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Mega EverDrive / Mega Everdrive Pro 32X Glitch & SD Card FS
« on: January 23, 2021, 02:16 PM »
I received my Mega Everdrive Pro. The first games I tested were NBA Jam 32X, Virtua Racing 32X and Chaotix.

In NBA Jam, it randomly glitches when in a match, even when the game is in demo mode. Here's a quick video I shot.

I tried also the non-saving hacked version, it still glitches. I say it is random because there are times I can successfully finish a whole match.

Virtua Racing also freezes at the racing, even when in demo mode.

Chaotix also freezes at a level beginning, when the stage title screen shows up. I don't have the image at this time, but I can provide.

I have a Mega Everdrive V1 and a Neo Myth MD, and both do work fine with the same roms, so I guess my 32X/Mega Drive are OK. I'm using a Sega Genesis Model 1 TMSS (VA6 maybe), no Sega CD attached.

I'm using OS 4.08 and standard settings. Changed both Power Supplies, but issue persists.

*Solved*Another issue I'm experiencing is regarding SD Card. I have a Sandisk 8GB SDHC, but no matter how I format it the Everdrive says "Unknown Disk Format Please format in FAT32". Tried exFAT and FAT32, but I can't get it to work. Other smaller cards from other brands are being read correctly.

Please, can anybody help me?

EDIT: Additional information: I tried Cosmic Carnage, Darxide, Fifa Soccer 96, Tempo, Virtua Fighter, all of these worked fine.
EDIT 2: Solved the SD Card issue for good. I used SD Card Formatter, and did a Overwrite Format with CHS format size adjustment enabled. exFAT also worked.

Mega EverDrive / Sega CD MED PRO ODE
« on: January 15, 2021, 11:44 AM »
Is it possible to use the SD Card as an optical drive emulator, and use real hardware for processing the Sega CD, instead of using the FPGA?

Mega EverDrive / Sonic Delta & Mega Everdrive V1 (SRAM+SSF Mapper)
« on: September 25, 2020, 12:48 AM »
This hack uses the Sega Mapper, the same used for Super Street Fighter II, and loads fine selecting the SSF mapper manually, but it doesn't save SRAM. According the author, a SAVE function should be implemented to work together with the Sega mapper.

The OS I'm using is 9 and the assemble year is 2014.

Is there any way for Sonic Delta hack to use SRAM in MED v1? Is there any chance for this old Everdrive to have this implemented?

I have a Super Everdrive, one with a mushroom in the board and version 1.6, firmware v5 and OS v12.

I'm unable to run the games in title, resulting in a black screen after the loading process.

Regarding SFZ2 Proto, I read it doesn't need any special chip support unlike the final version (SDD-1).

The rom files and respective SHA-1 are:

Rayman (Early Prototype).sfc (cc97835e5789e6b708cadf6d7213ac0bae5716e9)
Street Fighter Zero 2 (Japan) (Prototype).sfc (cc4cc2f858d25280fd984f5a9f8164dc120860eb)

Any tips?


Mega EverDrive / Mega Key for SMS games
« on: March 24, 2017, 08:29 PM »
Is there a way to MegaKey work for SMS games in Mega Everdrive V1? I use OS 9.

Apparently it only works for MD games.

Also, what's the newest OS for Everdrive v1 and where to download it?

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