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FXPAK (SD2SNES) / SD2SNES Satellaview BIOS save feature request
« on: December 29, 2015, 02:58 PM »
You need to create a new character every time you load a new BS-X game, and sometimes it seems that I need to create a new character again even though I already did it for that particular game. I guess on the real BS-X cart the BIOS save is kept in battery SRAM and used even if you use another 8M memory pack with another game? Then the game on the 8M memory pack may have its own save file inside the memory pack.

I'd like it if it was possible to use the same BS-X BIOS save for all BS-X games (or possibly keep several profiles if there are several family members). Doesn't some games give you money or items to use? It would be nice to be able to keep them even when switching to another game.

Seems like the BS-X cart do have save files and even the 8M memory packs are using it. They may even delete each other save files if too many games are saved on the BIOS cart.

EverDrive 64 / Make Rare games work without mod?
« on: August 15, 2014, 02:44 PM »
I thought that if you use a region converter (those with two female cart slots) with the ED64 in the first slot and a 6105/7105 game (say Ocarina of Time) in the second slot, wouldn't that make the three problematic 6105/7105 Rare games work flawlessly without cracks?

That way PAL users and Japanese users would be able to play those versions of Banjo Tooie without having to destroy 6105/7105 games and install multiple CICs and switches.

This is if all 6105/7105 CICs are identical or it will be more complicated to have the correct game.

EverDrive 64 / Force save types OS 2.04
« on: November 23, 2013, 02:22 PM »
I'm wondering how do I force save types in OS 2.04?

I'm trying to see if Dezaemon 3D works by forcing "SRAM128" save type on it but my save file always becomes the size of normal "SRAM" save type (32KB). I pick save type in the Z-button main menu before starting the game, doesn't work. Then I select the game with A and chooses "Select only" then I change save type in main menu again and start it, doesn't work either.

EverDrive 64 / Everdrive 64 Compatibility
« on: October 06, 2012, 01:52 PM »
Here's the list of games that does not work to 100% on the ED64 with the latest OS version and a 6102/7101 CIC.

Everdrive 64 X7 note:
This newest ED64 should be able to do everything that the Everdrive 64 v3.0 with UltraCIC II does. This means that pretty much all games works properly unless there are extra hardware in the cartridge (like Mario no Photopie). The Real Time Clock used in Doubutsu no Mori cartridges is an exception and is supported.

Save note:
All versions of ED64 since v2 supports all cartridge save types. If a game doesn't save properly it is because of the ED64 sets the wrong save type for it. The save type can be set manually in the menu before loading a game or be set automatically according to a list in the save_db.txt file on the SD card. The latest save_db.txt can be found here.
Controller Pak saving is no different from when playing the real cartridges (the ED64 can not simulate Controller Paks or anything), however the ED64 does have a tool for backing up the content on a Controller Pak to an SD card in its OS menu.
To manage the file system on a Controller Pak, the game Ganbare Goemon: Neo Momoyama Bakufu no Odori is a good choice. Its Controller Pak manager can be accessed from its main menu (or by pressing START when booting the game), and unlike some other games it's capable of displaying Japanese filenames.

Incompatibility list:

BattleTanx (works like normal again with the latest OS)
This game used to work in OS 1.29 but it no longer boots on later OS. Doesn't seem to affect all users though. A trained rom is reported to still boot ("BattleTanx (U) [t1].z64" from the goodset).

Star Wars Episode I - Racer (unclear - possible that a bad rom was used)
Some have no problems at all with this game but others have reported that saved data corrupts while playing. After a few races (3rd race from 2nd Championship), vehicle upgrades and money are lost. The game still save your racing progression but you are stuck without money.
The "Star Wars Episode I - Racer (U) [f1] (Save).z64" rom in the goodset is reported to have a fix for this problem.
Special instructions by cheaterdragon1:
When using the Star Wars patch for the first time you need initialize your save game. For NTSC users you need to press and hold Z+Start during the Crazy Nation intro otherwise the game will crash. The PAL patch was done by someone else and for that one you just need check off "CLEAR EEPROM" then hit Start at the intro. This is only done for first time use, if you make a save file on your Everdrive after doing this then you won't have to do it again.

When using either patch you can only use the first and second save files. This has something to do with the game being EEP16K instead of what was the usual EEP4K at the time. Back then you would need a boot cart with the same save-type and they did this so someone could just use an EEP4K game. This patch was clearly made for back-up units and not the Everdrive, I'm sure if someone re-did the patch today they would have no trouble getting all save files working.

The instructions for the patch also say not to use your save file from the normal version with the patched version. I haven't verified if this matters though.

Banjo Tooie (Should work with Ultra CIC II and up)
Incompatible because of lockout chip anti-piracy protection but works with crack. This crack is automatically patched to the rom on-the-fly with the latest OS. The crack can also be downloaded separately at Look for the "" or the ups version "". The crack requires the Expansion pak even though it's never mentioned in the readme. And it only works for the USA version of the game. There is no patch for Japanese and PAL users.
Note: The Ultra CIC II successfully emulates Rare's anti-piracy protection CIC, so if your Everdrive 64 has an Ultra CIC II installed, this game should work properly. Japanese and PAL version should work as well in that case, and there's also no need for a patch. You can safely delete Banjo Tooie from the auto-patching list in your Everdrive 64 in that case to prevent the patch from being applied anyway.

Jet Force Gemini (Should work with Ultra CIC II and up)
Incompatible because of lockout chip anti-piracy protection but works with crack. May seem playable without crack but piracy protection crashes the game randomly and prevents running and shooting. "Jet Force Gemini (E) (M4) [f1].z64" and "Jet Force Gemini (U) [f1].z64" from the goodset are reported to have this crack pre-patched. No known patch for the Japanese version.
Note: The Ultra CIC II successfully emulates Rare's anti-piracy protection CIC, so if your Everdrive 64 has an Ultra CIC II installed, this game should work properly. Japanese version should work as well in that case, and there's no need for any patches.

