Author Topic: Mazin Wars (E) PAL ROM Can't Find Any Game Genie Or PAR Cheats?  (Read 455 times)

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I know everybody is concentrating on the Mega EverDrive Pro and all the issues surrounding that at the moment but my issue is more about finding working PAR or Game Genie codes for PAL versions of games where USA versions also exist.

Can anyone out there help with this one game, all I can ever find is the Genesis NTSC Game Genie cheats for this game but they don't work with the PAL ROM. Forget ''Mazin Saga - Mutant Fighter'' (U) we need working invincible and infinite lives codes for the PAL (Europe) ROM. Mazin Wars.

It's getting really annoying when the community only focuses on the American versions of games, not everyone around the world has a Genesis, as you would suspect, i'm in a PAL region using 50Hz I have a PAL collection of games and everytime I go to look up cheats for Mega Drive/Genesis games unless they're (W) world ROMS or they're from PAL exclusive releases the codes seem to be only for the Genesis NTSC ROMS which are not the same as the PAL versions.

I'm not angry at anybody personally about this, just very frustrated with the situation on how we're all expected to just throw out our PAL games and start all over again with NTSC 60Hz ones. That's not how the world works, we need to start accepting all regions and not leaving out certain ones for the garbage.

By the way the same Game Genie codes for ''Mazin Saga - Mutant Fighter'' (U) do not work with ''Mazin Wars (E)

These codes do not work with the PAL ROM only the Genesis NTSC ROM.

AV8A-CA7Y   017CB4:6004 = Infinite Lives
AK2A-CA7C  0170A2:6002
A4HA-CA2C  018E02:6006 = Invincible For The Bosses

surely someone out there knows a few codes that work with the PAL version?