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EverDrive GG / Re: Init os... Issue
« on: October 16, 2020, 02:44 AM »
All formatted with the SD Card Formatter 5.0.1 App
Game Gear HGG-3210 is freshly recapped with McWill v.2.2 and AC powered.

#1 Sandisk Ultra 32GB class 10 : Worked for a 2 hours then stopped now gets the "OS Init..."
#2 Sandisk Ultra 32GB class 10 : Worked for 1 hour then same as above
#3 Sandisk Ultra 32GB class 10 : Same as above
Samsung 32 Pro Endurance : Nope
Samsung  Evo Plus: Nope
Panasonic 32GB (doesn't have a model name but it is Class 10, Made in Taiwan): Works 100% (about 3 hours into testing so far)

Interesting findings that might not be anything:
The Sandisks work for a while then they just stop, the cards themselves are still fine for any other device. So it doesn't harm the cards but this is interesting...
I can format them on the SD Card formatter but it won't help, once it stops working on the ED X7 that's it. "OS Int..." blinking will keep happening.
I know this makes no sense but it is what I am finding, consistently on all 3 32GB Sandisk cards.

Once it freezes once on the in-game menu, the problems will keep happening so maybe this is an early sign? Because I haven't had it happen on the Panasonic card yet, the sandisks all freezed up at the in-game menu a few times before they eventually did the "OS Init..." message.

Once I got the "OS Init..." flashing I was never able to recover.

So far I am 3 hours into testing with the Panasonic 32GB, it hasn't had the in-game menu freeze and runs fine.

To change the screen modes on the McWill you have to hold 1+2+Start and for the EDX7 In-Game menu it is 1+2+Up (default) do you think this has a conflict somewhere?
I turned off in-game menu while testing the Panasonic 32GB for an hour and it fine, turned it back on and still runs fine.

There is almost no information given on SD Card power consumption.
Going to order a lower class and test some more.

Will keep testing...

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