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Yeah, the ultracic was from aliexpress, I got the last Everdrive64 v3 from Thank you all for the help and advice and the test rom.

Edit: I got the UltraCIC installed. It was a pain getting the old chip delsoldered and removed, but I finally got it and it works great! Tested Banjo Tooie, DK64, Jet Force Gemini and they all work. Thanks again!

I have a couple questions. I want to upgrade my ED64 to the Ultra CIC. I have both the Everdrive and the UltraCIC II chip in my possession. I'm guessing I simply remove the old chip and install the new one, correct? I know to line up the mark on the chip with the mark on the ED board. Is there anything else I have to do? Also, I saw an old post about an Ultra CIC II test rom, but the links were dead. Is there any way I can get that test rom to verify it works? And third, do I remove the AUTO folder from my SD card to prevent the patching for the games like Banjo Kazooie and DK64 or is there something else I have to do, or will it detect the UltraCIC and not patch the roms? Thanks for any answers or help anyone can provide.

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