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Thats mine

I think the issue isn't related to the N8 Pro. The only solution right now is to remove the NESRGB-IGR.

Did this get figured out?

Not yet, I'm still waiting for a solution. :-(

Thanks for the explanation. Now I'm understand the things better. Thank you very much for your help, I appreciate that.

Ok, I will do this, but than I don't understand Voultar's second post to have a working reset.

Yes, I'm looking for help to have a working reset and the palette switch through the reset button. I'm a little bit confused. What I've to do. Reset out of the IGR is now connected to the GND with a 4,7u cap in between and a second wire is connected to the reset pin of the PPU. You mentioned I only have to remove the 4,7u cap from the famicom mainboard and that's it?

This is also happening with some original Games, so it is definitive the IGR.
Yes but that can also happen because of the 4.7uF capacitor, as mentioned on twitter:-

Right, but one leg of the cap isn't connected on the circuit. So I think it doesn't matter. There is a cut between the reset in and the cap as you can see on this pic.

This is also happening with some original Games, so it is definitive the IGR.

The original wiring isn't working for me with the N8 Pro and the rail to the cap is cut through. That was the reason why I haven't removed the cap.

The bottom side.

Here is a new pic from the wiring. The old cap is still in place.

I've tried to implent the fully reset as described by Voultar. ->
The PPU / Reset Pin doesn't have contact to the Famicom mainboard, but if I press the Reset Button for a short time, I'm getting a black screen, so I've to power off and power on the famicom again.
I think, I only reset the PPU and not CPU as well.
Do I've to wire anything else?

Thanks & Best regards

I've changed the cap to ground and now it is working. :) But the normal reset isn't working anymore. If I understand Voultar correctly, I must connect another wire from the Reset out of the IGR to the PPU Reset PIN that isn't connected to the NES mainboard anymore.

I'v added a 4,7u capacitor to the Reset out line, but I've still the same issue -> grey screen.

It's not on the installation pics. Look at the twitter link at the bottom of this page:

So, I only have to add a 4,7u cap on the Reset out pad of the IGR pcb and everything is working fine?

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