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EverDrive 64 / Re: Upload 64DD save files here
« on: June 23, 2015, 04:57 PM »
I don't have any save to share actually, but a quick recommendation regarding F-Zero EX.
With the expansion it's still F-Zero X in the core so you simply can use the following cheat to unlock everything:
L, Z, R, C-Up, C-Down, C-Left, C-Right, Start
Enter it in the main menu and when you did it correct you will hear a sound and you are ready to go.

I hope this helps at least a bit.

Hi guy's! I am new here and I recently purchased an EverDrive 64 PAL version ( I live in the UK ) and absolutely love it but I am encountering some weird issues when playing any game which is not the European version.

Hey there,

since I use a PAL N64 and a PAL ED64 as well I just wanted to add my experience.
I actually had this issue with some TV's as well, even though it was different each time.
Tested on 5 different TVs, one of them worked fine and played NTSC games as usual.

Sadly the other four did various errors which I want to note below, just in case others are having these as well:
The first TV I tested actually showed the game footage as should, but in black & white. This is a usual scenario if your screen not supports 60Hz so I won't go more into detail here.
The second TV that had some errors with NTSC-games booted the game, but while switching to the other display mode, it simply remained black. I could hear the game running, but there was nothing to see there. However, I could fix this issue with PALading converting the video table from NTSC to MPAL for most games.
The third and last TV that didn't worked actually is quite new, now about a year old I guess. This one is doing the weirdest error I've seen yet. Once booting up a NTSC or a MPAL game, everything looked like it switched to 3D-Mode on (which this TV actually has). I can't say if this was really the case at this point.
And the fourth TV that didn't worked actually had the same issue as yours, Jesse. I can't tell right now if this can be fixed with the MPAL method, but it might be worth giving a try.

For reference, you can find the PALadin tool over here:
(or via the link Paulweeze mentioned)

I have other consoles with 60Hz or NTSC signal being given, but these seem to have no issues like this at all.
After some testing I guess these errors are related to the PAL N64's hardware and the switch to NTSC signal.
Well, that's all I know.

Just registered to thank you for this amazing tool! :)

I tested it yesterday with 5 games. All of them dumped successfully, same goes for the savegames.
Next thing I tried, booting up a GB-Emulator and load up my fresh dumped games with the according savegames.
The .srm files simply renamed to .sav, the Emulator recognized these and everything worked fine.
The last thing I did was grabbing a savegame from the web for a game, renamed it according to my own dump and then write it to my GB-SRAM. Worked nicely as well, now I have a third party savegame on my cart.

Just had a weird issue with a modified Pokemon Crystal save. The restore worked fine in general, but Pokemon Stadium 2 froze once I clicked on the edition in any menu. After a reboot, the savegame was wiped again. Guess this is related to the savegame after all.

Anyway, once again thank you very much for this useful tool!

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