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So the subject says it all. My ED-MD v3 is running mdos.bin v2 and it now only recognizes regular old SD cards, which are limited to a mere 2 GB which is not enough for my needs.

The card that is not recognized anymore is a SDHC integral ultima pro 4gb class 6, regular size. A microSD 2gb is still recognized, as well as other  full size SD cards of 512mb and 1gb from different brands. The only one that isn't working is the SDHC one.

I've already tried lots of things, switching pad, power brick, etc. I'm on a Genesis 1.

The ABC test fails only at the last stage (SPI) and I canĀ“t run it when with a 2 GB card or less (non SDHC). Also the C button seems to launch the game as it was the start button...

My ED is 4-5 years old: is it dying? (also I have used it just a few times in all those years...).

EDIT: I found this sub-forum so I moved my problem here.


EverDrive MD / multirom tool update?
« on: May 30, 2014, 04:20 PM »
So as I was praising here

Krikzz's multirom tool is awesome:

But it is limited to a 13-in-1 multigame rom (56 mega, which is the limit of the Everdrive, including the menu), because each game take chunks of 512 KB (i e Strider takes two of them) so Columns take one full chunk even if it is only 128 KB.

I realized that the entire Megadrive sub 4 Mega (= 512 KB) catalog (28 games) fits in ONE rom. The same goes for the SegaNet whole catalog (26 x 256 KB games). But due to this limitation, the rom is already full when combining 13 games using this tool.

So could you improve the tool as to take it into account the real rom sizes? Is that possible ?
Also would it be possible to have any kind of menu customization? (image, rom names...)

I think it would spread the awareness of the tool and therefore the everdrive/megaeverdrive itself. It is very convenient to leave one of those big roms loaded and come back to the console and not have to worry about loading times each time you want to swith from one to another.

Also this could be helpful for people wanting to do real cart 32 Mega compilations, like the excellent official Megagames 10. I'm not of those, though.

Thanks in advance for your reply!

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