Author Topic: Super Castlevania IV Cheats do not work  (Read 187 times)

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Super Castlevania IV Cheats do not work
« on: October 10, 2021, 08:40 PM »
Hello, I am new here.

I was watching a japanese streamer's longplay of Super Castlevania IV, but I arrived at the stream so late she was already at Dracula, so I missed most of it.

I am aware of longplays and all, but I thought, since I have Super Everdrive, why not try to play it a bit with cheats myself to see more of the game on my real Japanese Super Famicom.

I am a really bad player, so I can never complete games like this by msyelf without cheats - I even tried to play one later level legitimately and died pretty quickly. (Just to put things to perspective, I can't even legitimately complete the old NES Rockman/Megaman's first level (was it Bombman or something))

Therefore, using Game Genie cheat code would be the ideal solution; my idea was to 'play through' the most interesting levels using a cheat code just so I can admire the game and see what it looks and sounds like without having to stress about trying to stay alive (a feat I can never accomplish anyway).

However, none of the Game Genie codes work. I did it exactly as with other games (where they work), first "Load Only", then input the code(s), then 'Apply', then wait for the flash patching, then pressing 'Start'.

I even tried the japanese version, which, curiously enough, is just called 'Akumajou Dracula' (funnily enough,  'Dracula' in Roumaji is actually spelled 'Dracura' in the tombstone).

There are two possibilities that happen:

1) The game is 'normal', no cheats are active
2) The system hangs at 'Flash patching' and never proceeds (though I only gave it a few minutes, not a full hour or anything)

My questions are as follows:

1) Has anyone successfully activated Game Genie cheats on Super Castlevania IV on Super Famicom with Super Everdrive?
2) Are there example codes that are known to work? (I'd like to 'stop the timer' and 'become invincible', for example)
3) Are there any advice on what I could possibly do to get this stuff working? Could it be my Super Everdrive version?
4) Has anyone else had similar problems?

Thanks, other than this particular problem, Super Everdrive has worked perfectly and is a wonderful solution for playing Super Famicom games on a real system.

Any help would be appreciated, thank you.


 - Sufanicon

P.S. Could this site please ease up with the 'verification' stuff a bit? Do we really have to write the 'year of issue Nintendo DS' and two other questions in addition to the captcha every single time we do ANYTHING here? It's really tedious. Game consoles aren't 'issued', just by the way, they are 'released'. Instead of 'year of issue (console name)', something like 'What year was (console name) released' would sound more like actual english as well.  Also, since these things are usually released at different times in different places in the world, it can get rather confusing to try to know what year we are talking about.

These questions are also rather demanding, considering most people wouldn't know these things by heart anyway. The 'Dualshock' question is enough, we don't have to add 'research this year and then be confused which year is meant' into the mix, do we? Is there THAT much botspam that you need this many this tedious questions every time someone merely searches for a topic, let alone posts something in the forum?

(Also, talking about when it started 'selling' is confusing - how does anyone know that? This question implies 'starting to sell' can be a different year than when they were released. Shouldn't 'the year they were released' be enough?)