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Hello everybody,

some people here probably know me as the guy who did the Konami VRC7 FM sound core for the Everdrive N8.

Developing the whole FM core from scratch, just for one single Nintendo Famicom game, certainly seemed to be a bit eccentric, even though, of course being a Konami game, it has a great soundtrack.

My suggestion to krikzz was that I can expand the VRC7 into a full Yamaha YM2413 core.

Because, if there is one console on the planet, which deserves a much better sound chip, it's the highly underrated 8-bit predecessor of the Sega Mega Drive, the Master System. ;)

So, ladies and gentlemen,here is a first test core for the Mega Everdrive, which adds FULL FM SOUND for Master System Games supporting the FM sound expansion. And these are not too few...

Get it here:

It still has some smaller inaccuracies, but I think that it might already serve most of the people here well enough.

This update is for the Mega Everdrive v2 / X7. Just replace the /MEGA/MEGA.RBF file with MEGA.RBF from the archive.

Feedback and suggestions are always most welcome.


EverDrive N8 / Konami VRC7 Mapper Support Package
« on: September 01, 2015, 04:15 PM »
Hello guys,

after some warm-up time now, here is my next Everdrive N8 mapper: Konami VRC7 support.

This is supported by 2 games: the Famicom version of "Tiny Toons 2" and of course "Lagrange Point".

Before everyone gasps now: this initial version supports only the mapper functionality, not the additional FM sound channels... yet. ;-)

So, it is good enough to play the games, but the full sound functionality will take me some time.

Disclaimer: I guarantee no delivery date or schedule for any kind of updates on this mapper. It is done when it is done, and this largely depends on my interest and availability of free time. ;-)

Installation: unzip the archive, replace "MAPROUT.BIN" in EDFC directory, and copy "085.RBF" to EDFC/MAPS.

Finally: enjoy! ;-)



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