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EverDrive 64 / Everdrive X5 just released today!
« on: January 26, 2021, 01:44 AM »
Hey everyone, looks like KRIKzz has a new Everdrive 64. Not quite sure what the differences are between the X5 and existing 2.5 and x7, as the website seems to state two conflicting things. The X5 does have dedicated save memory (same as X7). Under features it states the X5 has "RTC support" but further down on the page on the Everdrive64 comparison chart there is a red X beside "Real Time Clock"

Curious to hear if anyone knows more about this new model. Anyone planning to order one?

More info about the cart can be found here:

EverDrive 64 / Linux now running on the N64!
« on: January 15, 2021, 06:23 AM »
This is a bit of old news, as it was released on Christmas Day, but I haven't seen anyone post about it here yet. But now you can run a basic version of linux on your N64 using your Everdrive. The utility of this program is quite limited at the moment, but it's fun to mess around with nevertheless. Simply download the file from github, slap it onto your Everdrive and you're ready to go! Just note that you will need an expansion pak (8MB RAM) in order for it to work properly.

Here's a short video expaining how to get it working:

The link to the project is here:

Hello everyone, quick question regarding emu on the GBA X5. I find that goomba works well for all gb/gbc with the exception of Pokemon G/S/C rom hacks. For some reason, goomba won't access the X5's battery to allow these games to utilize RTC features. Luckily there are patches for the original games in order to change the clock manually in-game but these unfortunately do not work for rom hacks. I'm wondering if there are any alternatives to goomba that run on the X5, perhaps especially any that would allow use of the battery for RTC feature? Thanks very much in advance!

EverDrive GBA / How do games save on the GBA X5 Mini?
« on: January 03, 2021, 02:30 AM »
Hello everyone, I just got my new GBA X5 mini in the mail today and am very excited to start playing. I've been reading a few of the threads on this forum and had a quick question about how save data is stored on the device. Do games save to an internal battery, or directly onto the SD card? Does this process differ depending on the game? Is there any danger of losing saves over time (as one would on a standard GBA cart), or does the Everdrive protect against this? Thanks much in advance for any responses!

Hey everyone! I have an Everdrive 64 v2.5 and a Super Everdrive x5, and I'm thinking of buying an Everdrive GBA next. I do have a couple of questions though, and was hoping somebody might be able to help. First, does the ED GBA support both GB/C and GBA titles? Will it also run NES or SNES titles? Are there any GBA games the ED can't run? And is there anything else I should be aware of or that I will need to buy before ordering? For reference, I use a GBA SP and I have an ED-tested 16GB microSD card on hand and ready to go. Thanks in advance (no pun intended) for any advice!

EverDrive 64 / Weird MicroSD Card Issue. Please Help!
« on: October 23, 2020, 03:05 AM »
Hey all, I've got a strange problem I'm hoping someone might be able to help with. I have three of these Sandisk 16GB micro SD cards (pictured below). All of them store information just fine, but only one of them works with my Everdrives. (For reference, I have an Everdrive 64 v2.5 and a Super Everdrive x5). Both of the others bring up an error message, "FAT system not found" on both flash carts. I've attached a picture showing the issue from my 2.5 below. All three SD cards have been reformatted to FAT32, and they are all otherwise exactly the same. Is there something I'm missing, or something I can try to get them all to work? Thanks much in advance for any help.

Super EverDrive / How to set up Super ED X5?
« on: September 28, 2020, 07:03 PM »
Hey everyone,

I'm still waiting on my X5 to arrive but I have the microSD card here and am working to set it up. So far I have formatted it to FAT-32 and have added the latest "SPED" folder from Krikzz website (SNESOS-v1.02). Is there anything I need to add (including to the "SAVES" folder) in order to get everything working? Do I simply add roms to the MicroSD (outside the SPED folder?). Thanks so much in advance for any tips! I have an ED64, but was not sure whether setup is the same for both.

Super EverDrive / Questions from a noob about Super EverDrive X5
« on: September 16, 2020, 04:57 PM »
Hey everyone,

I bought an ED64 about two months back and have been really happy with it. I'm thinking of expanding my ED collection with a SEDX5, but had a few questions I'm hoping someone might be able to help me with. First, does loading roms onto the SD card work the same way as it does for the ED64? Are there any SNES games that are incompatible with the SEDX5? What is a good microSD card size for holding all available SNES games? Is there anything else I need to know about the unit before buying?

Thanks so much in advance for any responses!

A new patch (0.9.4) for the Super Smash Bros Remix hack is now available. Please note that an Expansion Pak is required to run the new patched rom on your ED64.

