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Is anyone else getting a gray screen when launching any of the North American releases of Super Mario Bros. 2 and Super Mario Bros. 3? They worked fine up to 1.22, but now I get a gray screen. Super Spike V'Ball did the same thing too. Castlevania 3 and Contra played fine.


I formatted the SD card and reapplied everything and it works fine now.

EverDrive 64 / Backing up a memory pak on the X7
« on: August 18, 2020, 08:51 AM »
I'm not sure if I totally understand how the backup works for the X7. My understanding is you just have to go into the menu and choose backup the memory pak and it creates a save file for it on the SD card. When I do this and then try to play with a different memory pak in the controller without a save on it, the saves don't show up. (game is Mario Kart 64) I'm trying to backup my ghost data as I have an amazing one a friend made years ago that I don't want to lose. Do I always have to have the same memory pak in it? I was of the understanding that this isn't required.

I've searched on here for a detailed explanation, but none of them really pass the peanut butter and jelly test, so I feel something might be being left out as if all I need is a memory pak in after the backup, why isn't this working? Thanks in advance.

It seems there was a release candidate uploaded on 8/24/2018 (, but nothing since then with many release candidates release earlier in the same month. Was there a problem, or should I be using the latest version? I'm still using version 16. 

I saw on there was an update to the Super Mario World hack from years ago. I downloaded the IPS file and applied the hack and everything seems to work fine in FCEUX, but gives me an Error: A0 Unknown ROM format with the Everdrive. Anyone else having this problem?

Here's the link to the IPS file for those interested.

I recently hooked up my N64 to my HD TV and it's a bit rough to look at due to the low resolution. I'm wondering what are the possibilities of Krikzz making an N64 Analogue NT Mini? I know the N64 is difficult to emulate because of weird design and timing issues, but since you aren't trying to do everything with a single CPU via emulation could it be done with multiple FPGA chips? I'm kind of new to FPGA stuff, so maybe it's not possible, but an HD N64 would be amazing.

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