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What region is the game? Does it match the region of your N64 console?

EverDrive 64 / Re: Everdrive 64 X7 Won't Load Certain Games
« on: June 27, 2020, 12:28 AM »
Also note that bfd requires an expansion pak.
Pretty sure Conker's BFD does not require the expansion pak?

Only three N64 games require the expansion pak:-
-Donkey Kong 64
-Zelda Majora's Mask
-Perfect Dark (Only select modes work without the expansion pak)

EverDrive 64 / Re: Everdrive 64 X7 Won't Load Certain Games
« on: June 27, 2020, 12:17 AM »
Are you using an official Nintendo expansion pak? Have you tried testing it with the original jumper pak?
Other than the above suggestions I think it would be best if you could test on another N64 system at this point, expecially if the EverDrive has already been tested with those specific games by stoneagegamer and confirmed to work fine.

Mega EverDrive / Re: Everdrive MD
« on: June 18, 2020, 11:02 PM »
I've decided not to try anything after all as it looks like I have to flash the Everdrive from the PC in the end, I originally thought you could just load the binary onto the SD card and take it from there.
Thanks for the headsup though!
I'm not sure where you read that, but a PC is only used to transfer the new OS file to the SD card.

The only thing ever flashed from a PC was the firmware on some early EverDrive MD v1/v2, which is not the same thing as the OS ('Operating System' otherwise known as the Menu)

Anyway the choice is completely yours, especially since according to the changelog there wasn't any major features added in OS v2 for the EverDrive MD v3.

EverDrive GBA / Re: Everdrive upgrade program?
« on: June 16, 2020, 05:00 AM »
My point is from a hardware standpoint SD2SNES/FXPRO is a more powerful chipset, for room for improvement... If it isn't there yet, its just because it hasn't been made yet, but the room to upgrade is there... Stone Age did a trade in for SD2SNES to SD2SNES Pro/FX2, because the cost difference, and the future upgradeablity. THey continued to sell the older model as well at reduced price for anyone who didn't care to upgrade.
I was only sharing an opinion, that based purely on the current feature set the FXPAK PRO is not yet what I would consider to be a major upgrade. The hardware is definitely improved, and i'm sure given time there will be new features that will not be possible on the original SD2SNES, but at present if somebody already owned an SD2SNES I wouldn't say it was worth spending an extra $200 to upgrade just yet.

My point was that GBA X5 and GBA X5 mini are essentially the same hardware, just form factor changed a little. There is unlikely to be any 'major upgrades' in the future. Hence me calling it a 'sidegrade'.... Theoretically there is possiblity of an x7... but that would be the ony 'upgrade'...
I completely agree that the EverDrive GBA X5 Mini is a 'sidegrade'.

As for Everdrive GB, its closest direct evolution was Everdrive GB X5 which was noticably faster/better memory, but didn't add any new features.... or the potential for new features.
Not quite sure what you mean? Do you mean purely based on cost? If so then yes the EverDrive GB X5 was the EverDrive GB's direct replacement. However I was talking about which carts could be considered a 'major upgrade', and I wasn't counting the cost price in the comparison. I was simply comparing which carts had the greatest jump in features, and thats why I listed the EverDrive GB -> EverDrive GB X7.

Anyway, I only wanted to share an opinion, and wasn't trying to start a disagreement.

EverDrive GBA / Re: Everdrive upgrade program?
« on: June 14, 2020, 03:33 PM »
Is this really an 'upgrade' though... more of a sidegrade... It's just the same features in a miniture case...

Whereas going form SD2SNES up to the SD2SNES Pro/FXPak Pro was a major jump.
AFAIK the FXPAK PRO doesn't currently have any additional features over the original SD2SNES, so its not really what I would consider a 'major jump'. Sure the hardware is improved and could theoretically support things like the Super Game Boy in future, but those extra features could be a long way off (Remember how many years it took for the SD2SNES to gain Super FX and SA-1 support) [<EDIT>Just one week after this post and Super Game Boy supports randomly appears for both the original and Pro!] Based on the current features, the SD2SNES -> FX PAK PRO is more of what I would consider to be a sidegrade.

