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FXPAK (SD2SNES) / Firmware v0.1.7c released
« on: April 16, 2016, 08:08 AM »
Firmware v0.1.7c released

Firmware 0.1.7c is out. Get it here!

What’s new:

    *major overhaul of the in-game hook code, with more help from the FPGA, to significantly reduce CPU footprint. This improves hook compatibility with a variety of games.
    *in-game hook: avoid disruption of manual controller reads (fixes controls in Super Star Wars games)
    *new option: “Hide file extensions” (effective after next directory change)
    *do not silently fail to load saved games when the sd2snes/saves folder does not exist (create the folder instead)
    *do not silently fail to load/save cheat files when the sd2snes/cheats folder does not exist (create the folder instead)
    *Cx4 core now runs at exactly 20Mhz
        *MSU1: avoid missed control register status changes on rapid rewrites (fixes FF3 Dancing Mad, Zelda FMV missing audio)
        *fix auto region patch timing (hopefully)
        *fix DSP1 header detection (fixes Ballz 3D JPN)
        *add reset hook to boot games on start of frame only (fixes Boogerman PAL)
        *clear entire SPC700 RAM (do not spare IPL area) – fixes echo artifacts in many games
    *minor cosmetic changes:
        *resize SPC player loading window
        *prevent flickering letters on System Information screen         

The in-game hook compatibility chart will be updated shortly.

Firmware v0.1.7b released
Firmware 0.1.7b is out with a number of fixes. Get it here!

    *BS-X boots correctly again after a soft reset.
    *OBC1 works again (accidentally was permanently disabled)
    *Fixed garbled time on initial clock setting (new unit or battery replacement)
    *fixed a firmware crash when saving after using the serial command line
    *sd2snes folder is always hidden again

Firmware v0.1.7a released – important bugfix

Another maintenance release, yay! Get it here.
This fixes a critical bug and two minor bugs reported yesterday:

    *Firmware locked up when loading Zelda 3 after soft-reset. I am surprised that it actually worked so well with all other games.
    *Auto Region Patch setting wasn’t saved properly.
    *Satellaview custom time had a garbled default value (year 1035). The default has now been fixed. If you’d like to apply it you can delete your config.yml or just the “BSXTime” entry from it to load the new default.

Firmware v0.1.7 released

OK, so I decided to release v0.1.7 😉 There is one feature missing out from the milestone (interactive cheat menu) but I really didn’t want to delay the release EVEN longer. Grab it here!

Here’s what’s new since preview 4:

    * Configuration menu. All settings are now available through the menu. Changes take effect immediately after confirming a setting with the A button. It can use some polish but should work fine. Note that the Video Mode settings are only effective on SuperCIC modded consoles.
    * SRM files (save files) are now stored in sd2snes/saves/<romname>.srm – existing save files will be moved upon save, there is no batch migration.
    * Game fixes:
        * DMA de-initialization has been reintroduced and changed from $00 to $ff. This reflects a real SNES better and hopefully finally fixes sprite corruption with SGnG and SSF2, AND title screen glitches/crashes with Pocky&Rocky US.
        * APU RAM is initialized to $AA (same as specific model SNESes). This fixes stuttering drums due to bugs in sound programming in the intro of Soul Blader on some consoles (not just 1CHIP!)
        * Data written by the SNES CPU is sampled to obtain valid data on certain time points. This should fix Mario Kart track/driver glitches everywhere.
        * All faulty multicycle constraints from Cx4 have been removed. There should be no random “register file error” messages or similar anymore.
    * MSU1 enhancements:
        * MSU1 volume boost: In case MSU1 audio is too quiet you can now increase volume in several steps. Available via Configuration->Chip Options.
        * Interpolation filter to reduce aliasing, resulting in cleaner sound
        * Fixed a bug where volume calculation introduced DC offset to the waveform output. This eliminates clicking or humming on volume changes/fades.
        * Changed MSU1 audio playback rate to exactly 44100Hz to match bsnes/higan implementation. Sound that syncs on bsnes should now also sync properly on sd2snes.
        * MSU1 resume feature implemented (Thanks to Michaël Larouche!)
    * Miscellaneous:
        * Missing ROM files are automatically removed from the “Recent Games” list. (Thanks to borti4938!)
        * Background text is now properly greyed out in the SPC player
        * Ultra16 awareness (mostly thanks to borti4938!):
            * Ultra16 serial number and autoboot setting is displayed in the System Information screen.
            * Exiting from the SPC player doesn’t crash the menu anymore on Ultra16 consoles.
            * Soft reset is prolonged a bit on Ultra16 consoles so you have the opportunity to release the controller buttons, not entering the Ultra16 menu by accident.
            * Auto region patching is disabled on Ultra16 consoles so it doesn’t interfere with the Ultra16’s own facilities.

Off Topic / Retrogate thinks I'm a bad person
« on: February 11, 2016, 08:42 AM »
I haven't logged into the Retrogate store in awhile (since before the site redesign) and I attempted to do so just a few minutes ago. It said my username and/or password was incorrect. So I retyped it, and now the site give me a stupid message that won't go away.

Quote from:
You are a spammer, hacker or an otherwise bad person.

What gives? How do I make this go away?

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