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Off Topic / SD Cart for the Amstrad GX4000
« on: May 10, 2015, 03:36 AM »
Not sure if I am allowed to post this here, but there is now a SD cartridge for the Amstrad GX4000

They are currently getting a list or orders for a second batch.

Saw it mentioned here:

Super EverDrive / Failed/Dead Super Everdrive Repair
« on: July 12, 2014, 07:42 PM »
I have a Super Everdrive V1.5 23/04/11 with DSP chip fitted that I bought from a seller quite a while back. The cart has been fitted in a old Powerpak case for protection and to make sure it gets plugged in the right way round.

I took the cart to use at a Retro Gaming Event last weekend (NERG) where it was working fine. Then the damn electricians who were doing testing did something and when the reconnected the power I guess there was a surge and the Super Everdrive stopped working. The American SNES and all other 58 systems I had plugged in are fine - for some reason it just seems to have zapped my beloved SNES Everdrive cart. Just getting a blank screen when using it (tried it on two American SNES units) and had to use original carts in that SNES for the rest of the weekend which worked fine (I am gonna try and buy a couple of original carts for each system now to take to events incase this happens again!).

I am guessing it will be cheaper to repair than buy a replacement. Does Krikzz or any one else repair these?

I bought it so long back I am guessing it would be well out of warranty.

EverDrive 64 / No Intro on NTSC cic FW: 1.12
« on: April 07, 2013, 12:41 AM »
I have asked this in other threads, but the only way I am gonna figure out what the hell is happening, is if someone would be kind enough to try the following config to see if they get the same problem:

Using the N64 No Intro Set
ED64 with NTSC CIC and FW 1.12.

All Japan ROMS load fine - Not one USA ROM is loading. They are all hanging with a black screen when loading.

I am only looking for help if you can try the above config please. Please do not reply saying "Use the Goodtools Set" as I now have the No Intro set and do not have the Torrent Ratio left to download the full Goodtools set (and dont have time to download them one ROM at a time elsewhere due to other commitments), which is also rather incomplete when compared to the No Intro set. I need to determine why these bloody NTSC USA ROMs are not working so I can fix this issue and get them to work, whether that be through running a software patch on the ROMs (which I have tried and has not worked up to now) or getting a replacement ED64. I have now tried three N64s. Two JAPANESE and one USA and they all show the same issue, so I am ruling the N64s out as causing the problem - its either something to do with the ROMs (which work fine in Emulators) or something iffy with the ED64 I have. I must be the most unluckiest bastard on this planet with things like this, as everytime it seems like it just me having odd problems like this and and no one else.

EverDrive 64 / How to update firmware to 1.15?
« on: April 04, 2013, 03:54 AM »
I am still having problems getting USA Games to load on my Everdrive 64, while every Japan game loads fine (WHY IS IT ALWAYS ME ARGH!!!) and have noticed it has an old firmware 1.12.

Firmware 1.1.5 says if fixes: 1) boot/reboot hangs was fixed

So I am wondering if updating the firmware might fix the issue. But how can I update to this firmware? I can not fine any instructions anywhere or options inside the cart menus, despite the website saying:
Firmware updates can be performed easily, using a SD card.

Can someone help please before I loose the will to live.

EverDrive 64 / Only JAPanese ROMs are Loading
« on: January 10, 2013, 12:38 AM »
I have two Jap N64s and a ED64 CIC-6102 and the No Intros ROM set.

It will only load Japan ROMs. When I try and load a European ROM or a USA ROM I just get a black screen with no sound or nowt.

Reading the specs of the ED64 it says:
"Region Free! You can play PAL ROMs on a NTSC console, and vice-versa."

Tried bot Jap N64s I own and the same thing is happening. Do I need to do something else?

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