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EverDrive 64 / Getter Love Translation
« on: February 27, 2019, 03:10 AM »
Translator found.  Work advancing.

Save file:

The ED64 doesn't handle saving in Getter Love properly on its own.  Using the info from this post by Kerr Avon, you'll want to update the save_db.txt file in the ED64 folder with:


Current Task List 2019 02:

 - Finish inserting text into the newly translated text sections
 - Update previously inserted text with updated translation
 - (Possibly make some slight changes to the lettering)
 - Figure out compression scheme(s) for compressed textures [partially done]
 - Find text in compressed textures [partially done]
 - Extract text in compressed textures [partially done]
 - (Possibly increase text box for singing game)
 - Intro animation, title screens and menu screens


 - VWF 8/2018
 - Ascii hack 12/2017 Redone 3/2019
 - Extracting text 2/2019
 - Making space for English text (takes up more space than Japanese text) 2/2019
 - Calculator for text width 2/2019
 - First sweep of finding text in texture format 2/2019
 - First extraction of compressed text in texture format 3/2019
 - Replace the keyboard(s) with Latin character keyboard(s) 4/2019
 - Extract text in texture format for translator 4/2019

Getter Love links:

Original Post:

I did some work previously in the Top 10 Japan N64 Thread, but it was a side project until a few days ago.  That's when a translator approached me interested in putting together a translation patch.  So, I dusted off my notes and started work on it again. 

Previously I had the VWF and Ascii hacks (my first Ascii hack ever in fact).  Right now I'm making space in the ROM for the new text, finding the pointers to that text, and shortly I'll begin adding the first pieces of translated text.  I'll put up a post with pictures once we get to that point.

Of course, Shiren is on hold for now.


This is the part where I usually recommend purchasing the game or one like it to support the developer, publisher, etc.  That's a little difficult since this game is a one off and was only released on the N64.  Hudson Soft developed and published the game, but as of 2012 they merged with Konami and now sell as either Konami or Hudson. 

It looks like one of their most recent, widely available games is Super Bomberman R.  Otherwise, check here for a list of other games you could purchase to support the developer:

It would be great if you purchased a copy of Getter Love (N64), but within the last year it's gone way up in price.  It was never cheap, but you're looking at a couple hundred for complete in box.  It also doesn't really support the developer anymore, but it's still good karma to own the original if you are going to use a digital copy of it.

EverDrive 64 / Shiren the Wanderer 2 N64 Translation
« on: January 10, 2019, 08:16 PM »
A playtest patch is available right now.  It is NOT the final patch, just a step along the way.  We ARE planning to release a final version of the patch later this year.  The link to the patch is after this one little important piece first.  With COVID-19 out there, please remember to:

1. Wash your hands
2. Always cough/sneeze into your elbow
3. Don't touch your face
4. Stay at least 6 ft (2m) away from others (social distancing)
5. Stay at home whenever possible
6. Be kind to those around you, these are stressful times for many people
7. And if you travel, isolate yourself at least 14 days afterwards
8. Finally, reach out to someone you've been meaning to for a long time.  Now's the time to reconnect, not because you're worried about their health or your own but just to connect.

Special Thanks to Shane Battye for the 1-7.
Info about the release here:
To get the patch, visit the Shiren discord here:


I'm not updating this main post with the latest updates right now.  If you want to see the updates check out the latest posts.  The translation is moving very quickly and we hope to have it ready sometime next year (2020).


To access the Controller Pak Menu, hold the start button down and power on the game.  Here's a patch with (only) the Controller Pak Menu translated: Download


If you are playing Shiren on an ED64, you will need to modify your save_db.txt file (in the ED64 folder on your cart) to include the following line (or use the save_db.txt file from here):

SI=3      (Fushigi no Dungeon - Furai no Shiren 2 - Oni Shuurai! Shiren Jou!)

If you have a 64drive, that also does not have Shiren's save set properly.  When you choose the game, change it to 256K before Loading.


A translator has approached me about translating this game.  I've passed him the full text, but we're still in the early stages.


Master code: F1032240 2400

Enter debug mode when you enter next dungeon floor: 80142F1F 0001

A better debug mode code has been created as well, and I will post it after the translation has been out for a while.

Original text (January 10, 2019)

It's Shiren the Wanderer 2. I started working on it again recently. I don't have much time to put towards it, but Shiren doesn't demand much time.

No patches to post yet, but I thought I'd throw this up here to make note as I progress through the hack.