IMO flash carts that actually are major upgrades are things like:-
EverDrive GB -> EverDrive GB X7
EverDrive N8 -> EverDrive N8 PRO
Mega EverDrive X7 -> Mega EverDrive PRO

Sidegrades are things like:-
Super EverDrive v2 -> Super EverDrive X5
EverDrive 64 v3 -> EverDrive 64 X7
EverDrive GBA X5 -> EverDrive GBA X5 Mini

Sure the newer carts are likely to receive support for much longer and could receive new features in future, so if you are buying your first flash cart you may as well buy the new versions. However if you already own one of these carts and are trying to decide if you should 'upgrade', then you can only really compare them based purely on the current feature set of each cart.

Mega EverDrive / Re: Everdrive MD
« on: June 04, 2020, 08:25 PM »
For EverDrive-MD v3 there were only two OS updates which you can download here:-

Maybe it's time for a new Master Everdrive with nice level translation?
The Master Everdrive X7 with voltage level translators has been available since February 2018?

Is the PC-Engine / TurboGrafx-16 region switch in the correct position on your Turbo EverDrive?

EverDrive 64 / Re: Offset and glitchy picture
« on: May 10, 2020, 11:51 PM »
It sounds like your TV likely does not fully support the PAL60 format (PAL color encoding but 60Hz refresh rate) Your options are to either only play PAL ROM's which will display in 50Hz, or purchase an NTSC N64 console (USA or Japanese) An NTSC system will output NTSC 60Hz which should be compatible with your TV (Same as your Super Famicom)

If your choose the NTSC console route, make sure to check beforehand that your EverDrive 64 has a multi-region cartridge shell that will physically fit in the cartridge slot:-
Also remember to flick the UltraCIC II switch over near the SD slot using a toothpick:-
This region switch is only present on ED64 v2.5 and ED64 v3 manufactured after November 2015.

There is also a small chance that the issue could be caused by using a generic third-party composite cable designed for NTSC systems. PAL Nintendo composite video cables should have a 75ohm resistor between composite video and ground inside the plug, whereas NTSC systems do not have a resistor and are a simple straight-through cable. On some TV's this missing resistor may cause picture issues, but usually it just results in an overbright image. I think in your case its more likely that your TV just doesn't like the PAL60 format (If you have a PAL GameCube with a PAL game you could likely test this by booting the game in either 50Hz or 60Hz modes and seeing if you experience similar problems)

EverDrive 64 / Re: saturnus archive compilation :>
« on: May 08, 2020, 09:16 PM »
Perhaps its just me, but a number of the download links dont appear to be working? For example the archive links all seem to be down.
Any chance the files could be rehosted somewhere like dropbox instead?

Hmm, did you switch games on your ED64 X7 before testing? (For example load Zelda OoT and save) otherwise the SD save file will just get overwritten again by the internal save.

Alternatively have you tried just renaming the original filename and filetype? Like this:-
It could just be that your Mac is changing the file attributes?

Would someone with a Windows computer be willing to try this method with the SRA file I posted above and send the file back to me? I'd really appreciate it.
I would try to convert it, but all the download links are dead :(

<EDIT>Managed to find a backup of saturnus archive thanks to supersign's post here:-

I converted your original save file using the default settings and renamed it as per your friends conversion name (Which btw is oversized at 290KB instead of the standard 32KB for SRAM saves):-
Let me know if works.

Have you tried playing a different game before loading the save file onto the SD card? I only ask because the save file is actually stored on the EverDrive's internal SRAM chip, and this internal save file is only written to the SD card and cleared when you load a different game. In other words the EverDrive may be overwriting your new SD card save file version with its internally saved SRAM version of the save file.

Loading a different game and saving should clear the internal SRAM because it writes new save data to the SRAM chip, and then you can copy your new save file across to the SD card.

EverDrive N8 / Re: N8 Pro not working with NES RGB Top Loader
« on: April 26, 2020, 07:40 PM »
If you dont feel confident soldering its not worth the risk of possibly shorting something and then potentially damaging your console as well. I would recommend waiting to see what stoneagegamer or krikzz suggest :)

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