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Turbo EverDrive / save backup and cd game ram cheat tool
« on: January 08, 2017, 02:34 PM »
I wasn't aware of this cool software until recently;

First many thanks to the creator of this soft - was fun to use =]

Create a system card image to access CD RAM codes as detailed on there, to back up the bram & restore do the following;

The instructions on the homepage are excellent, below is just a step by step of how I have followed some of them;
No responsibility taken for damage to your equipment etc!

1. I have this running on win7 64bit, fuck apple.

2. Get a RS232-USB adapter (As per instructions you could also use a TTL cable but I don't have one), I have used this one (beware china fakes);

3. Install the RS232-USB adapter and confirm which COM port it is assigned to in device manager, I like port 4, it is possible to lock the address in advanced settings.

4. Burn the PCEmon CD from the image provided at the homepage 'RS232_19200.cue' run in it your duo

5. Build the RS232-PCE cable to the schematic shown when you run the pcemon cd with a normal pad connected

6. Install a terminal program, I chose;

7. Run the terminal program 'ttermpro.exe', I used these settings;
Setup>Terminal - Transmit CR+LF, local echo unticked
Setup>Serial Port - correct COM port selected, 19200 baud, 8bit, none, 1bit, none
save the setup from this setup section at the bottom

8. run the pcemon cd, swap over the pad to rs232 cable

9. type n to see if the palette colours change, if they don't something is wrong

10. to create a bram backup I typed this exactly from booting;
IN TERATERM File>Log - only have 'binary' option ticked then save, change the save file location to somewhere else if you like
o re

close tera term, restart duo

11. inspect the .log file created and if required trim any command written before the dump like shown here, no need to rename the .log file;

12. feeling brave? format the back up ram on your pce and check saves are gone

13. load up pcemon and type this to restore the bram
o re
l 800
IN TERATERM File>Send File ENSURE 'binary' option is ticked and cick open, this will send the file over to the pce buffer

close tera term, restart duo

EverDrive GB / GB Mario Picross 2 copy protection or bug?
« on: March 09, 2015, 07:23 PM »
I've been playing through Mario Picross 2, rom version 'Mario's Picross 2 (J) S[T-Eng]'. I completed up to world 7-0 with mario and then found that even though the puzzle was completed it would not move onto the next segment. I've then played through with Wario and the same thing happens at world 7-0 :s
I tried the jpn release rom 'Picross 2 (J) S' with the save file and then same thing happens so I don't think the translation has caused this.
Something is wrong here, I don't think it's me being unable to complete the puzzle ;)
Maybe a form of copy protection or a bad dump?
Any help appreciated!
My save;

[T-Eng].srm]Mario's Picross 2 (J) [T-Eng].srm

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