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Title: FXPAK Pro graphics glitches cause... ?
Post by: The Unboxing Authority on November 27, 2020, 08:07 AM
OK! So I have seen and heard some strangeness in games running on the FXPAK pro once in a while.
First it was the pause screen in the later levels of Confront on Super Scope 6, then how the text appeared (not all at once like it should) rarely,
The bottom screen in super mario kart flashed white at the beginning of levels.
And when I started Intercept Super Scope 6, the audio did some strange things at the very start   https://youtu.be/xzBv0dOfY1I  (Video available in 2 hours)
Someone else commented on my YouTube video that during fight scenes in earth bound they saw some graphics strangeness.

But what could cause these issues? I think I might know. I noticed in the FXPAK Pro system information I saw 60hz. All the experts I have listened to said the SNES outputs 59.94 NTSC hz, not 60hz... AHA! So perhaps this difference is what is causing the issues?
I noticed that with my capture device set to 59.9 NTSC, things weren't perfectly syncing up, as in my recent INTERCEPT video.
For example the shots flash (when they don't on a CRT) and the rocket flame out the back of the missiles flickers most of the time but then stays steady every so often.

So perhaps an option for 59.94 in the menu might be a great idea? It might solve all these problems and more? I'm unsure if it's 59.96, 59.94, 59.93 hz. I've seen some different numbers out there, but Recentral and OBS seem to have an NTSC setting for the 59.9 hz that should be the correct value.

Thankfully in this recording I didn't get that strange glitch where it zoomed into part of the screen, until I went to a previous save state.
Title: Re: FXPAK Pro graphics glitches cause... ?
Post by: nuu on November 28, 2020, 12:58 AM
Are you saying the FXPAK Pro is doing something weird so the framerate becomes incorrect?
According to this: https://nerdlypleasures.blogspot.com/2017/01/classic-systems-true-framerate.html SNES uses a 60.0988 Hz framerate.

Try turning off in-game hooks (and possibly region patch if nothing else works) and see if the glitch happens again. Save states won't work when doing this.