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SD2SNES / SuFami Turbo Games on SD2SNES
« Last post by Sceptre_JLRB on Today at 07:34 pm »
Just a quick overview on the working status of SuFami Turbo (ST) ROMs on SD2SNES, as well as reporting some detected issues.

Even though stated as incompatible (, to tell the truth some ROM versions are working. The only requeriment is that they must contain the ST BIOS added to the main ROM file. Beware: Most of ST ROMs named with '+ ST BIOS' in the GoodSNES romset won't work, displaying only the ST BIOS screen. Instead, the properly working versions use to be the overdumped ones, marked as '[o1]', '[o2]', etc. in the romset and adding an extra 1024 KB to the main game memory (it should be noted that those are not actually overdumped ROMs, but the real ones adding the ST BIOS).

Trying the complete ST romset and looking for working ROMs for each title on SD2SNES (Rev. F, v0.1.7d firmware), I've found the non-linkable games seem to work with no issue:

- Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S - Fuwa Fuwa Panic 2
- Crayon Shin-chan - Nagagutsu Dobon!!
- Gegege no Kitarou - Youkai Donjara
- Gekisou Sentai Carranger - Zenkai! Racer Senshi

However, the linkable games have some issues:

- Poi Poi Ninja World: Graphic glitches and no music after continuing.
- SD Ultra Battle - Ultraman Densetsu: Freezes at special attacks.
- SD Ultra Battle - Seven Densetsu: Freezes at special attacks.
- SD Ultra Battle - Ultraman & Seven: The non-overdumped ROM is SD Ultra Battle - Ultraman Densetsu, the right one is the overdumped. Freezes at special attacks. Some graphic glitches.
- SD Ultra Battle - Seven & Ultraman: The non-overdumped ROM is SD Ultra Battle - Seven Densetsu, the right one is the overdumped. Freezes at special attacks or randomly, graphic glitches, some missing sound FX, jump won't work.
- SD Gundam Generation A-B-C-D-E-F: There are no ROMs with all linking possibilities. In additon, each single one has some graphic and sound glitches, movement seems to not work and often freezes.

The main question is: Are these issues fixable on future SD2SNES firmware revisions? Is the problem due to bad dumps? Or maybe there is no way these linkable ROMs can work properly due to hardware restrictions (absence of ST itself)?

I'd like so much to know your experiences and knowledge on these special ROMs, as well as their working status with your settings. Thank you in advance! ;)

News / Re: EverDrive-GB X series almost here!
« Last post by Ridj on Today at 07:07 pm »
Hi all !
So even GB-X3 and GB-X5 will be better than Everdrive GB ?
No, the Everdrive GB-X5 will be equal to the current EDGB, the X3 will be slightly worse and the x7 will be better than the current cart that is equivalent to the x5.
Mega EverDrive / Re: Questions on EverDrive version differences
« Last post by billybob884 on Today at 06:01 pm »
Additional question on the X7,

7) For save states, if I were to make a save state for one game then switch to another game, if I then make a save state in this 2nd game, does it overwrite the save state from the 1st game, or are they kept separate?
SD2SNES / Re: Buying my first SD2SNES
« Last post by Makinx on Today at 05:18 pm »
Alternatively, you can order a SD2SNES from a UK dealer. They ship to the Netherlands real fast. It'll take a bit longer if you order it from Krikzz (about 2 weeks).

Great that you managed to get a hold of a 1-chip SNES. I would mod the SNES for 60hz output to fully enjoy the games without them running slower and letterboxed. But that's up to you of course. :)
SD2SNES / Re: usb support
« Last post by redguy on Today at 04:56 pm »
Without the usb changes, the SD2SNES has an address map that includes an IS_WRITABLE flag based on a 3-bit mapper field and some other state.  It basically provides the same address space mapping and attributes (read-only, etc) as the typical mapping modes usually referred to as lorom, hirom, exthirom, etc.  One exception is a region referred to as SNESCMD ($00:2A00-$00:2BFF) which is used to store the NMI hook that enables WRAM cheats and in-game buttons.  This region is protected from access until a NMI (or IRQ, dependent on configuration state) is taken in which case the address map dynamically changes to allow read (execute)/write to it.

