Author Topic: [HELP] Everdrive GBA X5 (both models) crashing after 1.15 update.  (Read 199 times)

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Hello all! I hope all is well with everyone!
I've had both models of the Everdrive GBA since their original release and I've never had ANY issues with either of them... That was until I updated from OS version 1.12 to 1.15. Not long afterwards every game would start crashing ~5 to ~10 minutes after booting.
I ran the diagnostic check a generous number of times on both models, but didn't encounter any ROM or Disk errors as some others have encountered in other threads. I have tested OS version 1.15 on both the original Everdrive GBA model and the Mini model as well as on multiple different GBA and DS'. All OEM, nothing modded, and still games continue to crash.
My educated guess is that the OS is to blame for the crashing issue. As regardless of what system I'm using, nor which Everdrive model I'm using, the crashing still persists.
I've seen a few other threads on issues similar to this, but no real definitive answers to the problem. My hope is that this thread gets enough attention for there to be some investigation into a solution. As for me, I'm downgrading back to 1.12 until something is said or done to fix what I presume to be a broken OS.
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