In the interim, go pick up the three English Shiren games out there! I've put quite a few hours into Mystery Dungeon: Shiren the Wanderer for the DS. Great game.  Another one is Shiren the Wanderer (aka Shiren 3) for the Wii.  The final is Shiren the Wanderer 5 (aka The Tower of Fortune and the Dice of Fate) for the PS Vita.

There's also the SNES Shiren the Wanderer which was translated many years ago by Aeon Genesis.  The DS game is an official remake of that.


Special thanks to our Shiren 2 Playtest crew:


EverDrive 64 / INL Dumper can make N64 game backups
« on: December 09, 2018, 04:19 AM »
I cannot believe how quickly he did it, but INL has just gotten N64 dumping working on his INLretro Programmer/Dumper:

It isn't implemented in the firmware/software yet, but it's a reality. Soon there will be no need for extremely expensive systems for backing up your games so you can load them onto your ED64. It shoudn't be too long before save games can be transferred between real cart and ED64 as well (through a computer). You could soon have your childhood save games backed up for a decent price!

EDIT: Just bringing saturnu's comment up here.  Another great product is here:

The Sanni Cartreader has been around for a while.  It is truly a great product.  It's only downside is that you need to have some skills to build it yourself.  Otherwise you need to watch the sites that Sanni frequents so you can purchase one directly from him when he has time to build a few.  He does updates to it from time to time, and it's still the gold standard (if a little hard to find).  It already has 100% support of N64 games and saves along with at least as many other consoles as the INL dumper/programmer.

There is a 3rd product out there that works well, but you have to spend a lot of money to purchase a 64drive as well.

EverDrive 64 / Sim City 64 (64DD) Translation
« on: November 02, 2017, 02:10 AM »
Current Patch v0.6.38

You can download the latest patch: here

ED64 users: Even if you have an ED64 v3.0, you need to hit reset when you are done for so your Save Game is written back to the ROM.  This is necessary for all 64DD cart hacks.  One trick to help you remember is to put a sticky note over your power button.  When you reach for it, it'll remind you to hit reset first.

Patches apply to the v1.1 cart hack and the original disk dump.

SimCity 64 Translation

What is SimCity 64?
It is a version of SimCity 2000 that was customized by HAL Laboratories.  HAL developed the SFC/SNES ports of SimCity 2000 released in 1995/1996.  Doda, a subsidiary of Genki, developed the N64 port of SimCity 2000 which was released in 1998.  SimCity 64 was developed by HAL and was released in February 2000.  I haven't been able to find any info on whether HAL had access to Doda/Genki's version of SimCity 2000, or if they ported their own code (or started fresh).  I also don't know if Doda/Genki pulled code (or inspiration) from HAL's SimCity 2000.  It's also difficult to tell whether HAL was working on SimCopter for the 64DD.  I'll try to post stuff as I find it though.  One article mentions Shigeru Miyamoto was involved in trying to release SimCity 2000, SimCopter, and SimCity (probably SimCity 64) for the 64DD, but it is an article from the US from 1997 which could easily have gotten things wrong.

HAL created the original Sim City (SNES) by customizing the original Sim City.  So Sim City 64 was meant to be a sequel to Sim City (SNES).  The reason SC64 was never released in the U.S. is that it was created for the unsuccessful 64DD.  <-- so much wrong with this.  Sorry about that, I'm working to correct it.  Picking up snippets about a game while searching for manuals and text from the game does not make for good research about the game's development.

It was also the first 3D Sim City and had other features not seen until later Sim City releases.  It includes a few minigames not seen in other Sim Citys and has a distinct Nintendo feel to it.

What is currently being accomplished?
My plan is to do all of the hacking required to translate Sim City 64.

This means all text in texture format will be translated.  The game will have VWFs wherever text is used.  Any other minor translations necessary for the hacks will also be done.  To do this, I am using Sim City 2000 (PC) as a basis, and then turning to Sim City (SNES) for further guidance.  When this hack is complete, a translator should be able to translate all of the existing text, and it will hopefully look and feel like the game was released in the U.S.

I will not be translating the full game.  The majority of the current text translation has been from krom.


Text to translate
Here is a link to the in-game text extracted so far: Here
New Text to Translate plus File List: here
Note: this does not include text in texture format such as menu text.

RLE Compressor/Decompressor
Texture Descrambler (flipper)

Currently Working On: Nothing though I may help out a little with the translation.