Link to the video:

Patch download link:



Bowser Added

Giga Bowser Added

* Up Tilt top hitbox size increased
* Back Air spike hitbox size increasd
* Up Air disjoint increased
* Grab hitbox adjusted
* Jumping graphic effects altered
* Up Smash intangibility now covers entire body and duration lasts from the start of graphics until end of the 2nd hitbox
* New entry animation
* Down Special facial expression changed
* Up Air corrected to have proper landing lag
* Forward Smash hitbox duration shortened
* Up Tilt
 - Decreased speed
 - Damage reduced 23-22
 - Knock back scaling decreased 109-100
 - Base Knockback decreased 60-40
* Forward Throw Invincibility duration reduced
* Up Special now properly removes jumps like all other characters
* New clap animation

* Rest sound volume fixed

* A Complete overhaul of Remix's graphic overlay system to utilize Smash Bros 64's native functions
 - Visually revised Training Menu Options, Versus Match Stats, and Remix Options
* Bonus 3, Multi-Man Mode and Cruel Multi-Man Mode Added
* Customized stage knockback collisions (such as the ground in Big Blue) are now turned off when hazards are turned off
* Dreamland/Omega Stage Option: Stage Select now gives the option of Dreamland/Omega versions of certain stages, these stages maintain their hazards if not turned off
* Players can now select darker and lighter shades of characters in team battles
* 12 Character Battle Versus Mode added (with options for Japanese, Remix, or custom character sets)
* Random Stage Select now netplay safe (would cause desyncs previously)
* Hazard and other stage toggles no longer affect 1p and Bonus Modes
* Combo Meter 99+ combo crash has been fixed
* 1P high score bonus tally now includes all characters


Bowser Break the Targets added

Bowser Board the Platforms added

Falco Board the Platforms added

Lucas Board the Platforms added

Polygon Team Board the Platforms added

Wario Board the Platforms added

Omega/Dreamland versions of Peach's Castle, Congo Jungle, Hyrule Castle, Mushroom Kingdom, Planet Zebes, Dreamland, Sector Z, Saffron City, and Yoshi's Island

Fray's Stage - Night added (Dreamland Alternate)

World 1-1 added

Goomba Road added

Bowser's Keep added

* Aria of the Soul added as alternate track

Congo Falls
* Stage completely overhauled
* Gangplank Galleon track added and set as default
* DK Rap song now set as rare alternate track

* Multi-Man and Cruel Multi-Man added as alternate tracks

* New song added as default track

Muda Kingdom
* Issue with grabbable ledge near pipe has been fixed

Corneria City
* Main platform neutral spawn height lowered

New Pork City
* Underside clipping fixed to prevent warping

* Even Drier Guys alternate track improved

Spiral Mountain
* Mr. Patch track added as rare alternate track

* Clipping and graphic updates
* Model optimization for better performance
* Moving platforms added to the stage

Mute City
* Graphical improvements

Bowser Stadium
* Final Bowser alternate track instruments revised

Yoshi's Story
* Obstacle course main track volume increased

Peach's Castle II
* Added moving platforms
* Improved graphics and performance

* Improved graphics
* Blast ceiling and camera height increased
* KO Respawn Point moved

Gerudo Valley
* Gerudo Valley track improved

EverDrive 64 / New ED64 v2.5 cart pics & info
« on: August 20, 2020, 01:22 AM »
Hey everyone, I recently purchased a v2.5 from and I've been super happy with its quality and performance so far. I've seen some questions on the forum lately from folks who are thinking about picking up an ED, so I thought I'd post some pictures of mine and talk about the differences between this and the older v2.5 cart since there don't seem to be much info about the new version online yet.

Basically the biggest difference is SD card slot. Some sellers still have the v2.5s with a standard SD card slot on the top of the cartridge. With this version, the SD card sticks out a bit. The new v2.5 (pictured here) takes microSD on the left of the cart, just like the ED64 x7. The NTSC/PAL switch is the same as on the old cart, just placed on the right instead of on top. Like all v2.5 versions, you still have to press reset in order to save your progress.

Hope this helps someone who might have questions about the differences between the v2.5 carts like I did when I was trying to figure out which one to purchase. Please let me know if you have any questions and I'll do my best to answer them!

EverDrive 64 / Questions about Everdrive 2.5 & SD Cards
« on: July 27, 2020, 05:39 PM »
Hi everyone,

I'm new to the Everdrive forums, and this is my first post. I apologize sincerely if this is the wrong place to post this, but I have some questions about the Everdrive and am confused by some of the info in the forum stickeys. Basically, I'm wondering what the primary differences between Everdrive 2.5 and x7 are (other than save battery & USB port). For casual play, is the 2.5 good enough? I'm also wondering how exactly ROMs are added. Would I add them to an SD card from my computer (I use a Mac) and then insert the SD card into the Everdrive? How much space should the SD card have to contain everything, and what type of SD card will I need? Also, is there anything I need to know before purchasing an Everdrive? If it helps, my N64 is the NTSC version. I'm interested in using the Everdrive to back up my collection, play other region N64 games (mostly from Japan, such as Animal Crossing) and also fan-made ROMs.

Thank you all very much in advance for any advice!

Edit 7/28

Thanks for your help everyone! I went ahead and purchased a v2.5 for now, and I have some other questions about SD cards. From what I've seen, it looks like the most recent v2.5 carts actually use microSD instead of SD? The site I bought mine from (Everdrive.Me) confirmed this and I'm wondering if anyone has experience with the new carts? I can't find any info online, just guides and reviews for the older version, and I want to make sure I get a compatible SD card for it. Anyone with the microSD card v2.5 have any good recommendations for brand/storage size? I've read certain cards don't work well for the Everdrive, so I'm hoping to find one that will!

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