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Title: SD2snes multiple issues
Post by: w1ll14m on May 15, 2020, 04:05 AM

I've had my sd2snes for a few years now, it's really a GREAT device :)

But sadly, my sd2snes has developed some weird behavior recently, (rtc time/date jumps to random dates, random crashes, very low MSU1 output, not booting sometimes)

I have a rev. F board that has been modded to a rev. H board with the addon board designed by borti4938. The sd2snes board has been functioning very well no issues at all. The board not been used for almost a year and today I tried some new MSU1 hacks and the volume is very very low, lower than stock rev. F. FX and music from SNES apu are the right volume.

What I checked:
I discovered that if I push the sd2snes card a little towards the front it almost never boots, if I push it a little backwards it boots most of the time. This might mean my cartslot is aging but does not really change the audio behaviour, I guess this is not the problem of the MSU but might be related to issues reading the RTC and random crashes. After cleaning the cartslot pins a bit with isopropyl it feels like I see less crashes and random RTC garbage.

While cleaning the cartslot I measured the main cap inside the snes, I couldn't see any major voltage drops during boot, I did see some traces that look like they might suffer a little corrosion damage soon. I'm planning to recap my snes soon. I checked the traces and it looks like they aren't broken yet, I don't think this causes the problem.

The solder job of the opamp board on the sd2snes is quite clean and there is sound coming from the MSU, however very low volume, even when volume is boosted +12db

Any thoughts on where I should go from here?

https://pastebin.com/AXDV4V1a (https://pastebin.com/AXDV4V1a)
Title: Re: SD2snes multiple issues
Post by: dreimer on May 15, 2020, 05:53 PM
I had the same fun with borti's board on my RevE2. Reflow the soldered traces from the board to the SD2SNES. Especially these going through the whole board. My trace was broken when I had the volume problem. RTC: New battery.
Title: Re: SD2snes multiple issues [SOLVED]
Post by: w1ll14m on May 16, 2020, 04:15 PM
Hi Dreimer,

Thanks for your reply! I did re-solder the board but when you mentioned it I gave it another try, I used the desolder gun to clear the through hole solder points, added some no-clean flux and re-soldered the three. MSU sound is fixed again! I suspect it was the one right next to the opamp.

I will give my SNES soon a recap and I'm considering replacing the 62pin connector with a fresh one to solve the boot issues the sd2snes has sometimes.

Title: Re: SD2snes multiple issues
Post by: dreimer on May 19, 2020, 02:05 PM
Without a proper continuity tester I would have given up too ^^ It looked flawless, but most of the time had zero connection. I had to reflow one of the traces THREE times to have really REALLY proper connection again ^^ So yeah, it's a adventure to fix that ^^