With the latest USB changes, the address map is also dynamically modified inside the hook to make $F0:0000-$FF:FFFF available as whats called the PATCH region with flat addressing.  This the 15-16MB memory range on the 16MB SD2SNES RAM that the menu also uses.  So while you are in the NMI hook you can read and write this.  Right now it's used by the save_state patch to hold the code, variables, and save state data.  The address map is changed back to the original mapper when you exit the hook as it would break some games to leave it.

It's possible to extend the address map changes to make any address writable by the SNES so that you can write the full SD2SNES RAM which contains the ROM image (0-? MB), SRAM (14-15? MB), MENU/PATCH (15-16 MB), plus some other regions for MENU and BS-X.  But whether you only want this to be true in the NMI hook or all the time, which will break some games, is not clear.  It would be cool to have a programmable address map where the SNES code chooses the read/write flags and mapping functions in the hook and decide whether they persist outside of it.  But I'm not really sure what this interface should look like, yet, so I kept the address map hacks to a minimum for now.  Allowing all addresses to be writable inside the hook by default is pretty easy to do so I might just add it in while I think of a better solution.

The short answer is not currently, but I'll try adding it in so all addresses are modifiable inside the hook.
News / Re: EverDrive-GB X series almost here!
« Last post by Judebox on Today at 11:52 am »
Hi all !
So even GB-X3 and GB-X5 will be better than Everdrive GB ?
SD2SNES / Re: usb support
« Last post by OsteHovel on Today at 08:04 am »
I was pludering around with your code yesterday and i was able to communicate with no problem with my SNES, but i have a question, can i read/write ram directly from the console or can i only read/write to rom+sram using it?

Mega EverDrive / Re: CD Bios questions
« Last post by viciado on Today at 01:11 am »
Hi there!
I'm also have the japanese version of Silpheed and I'm trying to boot on US Sega CD 2 with a Mega Everdrive v1 (using OS v9). Always crash on beginning of Game Arts splash screen, whatever bios chosen.
Can we expect a new OS to solve this?
Mega EverDrive / Re: Questions on EverDrive version differences
« Last post by billybob884 on Today at 01:05 am »
1) What is the "saves without reset" feature in the X5 and X7 versions? Does this involve the physical reset button on the console? (I’ll primarily be using this with a Sega Nomad, which doesn’t have a reset, only an on/off toggle).
This means that the game save is kept alive with a battery between power cycles, this allows to power off the console after playing and on the next startup the contents are copied to the SD card. The MegaED X3 doesn't have a battery so you have to reset the console in order to trigger the startup sequence where the game save is copied to the SD card.

Super clear, thanks! So I take it after powering off, the X5/X7 would hold the save until the battery ran out? Or would it degrade over time if you didn't power back on to write the save data to the SD card?

5) I’m trying to understand exactly how many models there are. The comparison tables I’ve seen on krikzz’s page list the available models as "Mega EverDrive X3", "Mega EverDrive X5", and "Mega EverDrive v2/X7", but I’ve also seen references to "Mega EverDrive v1", "Mega EverDrive v2", "EverDrive-MD v2", and "Everdrive-MD v3" ( ). Are the "EverDrive-MD" versions just outdated earlier releases? Is there a difference between the "Mega EverDrive v2", "EverDrive-MD v2", or the "Mega EverDrive v2/X7"?
The current Mega Drive flashcarts are: Mega Everdrive X3,  Mega Everdrive X5,  Mega Everdrive X7.

Mega Everdrive v2 is no longer sold with that name, it's the same hardware as Mega Everdrive X7.

Everdrive MD, Everdrive MD v2, Everdrive-MD v3 and Mega EverDrive v1 are old obsolete products which are no longer sold.

I figured the X7/v2 thing might just be a rebranding, just wasn't sure on the others given all the different naming schemes.
EverDrive GB / Re: Strange GBPlayer and GBI Issue
« Last post by mogify on Today at 01:03 am »
Figured I'd update this, but I ended up importing a new GBP from Japan that matched my GCN color. Using Swiss to load the official JP disc and GBI, both Everdrives ran fine. The only thing I can think of is that the other GBP's contacts were bent slightly in one way or another since even taking it apart and looking at them showed they were clean, but I didn't see a noticeable bend one way or the other.

Either way, yeah, it was a contact issue solved by just getting another GBP.

Thanks again to everyone for their assistance!
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