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A while ago i ordered a Gameboy + some games of Ebay. The Gameboy in Question was an off Grey Pocket, the games where crap but there was an everdrive included aswell (or so i tought) i Got the package to day and it turned out the Everdrive was fake. luckily the most important thing for me was the Mint condition Gameboy as i allready have a real everdrive. i will include some pictures below so you can spot the difference between the real and fake one.

This is the real one

This is the Fake one

also: the fake one has a green LED and comes with a preloaded version of the Legend of zelda: link's awakening in chinese

I hope this will be usefull to someone.  the only thing i have to think of now is what the hell will i do with the fake one?

edit: almost forgot, this piece of paper was in the package aswell:

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