HUD 'City Needs' Text: 100%
Main Menu: 100% - v0.6.20 released
Left Menu: 105%*** - v0.5.11 released
Month/Year/Population Texture: 100% - v0.5.11 released
Texture Converter**: 2 completed, 1 new one created
Variable Width Font: v0.5.11 released
Ascii Font Fix: v0.5.11 released
Mayor/City Name: 100%

** The textures in Sim City 64DD are compressed in 1 or 2 different ways.
*** Completed and unused texture found


Main Menu: Completed [v0.6.20] (2018-03-18)
Sound Menu: Completed [v0.6.20] (2018-03-21)
Save/Load Window: Completed [v0.6.00] (2017 - 12 - 16) [v0.6.18] (2018 - 02 - 16)
Bonus Buildings Window: Completed [v0.6.00] (2017 - 12 - 16)
Presents Window: Completed [v0.6.00] (2017 - 12 - 16)
Power Plants Window: Completed [v0.6.00] (2017 - 12 - 16)
Arcologies Window: Completed [v0.6.01] (2017 - 12 - 23)
Map Select Window: Completed [v0.6.01] (2017 - 12 - 23)
Import Character Window: [v0.6.01] (2017 - 12 - 23) Completed [v0.6.30] (2018 - 05 - 25)
Scenarios Window: [v0.6.01] (2017 - 12 - 23) Completed [v0.6.28] (2018 - 05 - 22)
Map Window: Completed [v0.6.01] (2017 - 12 - 23)
Population Window: Completed [v0.6.02] (2017 - 12 - 25)
Neighbors Window: Completed [v0.6.02] (2018 - 01 - 13)
Graphs Window: Completed [v0.6.06] (2018 - 01 - 19)
Dr. Wright's Advice Window: Completed [v6.0.06] (2018 - 01 - 19)
Unknown Textures with Smileys and Exclamation Marks: Found/Untranslated
Dr. Wright's Financial Windows: All Completed [v0.6.07] (2018 - 01 - 26)
Bridges Window: Completed [v0.6.09] (2018 - 01 - 27)
City Status/Evaluation Window: Completed [v0.6.09] (2018 - 01 - 30)
Casino: Found - No texture text
Options Window: Completed [v0.6.09] (2018 - 01 - 31)
Disasters Window: Completed [v0.6.09] (2018 - 01 - 31)
Cursor Speed Window: Completed [v0.6.09] (2018 - 02 - 01)
B to Cancel\Quit\Exit\etc.: Completed [v0.6.10] (2018 - 02 - 02)
Name Screen: Completed [v0.6.18] (2018 - 02 - 16)
Query Window: Completed [v0.6.31] (2018 - 05 - 25]


Existing Translations

krom did a great beginning translation around the time the cart versions of the 64DD games came out.  His translation hack can be found here. (updated 2017-11-01) (included in current patch)

LuigiBlood provided some additional translated material here. (included in current patch)

There is a main menu translation here: (included in current patch)

There is a small walkthrough for importing characters from Mario Artist Paint Studio: here.

Neat Links
Japanese website devoted to Sim City 64 (Run it through Google Translate).  It's focused mostly on the scenarios, but also offers some good tips for gameplay.  There is a helpful City to neighbors spreadsheet in there too.
Japanese website devoted to storing as much data about the 64DD as possible (again, google translate is your friend).  There's a link to some good tips for Sim City 64, and some of the other games.  There's also some neat info/pictures on what connecting to Randnet (Land Net) would have been like back in the day with its forums and all.

Tips and Tricks/Instruction Manual Stuff

Map Controls:
  - Control Stick => Moves like a mouse
  - DPad => jumps from square to square, sometimes in odd ways if the screen is at a weird angle
  - R + Control Stick, R + DPad => Move the whole screen
  - C-Left, C-Right => Rotate the screen
  - R + C-Left, R + C-Right => Rotate snap to the 4 cardinal directions and 45 degrees off of them (8 total)
  - C-Up, C-Down => Change your view from city streets to side angle view of the buildings to top down view
      - Can be finicky.  Make sure you are not pressing any other buttons when you press these
  - L, Z => Brings up the Left Menu
  - A => Place a building or do whatever command you chose in the Left Menu
  - B => nothing?
  - R + C-Up => Help (still in Japanese)
  - R + C-Down => City Map screen
  - There is a Cursor Speed option under File in the Left Menu

Walking Controls
  - D-Pad, Control Stick => forward, backward, and turn left/right
  - C-Left, C-Right => strafe
  - A => talk to people
  - C-Up => switch view away (will change night back to day)


Find a Person
  - After you build your house, Dr. Wright will ask if you want to play this game. 
  - If you choose yes, he calls you down to street level and show you a person.
  - A yellow/green bar will appear with a dot on it and a mini-figure on the right side.
     - As you move towards the person, the dot will move towards the mini-figure.
     - A heartbeat sound seems to half-heartedly point you in the right direction too.
  - When you find the person, talk to them.  Sometimes you get money, sometimes you have to find a 2nd person.
  - See walking controls above, and I believe C-Up exits the game (as well as B).

