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Joyzz / Re: Future Wireless Controllers?
« on: January 03, 2019, 08:14 PM »
At the moment i have plans to make snes and nes controllers

Hello Krikzz,

It's possible to consider Pc engine controller with 6 button like MD controller and auto fire on each button on our choice.

If we can program autofire on the button as we want. it'll be wonderfull.

Cause 8 bitdo make a great product for nes and snes.

Can you insert in branch of other controller : like MD , SMS, PCE , Arcade Stick NEOGEO (autofire) all compatible with all of them.
and compatible with BT 8 bitdo to take their market.

thanks you

Shop and Shipping / Re: Is there a christmas sale this year?
« on: December 27, 2018, 08:15 PM »
Any other sale to start 2019 ?

Have you push reset during 5 Sec on the nes to put the region on your Nes Everdrive ?

Off Topic / Re: EverdriveGBA
« on: April 13, 2016, 05:24 PM »
i think that make the gb/gbc roms playable on gba without conversion its impossible, having in mind that the gb/gbc cart pull a trigger on the cart slot of gba to play them, thats why gba micro and ds dosent play gb/gbc games, because they dont have this trigger. Having a emulator that works like neon64 works on ed64, i think that this would need to be created to works just placing the roms on sd and selecting it on the menu but i can be talking shit about this xD

Nintendo GBA Advance sp has the Z80 processor to start gb and gbc games. So in Ds, they miss out this processor (z80) to make some economy.

So it the reason why , it doesn't work on nintendo ds

Off Topic / Re: EverdriveGBA
« on: April 13, 2016, 12:45 AM »
good product like apple

After a very long and stressful day at work, I needed a good laugh, and this did it for me.

So for that, I thank you.

There are a before apple, and after, that you want or not  ! you forget before , and it' s normal to discuss about changement, if krikzz listen us, may be, his product ll be more sold. that's it

Off Topic / Re: EverdriveGBA
« on: April 11, 2016, 11:24 PM »
seriously guys, you're looking to an amazing piece of engineering and all that you can se is the fucking size?

There are plenty of Chinese models that work well in GBA flash card and they have a size of GBA, which allows us transport the console, without thinking to bend or damage the cartridge. The best seller is the best shape and good product like apple make not only the easy to build  !

You make me smile with your signature, it's like the school in the playground. If we can not discuss for exchange our opinion, it is a dictatorship?

I believe it could be possible to emulate a CD drive with an EverDrive-like device in the Game Card/HuCart slot. 

The original CD-ROM connected to the console through the expansion bus connector.  Although the expansion bus has 69 pins to the card connector's 38, the CD attachment does not use most of those pins.  In fact, once you eliminate the video and audio inputs, the card connector is missing only one "necessary" pin, the CD detect.  (At least according to here :

The current EverDrive provides 4MB of RAM to store games, but presumably it can be used for other purposes.  Of course the EverDrive hardware may need the RAM for its functions. 

The CD Unit provides an extra 64KB of work RAM and 64KB of ADPCM sample RAM.  The System Card provides a 256KB ROM BIOS and the Super System Card provides a 256KB ROM BIOS and 192KB of work RAM.  The Arcade Card adds an additional 2MB.  In theory the current EverDrive has the RAM to support the drive functions.

The CD interface would only have to be emulated to the extent it transmits data to the RAM.  Perhaps the CD BIOS can be hacked to simplify the process.  The timings would need to be preserved. 

Audio is a bit tricky.  The card connector has a single audio input in, so if the EverDrive wanted to support stereo audio, it would have to add an audio mini-jack.  CD audio streams at 150KB/sec, which is well within the transfer specs of an SD card.  Turbo CDs are not copy protected, so a standard BIN/CUE file format should serve to keep the data and audio in sync.  ADPCM would need to be emulated, but if the current FPGA does not have sufficient logic cells, then perhaps a future EverDrive may have the capabilities.


i think so it's possible, and it's not a problem in hardware for igor, but it's a probleme to code it in asm, for this card.

If an expert an asm, can help igor to modify this, it' ll be great Day : the "D" day, cause juste a pc engine to start all the game of the greatest library of the pc engine.

Same in the first time, we don't have adpcm emulator, just start an iso from hucard flash, it' ll be great.

So i wait this for a long time !

Off Topic / Re: EverdriveGBA
« on: April 10, 2016, 10:25 AM »
Oh it's sad , it's too big , like a GameBoy cartridge, why not put the double sided component of a face and the other as the GBA cartridges.

This will leave the GBA and GBA Micro

like this

You will find the picture !

And it s the same situation , with  Mega Evedrive V1 vs V2, i need to force for the v2, and it's very difficult to remove it.

Random thought, what if the opposite side of the pins is heavier and thus drooping which is what's causing the pins to go higher in your test?

Your V2 has a see thru cover which is adding to the weight.

It's not the weight that comes into account because of the plastic HuCard female port, does not play a magnitude to change the height of the pins.

On the other hand, when we get V2 tbed, you really force and engage the everdrive in the hucard port.

It is the same with the mega Everdrive 2, which must come, from the same supplier.

I think for Igor, if he uses the same machine, the port has become accustomed to this situation.

I do not know if he has considered it, but he can choose the thickness of its PCB.

It would be nice to inform us about the situation in the coming versions.

And a customer return is proof of loyalty, and a win-win service.

Off Topic / Re: EverdriveGBA
« on: March 31, 2016, 10:31 AM »
For more sales, you need simplicity in a product. One console One everdrive !

So one produced by machine because people always go to Low,
it is better that the premium prevails if one product is selected.
With the number, the best product can be cheaper in quantity.

This allows igor to focus on new model. Instead such repair the operating system bugs, or updated by card instead by model.

We can to speak about gba Everdrive ? : i hope the size still the same , that the gba game.

If you leave the Everdrive in the slot for extended periods of time, then yeah, you should worry about the pins getting deformed. I usually just rest the card on/in the slot without fully inserting it.

You're getting worked up over nothing. Like I mentioned, the pins are more resilient than you think, and they are easily fixable.

this is logical, but it is not normal to have cartridges that force, then making sure that, when controls were expected to have the same as the versions v1.
Is it in our consoles to accommodate Krikzz, or the opposite?


And it s the same situation , with  Mega Evedrive V1 vs V2, i need to force for the v2, and it's very difficult to remove it.
I bought four Mega Everdrive v2 directly from Krikzz recently. Indeed, one of them was very difficult to remove from my Genesis after inserting it, while the other three came out like a regular Genesis cartridge.

Yes i had a Mega Everdrive V1, it's was wonderful and the v2 , difficult to remove.

Krikzz say i use the same console since start to test all my everdrive card. his edge port is permissive to accept a card more ticker.

Please take this consideration to evolve to better card size.


You will find the picture !

And it s the same situation , with  Mega Evedrive V1 vs V2, i need to force for the v2, and it's very difficult to remove it.

@Smoke, please do not say stupid things , The spring effect of the contact that will get scratched.

if it's more thicker, this is not good for the life of the equipment

Wait my picture and you'll understand the difference.

Hello Krikzz

thanks for your Answer

I will take a picture to show the difference,
With TBED 1.1 , 2.4 and hucard

And TBED on Edge connector pc engine Female to see the Pin.

Same with a caliper you ll see a difference


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