Donkey Kong 64 (Should work with Ultra CIC II and up)
Rare's piracy protection CIC erases the save file after a random hours of play on flashcarts like the Everdrive 64. Older versions of the Everdrive 64 OS may also have problem handling 16kB EEPROM saving properly. Later OS versions have better EEPROM saving handling, but the anti-piracy CIC still deletes the save file. There is a hack that changes the game to use SRAM saving to get around the saving problem. "Donkey Kong 64 (E) [f1] (Boot&Save).z64" and "Donkey Kong 64 (U) [f2].z64" from the goodset are reported to have the SRAM hack pre-patched (the boot hack is not actually needed on ED64 but the save hack is, the boot hack is for older backup devices). It's required to force SRAM on the game before loading the rom with this SRAM hack.
Note: The Ultra CIC II successfully emulates Rare's anti-piracy protection CIC, so if your Everdrive 64 has an Ultra CIC II installed, this game should work properly. Japanese version should work as well in that case, and there's no need for any patches.

Dezaemon 3D (This game should fully work with the latest OS)
Playable but saving may not work because it uses non-standard save file size, SRAM 768Kbit (96Kbyte). Can be fixed in a future OS update.

Pokemon Stadium Kin Gin / Pokémon Stadium 2 (should work on Everdrive 64 v3 and X7)
Although this game appears to work, the game will eventually run into problems due to the save file overwriting parts of the rom.
ED64 is actually using the last part of rom memory for save data. So if a game is using SRAM save type the total rom memory will be 64MB minus 32kB and if it's using FLASHRAM save type, only 64MB minus 128kB rom memory is available. The whole 64MB rom memory is only available for games that's using EEPROM save type because the save data is stored in the internal memory of the ED64 FPGA when using EEPROM. This seems to be the only 64MB game that suffers from this because Resident Evil 2 and Conker's Bad Fur Day doesn't use enough of the 64MB rom memory for a conflict to happen. Because this is a hardware related problem it can not easily be fixed in an OS update (technically it could be fixed by making a special mapper for it since there are apparently enough space in the rom).
Note: The Everdrive 64 v3 has true 64MB rom memory no matter what save type is used since it has separate ram for save data. Which means that this game should work on v3.

Doubutsu no Mori (should work on Everdrive 64 v3 and X7)
Because it uses an internal real time clock not present in the ED64. Playable but seems to hang when saving.
Note: The Everdrive 64 v3 has an RTC module, so this game should work on v3.

Mario no Photopi
Playable but since the original cartridge has two SmartMedia card slots which ED64 doesn't have, most of the features of this game is unsupported.
There is a cardless hack here.

Any other roms that has special hardware like the Capture Cartridge or the Randnet modem (if they even have roms), also would not work as intended on ED64.

Compatible Games:

All cartridges not in the incompatibility list should work as far as I can tell, which makes the Everdrive 64 have an impressive compatibility of around 99%! If any more problematic games are discovered, please post in this thread and I will add it to the list. Games that requires or optionally uses specific external hardware like: Controller Pak, Rumble Pak, Expansion Pak, Transfer Pak, VRU or other accessories will work with them just like the real cartridges. The ED64 has nothing to do with this and does not get in its way.

Now when 64DD disks have been dumped, they have also been patched to work on flashcarts to a certain extent. This now also includes Everdrive 64 (from v2 and up at least)! They all require the Expansion Pak just like a real 64DD. Saving requires resetting the N64 and letting the ED64 OS load before turning off, even on Everdrive 64 V3 and X7.

Aleck64 is a series of arcade systems based on the Nintendo 64 hardware. Since the games are so similar to N64 games they have all been patched to work on Nintendo 64 systems, and be played with N64 controllers. They are now compatible with Everdrive 64 with the latest OS!

About hacks
If a hacked version of a rom that normally work doesn't work (like all those Super Mario 64 hacks) it's usually because the hacker didn't care about the limitations of the N64, but only cared that it worked in an emulator. Such hacks are broken roms and most likely wouldn't work on any existing devcart or copier. The Everdrive 64 can't do anything about this, it must be fixed by the hacker.

About UltraCIC II
Using the UltraCIC the ED64 finally becomes 100% region free. There's a patch for it called UltraCIC II that makes CIC 6105 games (Jet Fore Gemini, Donkey Kong 64 and Banjo Tooie) fully compatible with ED64 without patches (so Japanese and PAL versions should work too).
ED64 X7 comes with UltraCIC III which can do everything UltraCIC II can but also has automatic region detection which doesn't requires a physical switch.

Update 1: Banjo Tooie now has a crack!
Update 2: Added Mario no Photopi.
Update 3: Added Dezaemon 3D but I leave it as "unconfirmed" until I'm 100% sure saving doesn't work.
Update 4: Apparently Donkey Kong 64 never needed a crack for it to boot. It only needs a hack for saving. I changed the list to reflect this new information.
Update 5: Added Pokemon Stadium Kin Gin and BattleTanx.
Update 6: Added Starwars Episode 1 - Racer.
Update 7: Updated list with latest info.
Update 8: Added 64DD and Aleck 64 compatibility info. Dezaemon 3D seems to work now, so I stroke it from the incompatibility list. It's still there for historical reasons and for v1 users I guess.
Update 9: Updated list to match latest OS (v2.11) and added info about UltraCIC II.
Update 10: Added a note and info about ED64 X7. Also added a note about save types and memory cards.

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