Casino - High/Low Card Game
  - Once you build a Casino, a guy appears on the edge near the sign on the ground
  - At night, talk to the guy and respond that you want to enter (currently untranslated)
  - High/Low is a simple card game.  Bet is $100 and doubles with each win, but reverts with one loss. 
  - One card face up, 4 face down.  Pick a card. 
  - If it is larger than the face up card, you win.  If it is the same, you push.  If it is less, you lose.
  - Controls:
     - A, DPad, Control Stick => Choose a card
     - B => Cancel or Exit the game

SimCopter *
  - It is not the full game, you just fly around your 3D map.
  - On some Airport zone spots, there is a helipad.  It is a single 1x1 structure.
  - Go down to the ground and talk to the guy there.  The top option says that you want to fly.
  - Fly controls:
     - DPad/Control Stick => forward, back, side to side (helicopter will tilt with flight)
     - C-Up, C-Down => fly up or down
     - B => Stop flying

* From Instruction Manual - you can also ride certain cars and trains.  Controls are untested.

EverDrive 64 / Space Station Silicon Valley Fix Patch
« on: October 19, 2017, 01:57 AM »
This thread started in the "Top 10 Japan N64 Titles requesting to be translated" thread (replies 160 - 188).  To make this patch easier to find and to keep the translation thread from filling up with discussing one game, I'm moving the discussion over to this thread.

Skip to the bottom of this message for the patches/GameShark codes
I tend to write a lot.  So if you want a lot of details, they're just below this.  If you just want the patches or Gameshark codes, skip down until you see blue links.

Fat Bear Mountain Trophy Fix (FBM Fix): 100%

Fat Bear Mountain, level 1-6, has a trophy that cannot be picked up.  The hit box is set to 0.  Setting the hit box size to 15 (matching the baubles in game) allows the trophy to be collected.  All of the rest of the programming is correct.

The Expansion Pak Fix (Exp Fix) (NTSC 1.0 Only)

The PAL version does not have this problem because it has a check to avoid it.  Playing the official NTSC cart on an N64 with the Expansion Pak sometimes causes crashes during videos.  In PJ64, it is the opposite.  Playing the NTSC version set to 4MB RAM (no expansion pak) causes the game to freeze every time it plays the DMA logo video in the beginning.  The problem is a variable check that was removed for the NTSC version.  The variable is pulled from a table where it is usually 0x00?? (where ?? is the value expected).  Sometimes this value is 0X7FFF though.  This causes a problem because that variable is multiplied and added to a variable that is 0x803E0000.  This variable in turn is used to load a value, so it was attempting to load a value above 0x80400000.  Without an Expansion Pak, the N64 returns 00000000 which is actually the correct response.  With the Expansion Pak, the N64 returns the value at that location.  Now SSSV does not check for an Expansion Pak and so never clears the old data on the Expansion Pak.  The value returned is usually left over from previous games and most of the time is not an acceptable value.  This causes crashes until either the user finds a way around that video, lucks out in clearing that spot some other way, or removes the Expansion Pak.  My patch checks for the Expansion Pak, makes sure to clear the extra RAM, AND adds back the original check from the PAL version that looks specifically for the 0x7FFF to avoid the issue altogether.

Language Select Patch (patched NTSC-U 1.0/1.1 only)

Let me start off by saying that this patch must be applied to a ROM already patched with my NTSC-U FBM/Expansion Pak patch.  By default, NTSC-U will only allow you to play in English.  This patch ports the language select screen over from the PAL version.  If you start a game with no save file, it will boot to a language select screen which will allow you to choose from Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, or Spanish.  Once you choose the language and start the game, that language will be set in the save file and will properly load every time you play the game.  The language select screen will only appear the one time, so if you need to change the language afterwards, you must use the gameshark codes listed below.

