, 07:01 PM »
Sd2snes will keep working even the RAM chip has been removed.
Don't trust your SD card too much. Replace it with a new reliable SD card.

FXPAK (SD2SNES) / Re: SD2SNES Pro problems
« on: April 26, 2019, 09:22 AM »
Comparing it to my Everdrive, the Everdrive groove is bigger and fits perfectly.
These are all roms that work fine and have been working fine for the last 6 months on the everdrive cart I have.

Your super everdrive cartridge is a clone fake, you should send it back to  seller and ask a full refund.


I'm a very happy owner of the EDN8. I play the games mainly on my AV Famicom, but I've recently acquired a PAL NES. Now I'm wondering if there are any Famicom to NES cart adapters that will fit, ie. I want to be able to use my EDN8 on NES and be able to push down the cartridge.

I'll be honest, I want to do this as cheaply as possible. All I want is to play some of the PAL exclusives (Noah's Ark, Smurfs, Asterix, etc.) - so the non-working sound expansion chips, problems with MMC3/5 (if I'm not mistaken, some of the adapters handle it quite badly) are of no issue to me. As long as most of the games work, I'll be happy.

Now... from what I see, the EDN8 is a little bit taller than a standard Famicom cart, and that can be a bit problematic.

Would this adapter be okay for my needs? It looks reasonably compact, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to push down the cartridge.

And yes, most of the PAL games work on the NTSC console (Asterix is one of the exceptions), but I want to be able to play them at the correct speed.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

you should buy this one:

EverDrive GB / Re: Very Fast Battery Drain
« on: February 09, 2019, 06:10 AM »
The biggest difference between using a flash cartridge and the original cartridge is that you will spend two hours for one game or two hours for a hundred games.
Frequent change games  is the most direct way to increase power consumption.

EverDrive GB / Re: A save problem with Pokemon Crystal version
« on: February 09, 2019, 05:49 AM »
pokemon crystal original cartridge game save type :32KB SRAM.
so, save file size should be 32KB . Not 64K.  64KB is wrong.

EverDrive GBA / Re: RTC Battery Life
« on: February 09, 2019, 05:01 AM »
I purchased my Everdrive GBA last year and I have already had to replace my battery 3 times.  It looks like I am getting about 4 months of battery life.  This seems rather short to me.  I don't play often and I leave my Everdrive connected to my GBA.  Do I have a faulty unit?  How often have you replaced your battery?

Four months battery life is a perfectly normal range for CR1220

FXPAK (SD2SNES) / Re: New s2dsnes Cart+black screen
« on: February 01, 2019, 10:09 AM »
Yes, Thank you for responding.

First I format the disk to fat32 using diskpart or a gui I downloaded.

I then downloaded firmware, and bin files.  During this attempt I tried firmware starting from 1.9 and going up to the latest version of the old, 1.7 d;
furthermore, the card itself only had a folder named sd2snes with the extracted files.  NT would not read card, only cart.  SNES had composite black.  Attempted this with 4 different sd cards from 2 gb to 128.

Upon my first glance at the cart I thought it was just a sd2snes, not done by KRIKZZZ.  The actual cart has an sd2snes sticker, yet no marks identifying it as a KRIKZZZ cart...

maybe it is a fake,and damaged , not made by krikzz

Unless the product description was recently changed this seems pretty direct to me:
A wireless controller for Sega Genesis / Mega Drive. It can be used with Sega Master System as well
A low power consumption. Up to 150 hours of gameplay at one charge.
The power saving mode. Battery discharge time in this mode more than year. If there is no any activity for a few minutes controller switches to power saving mode, after pushing on start or d-pad buttons controller immediately will back to active state.
A quick response. No input lags. The response time is around 2.7ms
Special compatibility mode with Genesis 3-buttons and SMS controllers. Some games does not work properly with 6-buttons controllers, but joyzz offer compatibility mode to solve this problem
800mAh li-ion battery compatible with Nokia BL-4C series. Such batteries became the standard and they easy to buy and replace in the end of life time
Charging via Micro-USB port

Maybe this description is still not detailed and direct enough for me. You know, I always hope it is more powerful that what I bought . As long as the manufacturer does not make a special specify for any  particular function, I will think that it exists by default.
One day when I was walking in the park, I saw a large open lawn. I thought it is a good place to play boomerang.

I took out my joyzz, I think its curved arc is similar to the boomerang, so it should with all functions of the boomerang.After all, outdoor sports are popular nowadays. They should have taken this into account for their customers. Most importantly, no any section in description of the Joyzz to told me it can not be used as a boomerang.

But my joyzz didn't come back after it was thrown out by me, I was angry. I had to ask for a full refund.

 My FC30 Bluetooth game pad look like a surfboard. I bought it for this reason. I believe it can be used as a surfboard in addition to playing games, because the 8bitdo official introduction does not say it can not be used as a surfboard at all.
Ok, Now,I'll go surfing right away.  Surfing or refund, i can chooise.It was with my money, not yours so you don't get the right to tell me what I can do.

Joyzz is the best wireless controller for the Sega genesis console with 0 lag and great feel, it's no rival.
8bitdo products are not comparable to joyzz in signal delay and feel.

I will ask a full refund for my 8bitdo game pad,  because I can't stand serious signal lag of 8bitdo controller ,and i do not like them can't be used on the real retro console.

I don't care how you feel about a refund on a purchase I made. It was with my money, not yours so you don't get the right to tell me what I can do.

EverDrive N8 / Re: JFG N8 can O.S. be updated ? ( added photo )
« on: January 27, 2019, 07:02 PM »
No photo.
But  i think it is not sold by junfangames,  it is just a fake.
You should buy Everdrive N8 directly from

Fixed photos.

How can you suppose its fake without seeing it ?And how do you explain it's running O.S. v13 original files.
If it really a clone its a perfect one because the O.S. did not disabled the cartridge.

Maybe krikzz could tell us if O.S. v13 is not able to disable clones, only newer O.S. will disable clones ?

ok, i have seen pictures, just as what i said,   it  is just a fake.
ask a full refund as soon as possible.
oh man,  do not buy fake again, you should support original official product.

EverDrive N8 / Re: Save States on Famiclone
« on: January 26, 2019, 08:18 PM »
some fc clone can not support save state

EverDrive N8 / Re: JFG N8 can O.S. be updated ? ( added photo )
« on: January 26, 2019, 07:35 PM »
No photo.
But  i think it is not sold by junfangames,  it is just a fake.
You should buy Everdrive N8 directly from

your cartridge can not read normal sdhc sd card anymore ,but still work fine with a old 2G sd card, it's just because your sdhc sd card faild.
do not trust fully your sdhc sd card.

everdrive md v2 firmware is not for public.
you can not update firmware.

Joyzz / Re: Future Wireless Controllers?
« on: January 18, 2019, 09:34 PM »
I think Retro-Bit has this market sewn up.  Their offerings across most all the SEGA and Nintendo classic systems are pretty hefty.

No,  No any retro controller has the same control performance as joyzz, which kills them all in seconds.

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