Author Topic: Super Mario Super Shown MSU1 - Long format Video/Audio Sync solution (NTSC)  (Read 1459 times)

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So I wanted to be able to play a whole episode of Super Mario Bro Super Show on my SNES, so I made this:

My first attempt resulted in video and audio that would slowly fall out of sync over time. By about 2 to 3 mins in, the audio would be notably out of sync. So i went scrounging around the internet for some kind of answer. I stumbled upon this link:

It describes the problem exactly. According to the post, it is a result of the audio playing back at a slightly different sample rate, you can reed through that thread to learn more.

It does not seem like this issue was ever resolved as it seemed like they were looking for an all-in-one solution for PAL, NTSC and PAL60. It was mentioned that "What I would rather see is to take an NTSC video, strip out the audio to a WAV file, and then scale it by 0.997353959"

All you have to do is take the .WAV file into Audacity, under "Effects" select "Change Speed" and type +0.265 in the Percent Change box. For some reason, WAV2MSU doesnt like the WAV file that audacity renders, but if you use VLC and convert it from .WAV to .WAV, WAV2MSU  will accept the file (Yes, thats right. Convert a wav file...into a wav file). I assume this only works for NTSC consoles as the math used was based of NTSC console master clocks, but I haven't tested it.

So I just wanted to let people know of this fix. I also noticed that the audio in the Zelda ALTTP FMV also falls out of sync by the end of the video, so I thought people would like to know.

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This is pretty revolutionary seeing it's now possible to play videos on the SNES though it wont work well for PAL users as their is always a huge delay in the audio being far too fast, take the Street Fighter Alpha 2 intro to even the Super Mario RPG intro to even the Super Road Blaster one too, I never really figured out what changing the mode to 50HZ/60HZ did on the device as it will not uncrop the boarders on a PAL TV or even fix the delays in the playback.
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any chance you could post this on something other than google drive? i couldn't extract the archive on mac or pc, authorizing the "zip extractor" thing with google was pointless as it gave me pinwheels for a few minutes extracting the .msu file, and gave me errors with the .pcm file so i couldn't even finish the download

try mega?

also why the hell do i have to jump through captcha and trivia to post when i am a registered user???

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