Final patches:
NTSC-U 1.0 (Includes Language Select)
NTSC-U 1.1 (Includes Language Select)
All 4

PAL to NTSC v1.1 patch (converts PAL ROM to create an NTSC v1.1 ROM)

Language Select Patch (Merged with NTSC-U patch)

Gameshark Bug Fix codes (Note - NEVER plug an ED64 into a Gameshark, it will destroy the Gameshark):
  803AD423 0015 (FBM Fix)

  803AD3F3 0015 (FBM Fix)
  80125907 006A (Expansion Pak Fix - ONLY use with the Expansion Pak, NOT the Jumper Pak)
  8112590E 1E30 (Expansion Pak Fix - ONLY use with the Expansion Pak, NOT the Jumper Pak)

Gameshark Language Select codes (Note - NEVER plug an ED64 into a Gameshark, it will destroy the Gameshark):
  (PAL) - Language Change
    8023F2CE 00xx*

  (NTSC-U 1.0) - Language Change (tested as safe for save games)**
    80130917 0002
    8013096B 0001
    80130973 0001
    8023F2AE 00xx*

  (NTSC-U 1.1) - Language Change **
    80130937 0002
    8013098B 0001
    80130993 0001
    8023F2CE 00xx*

      *01 - Dutch, 02 - English, 03 - French, 04 - German,
        05 - Italian, 06 - Japanese***, 07 - Portuguese, 08 - Spanish

      ** Note: NTSC-U only - you will need to keep these codes active or the game will revert to English.  Your save game should be safe either way.  You can always play in English for a time and then re-activate the gameshark codes above to switch back to another language.

     *** Japanese is not an option in the Language Select Menu, so this is the only way to enable it (except for the NTSC-J ROM).  If for some reason you want to play the PAL version in Japanese, this GameShark code is your only option.
Special Thanks to:
Kerr Avon

v1.0 - Fat Bear Mountain fix for PAL, NTSC-J, and NTSC-U
v1.1 - Added Expansion Pak fix to NTSC-J and NTSC-U
v1.2 - Merged the Language Select patch into NTSC-U
        - Added NTSC-U 1.1 (aka rev A) [10/16/2018]

Previous Hacks (not mine):

N64 Space Station Silicon Valley (U) [f2] (PAL)
   NTSC-U version converted to PAL version with a 1-byte change.  Not particularly useful since there are no fixes.

N64 Space Station Silicon Valley (U) [f1] (PAL)
   NTSC-U version - I'm not completely sure what it does.  It sets 0xA0000300 to 0x00000001 and that's it.  No fixes at all really.

EverDrive 64 / N64 Compression
« on: March 22, 2017, 03:54 AM »
This topic was brought up in the Translation thread, and I thought it might be good to give N64 compression its own thread.  Feel free to share your experience below and any programs that you use along with instructions on how to use them.  I'll try to organize it all in this main post.

MidwayDec by Zoinkity

  Pros: It decompresses just about everyhing out there.  It requires a "filelist" for each ROM it decompresses which basically points to the location and tells it how to extract/decompress the file.  The program comes with some helpful documentation and about 400 "filelists".

  Cons: Midwaydec does NOT however give any options to recompress or reinsert the files back into the ROM.

Yaz0enc/Yaz0dec by shevious/daegunlee

  Pros: Drag and drop the ROM onto the yaz0dec file and it searches through every byte of the game to extract/decompress all Yaz0 files.  Drop a decompressed file on the yaz0enc file to encode it.

  Cons: You have to reinsert the file on your own.  If there are a lot of Yaz0 files, sorting through them can be difficult.

  Other: Two modified versions by ozidual.
    1. yaz0decCombined - Combines all of the files into one large file
    2. yaz0decSplit - Extracts all of the files, but also numbers them and lists their location in the combined file

N64 Rom Decompressor

  Pros: In Zoinkity's own words, it's better than midwaydec.

  Cons: I don't know anything about it.

More to come...

EverDrive 64 / Doshin the Giant 1
« on: November 19, 2016, 06:32 PM »
Doshin the Giant Translation Patch
  Created by ozidual

Current Status: Translating, some enhancement hacking left

[Disclaimer] None of my patches have been created for sale including this one, and I would appreciate if they were not made available for sale.  I release patches as soon as they are complete and tested.  They are freely available instantly and always.  Money does not come into any part of the process.

   Current News

2018 - 06 Cart hack fixed so the game is now fully playable on N64 flash carts (Japanese, still no English patch)

2017 - 03 Translator Found!

