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Master EverDrive / Master Everdrive on the original SG-1000
« on: March 31, 2016, 02:19 PM »
Hello, sorry if this was asked before but wasn't able to find an answer

Will the master everdrive work on the first SG-1000? With the proper adaptor of course

SD2SNES looks to be a good product but sadly the promises were not mantained, and the lack of SuperFX and SA1 emulation it's just not acceptable for me, I can live without the Sufami Turbo titles but not without Super Mario RPG and the Kirby games

I understand that this is no simple task, but precisely for that communication is very important and should have avoided false claims

Right now the SD2SNES development is dead in the water, if I'll decide to buy a not 100% compatible cart it will be the everdrive one, at least I won't wait for an update that will never come

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