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EverDrive N8 / Re: Individual N8 Mapper Updates (unofficial)...
« on: November 21, 2016, 05:24 AM »
Quick question: which mapper files should I get for the AV Famicom if the sound is too loud? Since the mix command has been removed, everything is wayyyyyyy too loud, FDS especially.

EverDrive N8 / V14 Sound questions
« on: November 09, 2016, 11:31 PM »
OS V14 takes out the Audio mix option. I have an AV famicom, notorious for being "quieter" than the originals.

If the expansion sound on a game is too loud, is there anything I can do to fix it? because I ended up using "HI" for FDS games, and "LO" for VRC6 game.

EDIT: I guess the community mappers might work for me.

News / Re: EDN8 OS V14
« on: November 08, 2016, 01:13 AM »
nesos-v14 28.10.2016
1)Fixed MMC4 (glitches in Fire Emblem)
2)New mappers support. 31, 137, 138, 139, 141, 147, 168
3)Removed "audio mix vol" option. Now it always in "Hi" state
4)Removed "Mapper info" menu due the lack of memory space
5)Minor bugfix

Download link:
Hey KRIKzz, can you explain why you decided to remove the audio mix vol option?
The Hi setting is too damn loud on Av Famicom :(

Oh god I just knew it. I remember struggling with the audio levels on my AV Famicom when I was told to set the audio mix to "LO". So I did, and most problems were fixed. on the games were still too loud, I installed custom mappers to fix these. They only worked well with the LO setting.

If I upgrade to V14, I'm going to be blasted out of my chair. I don't think I can upgrade. And before anyone bring it up -- no, prying open my Famicom and soldering a resistor isn't really a good "solution" to a problem that can be solved (and was solved, I might add) in software.

(Some of us do like the convenience of controllers not wired to the unit!)

EverDrive N8 / Re: Konami VRC7 Mapper Support Package
« on: November 08, 2016, 12:58 AM »
So, since the code to simulate the Lagrange Point audio hardware on a FPGA already exists on the HiDefNES thanks to Kevtris, wouldn't it be possible to just use his code for the EDN8?

Nope. Kevtris has already signed with the analogue nt team, he can't sell or license his code to anyone else.
aaand suddenly I remember why a few AtariAge guys said this was a bad idea. How the hell can they take his source code when they order from him his own HDMI kits? That doesn't give them the right to any of that code - that's not how any industry works. They weren't made for the Analogue specifically, so why do they get dibs?

What a bummer.

EverDrive N8 / Re: N8 testing with Analogue NT
« on: November 08, 2016, 12:54 AM »
I can't believe no one has tried grounded copper tape over the NT cart traces yet - Thats where my bet is, since the behaviour is almost identical to the impedance problems when using N8 famicom with 72 pin to 60 pin adapter.
Ideally, Analogue ought to try it. The Nt is pretty expensive, and your warranty is void if you open it up. I doubt the tape itself is too risky, but if it ever needs service for any other reason after that...

Indeed - they have a "warranty seal" right on that plastic. If you have an RGB NT 2nd run and you want to change the color pal, well, tough cookies. In the prototype-first runs, there was a small plastic hole to reach the switch. not so with the 2nd runs! This wasn't documented anywhere on their site, nor in any packaged documentation.

I tried the tape idea tonight. guess what?

It doesn't work.
I guess it might be placebo that it seems to last *longer*, but then I put it on a game prone to crashes and.. still crashes.


Whaaaaoo What's THIS?

So after messing with my Everdrive on my NT over the past hour or so I've determined the following

In order to control the Everdrive menu on my NT, I have to touch the famicon extension port pins.  While touching the pins, I am able to control the Everdrive menu (and the HiDef menu) with the controllers.  Occassionally while touching the pins, a keypress will be triggered (sometimes start to load rom; sometimes select to bring up everdrive menu, sometimes A which will open EDFC folder).  This makes it nearly impossible to navigate the menus, but if I remove all ROMS from my SD card except for one, I can sometimes manage to start a ROM.

oh my god is it really something as stupid as that? *checks*
Yes it makes my N8 go crazy. I'm officially at my wits end here.

EverDrive N8 / Re: N8 testing with Analogue NT
« on: November 04, 2016, 03:21 AM »
I don't think Analogue and Krikzz working together went very well. I asked about swapping my brand new N8 Famicom version for an NES version, since some of you have had better luck with that one. Here's what I got back:

Hi Daniel!

Analog Nt has problems with both Famicom and NES. There is no difference between them except the shape.
Please exchange your Analog Nt with the standard NES or Famicom console. They were made 20-30 years ago but still work much better than that newly made "console".
(If you need an HDMI video output very much you can find modded NES or Famicom).

Best regards

Yeah I figured. It would be so nice if the Analogue team that may have snooped these forums -- please tell us: What the heck is wrong with the Analogue NT? is there no way to monitor what's going on? Because all the folk remedies aren't working.