2017 - 03 Pre-Translation Patch Released

The Patch Still Needs A Translator
The patch is ready for a translation
If you are interested or you know someone who is interested, please either PM me or email me: ozidual (at symbol) yahoo (dot) com


Below Cart Hack Fix + English Menus (apply to cart v1.1)

Cart Hack Fix (Cart hack normally stops working after a few in-game days - this fixes that issue)
here No longer needed, available pre-patched on LuigiBlood's site

Patch AND Full Text in need of translation:

Doshin the Giant GameCube Manual (English) [Warning: It's High Quality so it's a large download]

Text in need of translation:

Doshin the Giant (Cart version) Clean patch1:
here No longer needed, available pre-patched on LuigiBlood's site

Doshin the Giant Debug - Read the text document first:
Not going to update for latest ROMs, use simple controller code below instead

1Note: This patch just removes all saved game data from the Cart version.  There is already a clean version of the Disk version. Sealed version is available on LuigiBlood's site

   Debug Menu Controller Code
(Press and hold below buttons holding A last while highlighting Start Game on the Main Menu)

R + Left C + Right C + Z + A*

* TYCONF.SU option 15 WILL CRASH PJ64 and an ED64v2.5 or below. All other flash carts and the 64DD itself function just fine with option 15. 

It works fine on the actual 64DD hardware, and even allows you to change Doshin's size with the left/right on the Dpad.  On the ED64 v2.5, it crashes the game during the intro and corrupts the SD card so that any game you load after that will be corrupted.  I had to use SD Formatter to reformat the card before it would work again.  Other options seem just fine.  I've played a couple days with day set to 48, Land overlay, Monyu A Time at 50, Monyu B Time at 50, 2nd Kyojin + on, and 3rd Kyojin + on.

It only works on new games, so you must either use a clean ROM or delete your save game.  The code has been tested on the cart version using an ED64 v2.5, v3.0 and 64drive, and on the disk version in PJ64 and on the 64DD using the actual disk.  Further instructions are available in the Debug v0 download include a patch that turns it on without the controller code.


2018 06 15 - Cart hack fix released to allow users to complete the game on a flash cart
2017 03 22 - Translator found!
2017 03 15 - Pre-Translation Patch Released
2017 02 18 - Debug Menu Controller Code Discovered
2017 02 17 - Night Comments expanded to allow for more characters
2017 01 08 - VWF code finished
2017 12 25 - Debug Menu patch released
2017 12 16 - Sodoru NA icon table found
2017 12 10 - First dump of text and textures to be translated
2017 12 08 - Clean patch released for the Cart version
2017 11 19 - Start of work on Doshin the Giant Translation

For other patches I've worked on, see:
Aroenai's Zelda Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask patches
Ozidual's Zelda Ocarina of Time patches

The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time and Master Quest - Gamecube to N64 Patches
Created by Ozidual
With help from Aroenai
--> Check out Aroenai's Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask Patches by clicking his name above <--
About Repros and my patches in general

1. I do NOT condone repros.  I do not want to see my name OR my code associated with anything repro.
2. If you use my patches on flash carts or emulators, please own the originals.  I include instructions for the GC discs below.
3. If you use my patches on flash carts or emulators, please purchase the 3DS version as well.  Support the Zelda franchise.
4. I support my patches, but I do not support repro carts that include my patches.

Which Patch Should I Play?

If you are new to the game:
   Aroenai's NTSC-U patches

If you remember Zelda Ocarina of Time 1.0/1.1 extremely well, and you don't like any changes at all:
  For Ocarina of Time, play the original NTSC 1.0 game (no patches)
  For Ocarina of Time: Master Quest, play Ozidual's NTSC-U GCto1.0 patches

If you remember Zelda Ocarina of Time, but it's just a vague memory:
  Aroenai's NTSC-U patches

The reason for recommending the NTSC-U patches is fewer changes were needed for the patches.  The PAL patches needed timing fixes, the languages added back to the options menu, etc.  The only reason to go with PAL is to play in a non-English/Japanese language or if you want the expanded character set (i.e. letters with accents).  I used to recommend PAL over NTSC so you could use your save game with the Debug ROM or other language patches, but you can now use my ZeldaOoTSaveConverter program to convert NTSC saves to PAL saves.  The rest of the patches exist to give people options - read up below and on Aroenai's page if you are curious about them.


Create two patches for the Gamecube versions of Zelda OoT:
   1. (GCtoN64) changes the HUD and text of the Gamecube releases so they make sense on the N64.  Basically an N64 cart version of the GC releases. [Completed]
   2. (GCto1.0) creates a version of Master Quest for people who prefer the Ocarina of Time NTSC 1.0, and also brings NTSC 1.0 to PAL. [Completed]

Neither of my patches has bug fixes except for a door fix for the Master Quest Water Temple.

