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Mega EverDrive / Re: Mega ED Pro
« on: June 13, 2020, 07:24 AM »
Technically 35 Master System games use SG-1000 legacy mode, although only one of them is not a Korean port from MSX.  I don't know if he'd have to write an entire Master System core or if it would be possible to somehow override the display processor from the cartridge slot and add the mode.

Edit: Fixed link

While we're at it, according to the thread about the X7 FM support, the FM volume is low because of a hardware problem.  Can this problem be fixed in the Pro?

I'm pretty sure the FM chip is also not present in Genesis hardware, but an Everdrive with an FPGA can add it.

Would it be possible for this to support games that use the SG-1000 mode, that is not available on a Genesis, similarly to how it can support the FM chip that is not available on the Genesis?  (Either actual SG-1000 games, the one Master System game that uses SG-1000 mode, or the romhacks that use the mode?)

News / Re: Everdrive GBA OS update v1.02
« on: August 25, 2016, 08:34 AM »
I used to get a SD IO ERROR.  Now, I instead get an "ERROR: F5" and "FAT ERROR".

The card is a 32GB Samsung Evo UHS-1.

Edit: I used a Linux program "fatsort" to sort the directories and it is giving me the SD IO ERROR again....

Edit2: I saw Krikkz's comment about the bootloader screen.  Yes, I get the error at the bootloader screen.  Krikkz: Did you mean that a bootloader update would be possible except there isn't one, or did you mean that it is impossible to update the bootloader at all?

EverDrive GBA / Re: How does this differ from the EZFlash IV?
« on: August 18, 2016, 08:47 AM »
Everdrive has a replaceable battery, I think.  I got my EZ Flash with a leaky battery and had to immediately replace it, which was a major pain.

Also, although new firmware supposedly let an older EZ Flash use SD cards larger than 2G, it just wouldn't work for me.

EverDrive GBA / Re: Micro SD issues with EverDrive GBA
« on: August 16, 2016, 09:18 PM »
Samsung  Evo 32G class I--fails.

News / Re: EverDrive GBA is ready for preorder!
« on: July 04, 2016, 06:39 AM »
Will this be able to transfer Pokemon to Gamecube or DS?

Will it be recognized in a DS by DS games that look for specific GBA games?

Off Topic / Re: EverdriveGBA
« on: July 03, 2016, 04:11 AM »
If I understand what people are saying, then using the Everdrive, Pokemon can transfer to the DS correctly, but the DS cannot tell that a specific GBA game is being used.  I find this very odd.  In order to transfer Pokemon, the DS has to recognize that a Pokemon game is there, and see the save file in the place that it expects to see the save file.  This seems to inherently require that the DS know what GBA game is there.  How would it even make sense for the DS to not know what GBA game is there, yet still be able to transfer Pokemon from the GBA game that it doesn't know is there?

Detecting a GBA game and transferring Pokemon are two sides of the same coin: you have to be able to put the Everdrive in such a state that to the DS--which is out of your control--the Everdrive looks like a real GBA cart.  This means that you have to have a way to select a game using a menu, load the game, and have it and its save file stay there as if it is a standard ROM and standard flash RAM, with the menu undetectable from the outside until you boot the Everdrive again.

The same applies to transferring to Gamecube, which is why I asked.  The Gamecube downloads a small program to the GBA.  This program is not under the Everdrive's control (unless somehow the Everdrive can detect and patch it), and tries to read the Everdrive as if it is a normal GBA with a normal ROM and save.  If the Everdrive doesn't look exactly like a normal GBA cart including the save, this will fail.

That's why the EZ Flash IV can't transfer Pokemon to DS or Gamecube--transfering Pokemon is an edge case where the ability of the cart to act like a real one is most important.

Off Topic / Re: EverdriveGBA
« on: June 28, 2016, 11:03 AM »
Has it been established whether this will have all save types available, so the saving doesn't need to be patched, and Pokemon will transfer properly to the Gamecube games and DS?

Also, once you load a game, will this look like an original cartridge, so you can use it in a DS that detects a particular GBA game inserted?

Off Topic / Re: Advice on 3DS flash cards
« on: August 04, 2015, 10:21 AM »
The R4i gold and the DSTwo work as DS flashcarts on a 3DS.  Note that R4 is a name that a lot of clone makers use and you don't want to get the wrong kind.

If you hack the 3DS you can use any DS flashcart.

Off Topic / Re: Advice on 3DS flash cards
« on: July 19, 2015, 08:19 AM »
He asked for a card that works to play original DS games.  Most of those were blocked except for the DSTWO and certain R4 cards.

However, hacking 3DS mode will let you install things that are used to unblock DS flash cards, so every DS card will work.

Gateway works by using an exploit.  Exactly which exploit it uses depends on your system and firmware version.  New 3DS requires a rare game (Cubic Ninja or Ocarina of Time, and Ocarina of Time also requires a way to get a hacked savefile into the cart.)  Original 3DS and 3DS XL use other exploits.  Gateway only works on firmware up to 9.2, although it can load an emulated version of later firmware.

Sky3DS just exactly simulates a real cart.  So it works on any firmware, but it can't play homebrew, out of region games, 3ds eshop games, or run other hacks like the one you need to get blocked DS cards to work.

There are now custom firmwares available which have some of the functionality of Gateway without having to buy anything.  You still need to have firmware 9.2 or less and you still need the rare game if you are on a New 3DS.

The GBA movie carts have been dumped.  I tried Pokemon vol 1 in an EZ4.  It worked fine.

The biggest set of games that has problems seems to be the Classic NES/Famicom Mini.

Also, another compatibility list:

There is an improved Boktai patch updated just this February; see . has a list of games with copy protection or hardware requirements.  These should be a problem on flash carts as well as on emulators.

Off Topic / Re: GBA everdrive rumored to be in the works
« on: March 01, 2015, 09:18 PM »
I don't want to criticize prices or bash KRIKzz design decisions at all but the current GBA flash cart supporting MicroSDHC which just recently came out should have good components in it and likely is a good product.  It lacks RTC but it does support FAT32 so that means it is drag and drop the ROM files onto the MicroSDHC card.

I thought it still requires patching the ROMs.

And of course it still has the problems I described in

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