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News / Re: Joyzz Availalbe for order!
« Last post by fandangos on Today at 02:13 PM »
Awesome work, Krikkz!

Do you think a turbo/rapid fire option triggered by a buttom combo for on and off could be added to the controller firmware?

If you plan building other controllers for other systems this is a must with nes/famicom, neo geo and pc engine/turbo grafx.
Turbo EverDrive / Re: Problem with Turbo Duo R and TED 2.5
« Last post by sybob on Today at 01:47 PM »
Ok, now I tested my original unmodified PC ENGINE (switch on TED 2.5 set to PCE): White screen too!

Unless I missed something (like proper SD card preparation?) I guess the card is broken. It looks new
but it's missing the small transparent plate with the sticker. Bad sign??

Turbo EverDrive / Problem with Turbo Duo R and TED 2.5
« Last post by sybob on Today at 01:16 PM »
Hi guys,

sorry for being probably noobish, but I am lost: I bought a used (said to be new) TED 2.5 yesterday. Prepared two SD  cards (one 512 mb, one 8gb) with fat32 and some roms.
Now I insert the card into my Turbo Duo R, switch on PCE position and I get nothing but a white screen. On the card I see the red LED flashing very very shortly then it goes off and nothing works. Any tips? Is the card broken? I tested other hue cards and they all seem to work. Please help, thank you!


ps: It's an unmodified Turbo Duo R. Its open and I am able to solder if it is a problem of too little voltage.
Mega EverDrive / Re: Which is the better everdrive I can buy?
« Last post by EverDriver on Today at 12:17 PM »
If one makes such serious statements he should provide a proof.
All professionally made hardware has designed properties.
The hardware creator "informs" the hardware users about features of the hardware.
Under what conditions it may be used and so on. It's called "datasheets" typically.
For example: our hardware may work well with such voltage such current and so on.
Have you seen any such official data from that "very skilled guy"?
It's good that he produces/changes/fixes different hardware successfully and he has done it for a very long time.
But it doesn't mean that he has sufficient hardware skills to make those statements.

I don't question his ability to do what he has done for years.
I question his ability to make such statements.
He hasn't provided any information from hardware manufacturer concerning the hardware lifespan.
It's not professional. Only unskilled people do it.

Krikzz has provided it.
Any hardware skilled person would check it and will see that everything is ok.

A hardware skilled person won't trust the words of some guy from internet.
He/she will check it him/herself. It's not something incredible. It's quite easy.
A critical thinking is much better than a blind trust to anyone. No matter how respected he or she is.
Was this console modded by 8bitterz? I ask because this sounds exactly like his description, and I had the same issue. The everdrive worked on a different console just fine. His consoles are really cheap but the peripherals he includes are garbage:

-He actually takes 9V center positive supplies and switches the wires on them without relabeling the polarity. This can be verified with a multimeter of course. If you used the wrong polarity, the console will not start, and will actually blow an internal fuse that will need to be soldered in. The power supply I received was super noisy as well, and in some cases caused sync loss as well as image noise. Using a Genesis model 1 power supply fixed this.

-He claims to do the jailbar mod, but doesn't actually perform it. You can verify this by checking the capacitors that viletim has labeled on his site.

-He does not use a standard cable pinout for the scart, so if you need another cable, you'll have to make it yourself (or modify an existing cable).

Also, using a power supply with more current won't likely help unless the current one really struggles. The power regulator (7805) can't do more than 1 amp, so even though there's a lot of power conversion loss, more juice won't help the 7805 much, if at all. You're better off switching out the 7805 with a switching regulator if you wanna go down that route.
Mega EverDrive / Re: everdrive resetting alone
« Last post by FeverDrive on Today at 08:49 AM »
Do you have the original power brick?
News / Re: Joyzz Availalbe for order!
« Last post by James Cree on Today at 08:37 AM »
I'll wait for v2 with the correctly aligned d-pad  ;)
Mega EverDrive / everdrive resetting alone
« Last post by arcademode on Today at 07:09 AM »
Hello everyone, I have a problem with my everdrive md every time I load a game after 2 minutes at the most it resets itself, what can it be?
my protoboard is rev 2.5 23-03-2011
the version 36
FW 13

Can anybody help me?
I have adjusted my Framemeister so the flicky lights are no longer a problem anymore... Mega Drive looks great on a 4K Samsung ;)
I have the exact same thing on mine.  Both the real cart and the X7.  I tested on two systems, my Model 1 that's currently hooked up, and I pulled out a Model 2 that does the same thing.  I think it's just something related to the system itself, a bit of behavior that emulation doesn't capture.  (This freaked me out, too, by the way, when I saw it when I first got my ED.)

Maybe someone else can chime in?  Perhaps Sega made some changes with various hardware revisions that cause this.
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