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Can you verify that Kirby uses EEP16K and not EEP4K? According to the list at, it's supposed to use EEP4K.

I went through my games and found a couple more discrepancies in the ED64 defaults. ED64 has Castlevania Legacy of Darkness as EEP4K and Duke Nukem Zero Hour as SRAM96K. However, both those games should use controller pak as per the linked list above. Can anyone verify these?

Thanks for the reply. That makes a bit more sense. Are the expansion pack changes for OoT a big improvement? That seems it might be something that makes these versions superior to the original n64 versions.

Please excuse my ignorance, but why would someone want to use these versions of the games instead of the original N64 versions? From what I can tell these patches just take the gamecube version and make them just like the n64 version. Can't really see the point.

EverDrive 64 / Re: New to everdrive, Review
« on: February 10, 2017, 07:04 PM »
Good to hear, I actually just ordered another one from them today, I sold my last one with the N64 for a profit when I got bored of it and needed some money, but I got my wife a watermelon red n64 for christmas so i thought i would get this to go with it. I was debating if I wanted to spend the cash on it but when I seen my local retro store was selling mario party 2 for $120 I caved and bought another ED

Can you confirm that your newest Everdrive from Gamersection was also high quality just like toronto1992's? I'm thinking of ordering one from there myself. Are their prices in CDN dollars?

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