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EverDrive GBA / SG-1000games compatibility with Everdrive X5
« on: October 08, 2016, 04:44 AM »
Everdrive X5 OS v1,11 includes SMS and GameGear emulation support. Required third party emulator (SMSAdvance).
SMSAdvance emulator for GBA is supposed to support SG-1000 games too but I haven't been able to play any of them. Is that normal?

use an ips patcher like Lunar IPS

Now I've understood, thank you!  :)


you need download 4mbytes version of rom
I have these 2 files:
Classic NES Series - Super Mario Bros. (USA, Europe).gba -> 4 Mb
Classic NES Series - Super Mario Bros. (UE).ips -> 1 Kb
I put them in the SDcard but the error keeps appearing

Hi! I had this problem too with the Classic NES Series Metroid. For fix this problem of the controls, you have to put a patch on rom then modify the save option EEPROM to SRAM in Everdrive GBA.

Link for Classic NES Series and Famicom Mini patchs:

you rock dude thanks alot  8) I can confirm this solution works like a charm.
I noticed that too. I was able to begin 1P game pressing L and start buttons at the same time. I tried your solution. I have downloaded the patch and put it next to gba file. Then I change  saving option EEPROM to SRAM in Everdrive GBA, but I get "game pack error. turn the power off". What am I doing wrong?

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