This Famicom everdrive works in my pristine first holiday season NES, and an NES of my grandmothers that was in a freezing garage for a decade, which took a while to clean up - it works without crashing in the worst condition of consoles. Yet it freezes in this brand new Analogue NT? I'm calling BS on this - there has to be something fundamentally different about the NT that isn't true with the NES or the Famicom, that doesn't affect hardened ROMs, but does affect more delicate chips used in the N8. You'd think the old toasters, with their aging caps, would make the N8 crash instantly, but, nope! it keeps on going.

I wanted to err on the side of caution and blame the N8 manufacturing process, but given that I've seen it play for hours on a barely functioning NES, I can't blame the N8 anymore.

I just can't. So now I use an AV Famicom and even though there's no HDMI mod in it, at least I can play King of Kings without worrying about the game freezing 5 minutes into the fight.

I really hate bumping this, but I  was looking for info on this as well. I figured I should clear the air on it.

I believe we have another case of the programmer going "I tested it [on an old crappy DOS nesticle emulator], it worked fine!" and then calling it a day, when in reality it wouldn't run on an NTSC system even if you prayed really hard.

A lot of PAL-only games like Elite stayed PAL-Only because programmers started to take the (compared to NTSC) very, very huge VBLANK for granted. When it came time to port it to the NTSC standard - oh, whoops! The programmer took the whole VBLANK to draw things like polygons to video RAM. This is why some say the PAL NES is "more powerful", when it's not really, it's that programmers figured out how to exploit things like VBLANK for the benefit of the end product. It's a totally rational thing to do - unless you're wanting to have something portable! And since ELITE was a game that depended on tiles being created at run time, the VBLANK is the best place to do all that work.

Stuff like this is why Recca , Kirby's Adventure and Dynamite Batman are so impressive, IMO. Demoscene demos are cool, but cmon, try that on NTSC next time!  ;)

Sorry for being silent for a while. i've been busy with work-related stuff. I ended up getting an AV Famicom in the meantime, and i've been using that. I love that stupid thing. As for the NT, I've about had it with the crashing. To think this thing worked in both of my toasters and now my toploader.

That sounds like a good thing to try. If that fixes the issue, then that should be done on the NT side- which would require another trip to Washington...

I can scratch the "it's my everdrive" off the symptom list... maybe. Played the N8 in my "launch day" front loader  and a later vintage front loader last weekend, had some friends over, no crashes whatsoever. Stuffed it in the NT, crashed within minutes. And this NES has never been modified - everything stock, even the caps.

Kind of hitting my breaking point here.

So the Powerpak works fine on the NT? What's the difference between the PowerPak and the N8? Are the same games supported? At this point I'm willing to have both if something works in this damn NT. There's just no wringing any consistency out of it. The N8 works fine on my RGB modded NES, but not my NT. So far as I've heard, the N8 also works fine on toasters and top loaders with the Hi-def NES mod as well. So that tells me it's an issue with the NT, but then if the Power Pak works with it...

I'm currently waiting on the next shipment of hi-def nes boards, and I've got an extra top loader. It looks like original hardware is the answer at this point. It's such a shame, because the NT is so damn cool.

Well, let's gather what we "know" so far. Some N8s work in the NT, some do not. All of the N8s work with stock Nintendo hardware. "I/O Error" has been reported on some NTs using the N8. Some games work, some don't. What's common about most games that don't work? FDS games and the ooooold NES games seem to be just fine, so perhaps the memory mapper chip logic causes extra CPU load on the N8 board.

Given what I know so far, my gut is going with this: The 5V+ power offered to the Everdrive from the NT is simply not "enough" for all games, mappers, and how those mappers are used. Given that the NT has to run the HDMI board (on those models), four controller ports, the digital sound mixer control, and God knows what else, there might be slight voltage sag under heavy load, just enough to make the N8 bite it. A previous poster postulated this.

But that still doesn't explain that some N8s work just fine with the NT!

I wouldn't be surprised in the not-too-distant future that a special "dongle" with a charge pump is made to remedy the issue. Either that, or an "NT Edition" Everdrive. I'm not convinced it's a manufacturing defect on the N8, yet.

That NTF2 Test Cartridge seems okay on my RGB-modded Nt but I get an AC Adapter error on the NTF2 System Cartridge right out of the gate and can't progress. It should look like this:

Can anyone else reproduce?

I got the same error. I think that's expected, given that the System Cartridge requires the testing kiosk to work properly.

Given that KevTris's HDMI mod also has quirks (near identical!) with FDS audio, it's likely that Krikkz and Kev both used the same spec sheets. Those sheets are obviously wrong somewhere.

And yes, there are pitch problems in Kid Icarus title screen sawtooth lead, and Murasame Castle sounds like total poo sometimes (lightning strike in title screen, castle music). I can put up with the Kid Icarus pitch problem, but Murasame Castle is unplayable. The sounds actually make me nauseated!  :'(

I'm waiting on Krikzz to report back, if he's around. I'm really interested in what he found "unstable" about the bus signals. Why this would be hit or miss on the Nt, I don't know.

Looking at the motherboard (there are some high-res scans of it out there), the signals should be so clean you could eat off of them. So, so bizarre.

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