How to Patch a ROM

You will need 3 things:

   1. A ROM
   2. A tool to convert the ROM if necessary
   3. A tool to apply the patch to the ROM (Floating IPS)

1. The ROMs:

The MOST legal option is to extract these from your Master Quest Gamecube disc (instructions).  This also works for Ocarina of Time on the Zelda Collector's Disc for the Gamecube.  Otherwise there are time honored ways of finding things on the internet.  The typical names for these and my suggestion for renaming your extracted ROMs are:

Legend of Zelda, The - Ocarina of Time (USA) (GameCube Edition)
Legend of Zelda, The - Ocarina of Time (Europe) (GameCube Edition)
Zelda no Densetsu - Toki no Ocarina GC (Japan) (GameCube Edition)

Legend of Zelda, The - Ocarina of Time - Master Quest (USA) (GameCube Edition)
Legend of Zelda, The - Ocarina of Time - Master Quest (Europe) (GameCube Edition)
Legend of Zelda, The - Ocarina of Time - Master Quest (Debug) (GameCube Edition)
Zelda no Densetsu - Toki no Ocarina GC Ura (Japan) (GameCube Edition)

2. Convert the ROMs

   a. Download this program and install it
   b. Open the program
   c. Choose File - Open
   d. Go to the folder with your Zelda Ocarina ROMs
   e. You will now have a list of ROMs with blue pictures on the left, you want the pictures to be an arrow pointing to the right
   f. Go down the list and for all blue arrows not pointing to the right, select the ROM, then click the arrow pointing to the right symbol at the top.
   g. In the folder with the ROMs they should now have a *.z64 extension

3. Apply the Patches

   a. Download Floating IPS and run it to extract the program
   b. Download the patches below
   c. Open Floating IPS (flips.exe)
   d. Look for a small box that says Flips v1.31 and choose Apply Patch
   e. In the window that pops up, choose one of the patches below and click Open
   f. In the next window that pops up, choose the ROM that it will patch
   g. In the next window, give it a name (a suggested name is listed)
   h. If you get the error "This patch is not intended for this ROM", go back to step c., but this time make sure the patch matches the ROM (e.g. you cannot patch the Master Quest (E) patch to the Ocarina of Time (U) ROM).

Tools and Misc

Zelda Save Manipulation (oz creation): download
   - Drag save files onto the .exe and a new file is created.
   1. Save Converter that converts PAL saves to NTSC and vice versa (supports expanded font for Aroenai's patches)
   2. Checksum Fix that fixes the checksum for a save file (fixes some corruption and allows for manually entering save cheats (

Tool64: download
   - Allows ROM conversion between different Endians (.z64, .n64, etc.)

Instructions for ripping GC ROMs from your own disc (oz): download

Super Smash Bros. Melee OoT Time Trial Saves: download


Legend of Zelda, The - Ocarina of Time - Master Quest (USA) (GameCube Edition)
(GC2N64) download updated: 05.26.2017
(1.0) download updated: 05.26.2017

Legend of Zelda, The - Ocarina of Time (USA) (GameCube Edition)
(GC2N64) download updated: 05.26.2017
(1.0) download updated: 05.26.2017

Legend of Zelda, The - Ocarina of Time - Master Quest (Europe) (GameCube Edition) [60 Hz]
(GC2N64) download updated: 09.09.2019
(1.0) download updated: 09.09.2019

Legend of Zelda, The - Ocarina of Time (Europe) (GameCube Edition) [60 Hz]
(GC2N64) download updated: 09.09.2019
(1.0) download updated: 09.09.2019

Zelda no Densetsu - Toki no Ocarina GC Ura (Japan) (GameCube Edition)
(GC2N64) download updated: 05.26.2017
(1.0) download updated: 05.26.2017

Zelda no Densetsu - Toki no Ocarina GC (Japan) (GameCube Edition)
(GC2N64) download updated: 05.26.2017
(1.0) download updated: 05.26.2017

Legend of Zelda, The - Ocarina of Time - Master Quest (Debug) (GameCube Edition)
(GC2N64) download updated: 05.26.2017
(1.0) download updated: 05.26.2017

Legend of Zelda, The - Ocarina of Time - Master Quest (Debug) (GameCube Edition)
Debug Off Edition1
(GC2N64) download updated: 05.26.2017
(1.0) download updated: 05.26.2017

All patches, one download (Does not include Debug Off Edition, does Include Hack Patches)
(Both) download updated: 09.09.2019

1 Compressed Debug ROM edited to remove some Debug features only so it plays like the Ocarina of Time Master Quest (E).  Most Debug features remain.

