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Title: MSU fix for Rev. G
Post by: Juanmiglesias on July 03, 2017, 08:17 AM
Hi I recently bought an sd2snes sold at retrogate.com, I wanted to know what mod do I need to perform to add the same performance of later revisions.
I also want to be sure of the solder job done on the board if that is correct (came like that)
thanks in advance
(https://preview.ibb.co/eMDXNv/revg.jpg) (https://ibb.co/npkOUa)
upload images (https://imgbb.com/)
Title: Re: MSU fix for Rev. G
Post by: ikari_01 on July 05, 2017, 11:05 AM

to mod your sd2snes to Rev.H you remove part of the audio output circuit and replace it with an amplifier. There are multiple ways to do it. I did it "dead bug style" and soldered the parts to the PCB directly. Upon seeing my mod pictures, user borti4938 made a little mod PCB that you can use to make modding easier. Basically you solder the AMP and other parts to the little daughterboard, then solder that to the sd2snes PCB.

borti4938 deserves thanks for making his design available at OSHPark: https://oshpark.com/shared_projects/1ej3Nrdj
His Github project contains instructions for the mod: https://github.com/borti4938/SNES-AddOn-PCBs/tree/master/sd2snes_RevH/Installation

Important: There is one additional step for original Rev.G sd2snes which he didn't account for. You need to remove FB341, turn it 90°, and solder one end back on to the LEFT pad. Then you connect 3.3V to its "floating" end. On your sd2snes, the patch wire for 3.3V is already present, so you can use that one. Or you can use another solder point. This is how I did it: https://sd2snes.de/files/RevH/00_orig-RevG_mod.jpg

All pictures of my Rev.H mod are here: https://sd2snes.de/files/RevH/

Parts required:
1x TS922 or TS922A in SOIC-8 package
2x 10 Ohm resistor in 0805 package (0603 for borti4938's mod PCB)
1x 100nF ceramic capacitor in 0603 package (only for borti4938's mod PCB)

Title: Re: MSU fix for Rev. G
Post by: Juanmiglesias on July 06, 2017, 01:11 PM
Thank you very much!!
That's what's exactly the info I was looking for! Will order the board and do the solder job this week, thanks again! What got me off what's exactly the jumper on the fb341.
Also quick question that has bugging me for a while, would it be possible to to create a board with extra pads to solder special chips like a donor super fx and be usuable? Is that something feasible?