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Off Topic / Re: PSX Everdrive
« on: June 06, 2015, 04:49 AM »
I'm just reviving this topic because it exists and didn't see the need to make a new one. Does Krikzz have something inherently against making an Everdrive for a CD based system? The PSIO is currently suffering setbacks and it's already way past its original ETA of end-of-2014. Would love to see our man Krikzz take on the PSX and give us a solid SD based loading system that plugs into the I/O port of the older PSX models. Getting so sick of switching discs manually and needing to burn a new CD for every little obscure game I want to play....I dream of the day I can just browse the entire PSX collection from a single menu and start any game with ease!

Off Topic / Re: EDN8 vs PowerPak
« on: June 06, 2015, 04:47 AM »
replied to wrong thread, please delete

By famicom to nes conversion I meant this, sorry for the weird wording:

But since Everdrive just emulates and bypasses all that, would I just need to just run a 47 ohm resister between pins 3 and 9 on the nes expansion port, like this?

Ah okay, for some reason i thought the FDS was what added the expansion sound, maybe I read it somewhere not sure. So maybe based on that I just assumed Akumajou Densetsu was an FDS game.

The only guide I could find so far on getting an NES to play expansion sound is here:

But that guide only covers Famicom/Converter pin relaying. Since I'm not using a Converter and just playing Japanese games on the Everdrive, does that mean I can just join pin 3 and pin 40 inside the NES expansion slot without needing to join any pins on the cartridge? Does the Everdrive take care of the Famicom-to-NES conversion that joining Famicom pin 46 to NES pin 18 normally would?

I mainly want to be able to finally play Final Fantasy III (translation patched) without emulation. Will I have to get the Famicom version of the Everdrive with the Famicom to NES converter, or can I just play Famicom ROMs on an NES version Everdrive?

Also, is there any way to play the Japanese version of Castlevania III on an Everdrive, to experience the upgraded music? (the J version used the Famicom Disk System) Is this what the features list as "expansion sound" (where you have to modify an NES to do it)? If so, how do I go about modifying my NES to support CVIII's expansion music?

Success! Desoldered the old CIC from QB Club '99 and put a different CIC in (Goldeneye) for good measure. Works like a charm now! Thank you for the reassurance.

@dvd2vcd: I probably should clarify.....I do have lots of soldering experience, just didn't have experience soldering PIC chips specifically. I wasn't about to fork over an extra $15+ for something I have in abundance lying around.

The soldering itself went without a hitch but I didn't realize I had the thing in upside down. Oopsie!

So I don't have much experience soldering PIC chips and when I went to solder on the CIC chip I took out of Quarterback Club '99 I assumed the writing on the CIC chip should be facing the same way as the writing on the chips of the ED64.

Of course I wish I had seen this picture sooner which clearly displays the correct installation:

When I turn on the N64, needless to say it gives a black screen. But also the CIC chip gets incredibly hot very quickly. I'm willing to bet my CIC chip is fried, but is my Everdrive also ruined as well or can I just take out this CIC chip and pop in another (correctly)?

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