Patch Descriptions

   - Nintendo 64 Intro re-added (All except Debug)
   - Options Menu - Language Select (PAL GC, MQ, Debug, Debug Off)
   - Options Menu - L Targeting replaced with Z Targeting (NTSC and Zelda Hacks Only)
   - HUD and kaleidoscope colors and symbols to N64 colors and symbols
   - Text changes (mostly reverted to 1.2 with a few small fixes and 2 parts unchanged)
      - PAL languages all pulled from PAL 1.1 (would love some help with differences between 1.1 and Gamecube text)
      - French character set fixed
   - Game Saved Screen (All except Debug)
   - Water Temple Door fixed (Master Quest but not Zelda Hacks)
   - Ending Fix including the Scarecrow song restoration
   - Ending Timing Fix (PAL only including Zelda Hacks)

   - Everything from (GCtoN64)
   - Text timing adjusted to NTSC-U 1.0 text timing (e.g. Arrows of Light text is skippable)
   - Ganon(dorf)'s blood colors to NTSC 1.0 colors
   - (All except some Zelda Hacks) NTSC 1.0 Fire Temple Music restored
   - NTSC 1.0 Gerudo Symbols restored and/or re-palettized

   - Everything from (GCto1.0)
   - 2x text speed for International text
   - Adds in the Expansion Pak usage for speed and quality improvements
   - Stone of Agony/Rumble Pak responds to all hidden chests
   - Map Select translated (Gameshark codes or Debug ROM required to see this)
   - Restore Cow Nose ring (Beta content brought back for 3DS)
   - Expanded PAL Name screen
   - Some text textures ported from MM

Zelda Hacks Patches

These are some Zelda hacks that work on the ED64.  They have been patched with everything from the Patches Descriptions, except the Water Temple Door fix and PAL Language Select.  The Fire Temple music is already reverted to 1.0 in Petrie's newest release.  Ruinous Shards has it's own Fire Temple music.  I am not updating Voyager of Time's Fire Temple music because it may not run on ED64.  I also suppressed the button presses from appearing in the bottom right corner. 

Note: Petrie's Challenge patch is for the newest patch only available through petrie911's youtube channel.  There is a link below the "Petrie's Challenge comes to the Virtual Console" video.  It will not work for all other Petrie's Challenge patches out there (commonly called v1.3).

Apply these patches to the hacked ROMs (e.g. apply my Voyager of Time patches to the Voyager of Time ROM).

If you created these hacks and want my patches removed just let me know and I will remove them.  I am attempting to contact creators of the original hacks to seek their approval to patch them.

Voyager of Time
(N64) download updated: 05.26.2017
(1.0) download updated: 05.26.2017

Ruinous Shards2
(N64) download updated: 05.26.2017
(1.0) download updated: 05.26.2017

Petrie's Challenge
(N64) download updated: 05.28.2017
(1.0) download updated: 05.28.2017
[ED64 Fix]3 (just the ED64 fix, no N64 colors) download updated: 05.28.2017
[ED64 Fix]3 (N64) download updated: 05.28.2017
[ED64 Fix]3 (1.0) download updated: 05.28.2017

2 Not supported by haddockd, but he is OK with it existing
3 GBM made a slight change that allows the game to be completed on hardware.  It modifies a platform so that it no longer overlaps another object while keeping the same level of difficulty.  The overlap caused the game to crash when the room was entered the 2nd time around.


CloudMax and mzxrules  -  Cloudmax's wiki with quite a lot of documentation
Aroenai  -  Gerudo textures, (A) color in the kaleidoscope, everything to do with the ocarina, text cursor color, ending fix, Fire Temple music, passing on fkualol's fixes, and in general keeping me interested in working on these patches
fkualol  -  original Fire Temple music patch, Game Saved screen, and MQ Water Temple Door fix
Zoinkity  -  rom compressor program
GBM  -  fix for Petrie's Challenge to get it to work on the ED64
pcfreak324  -  help with PAL Ending Timing
Nemok - help with French GC character set
ozidual  -  Other Gerudo textures, (1.0/N64) text fixes, shop cursor, HUD and kaleidoscope, Ganon(dorf)'s blood, Nintendo 64 Intro, PAL Ending Timing, PAL Language Select, No Controller
Krikzz  -  ED64 and forum for testing


3.28.2016 - Started learning how to ROM hack for this patch
4.6.2016  - Initial HUD color restoration (A and B)
4.10.2016 - Start button color restoration
4.26.2016 - Kaleidoscope restored (all except (A) in text box color)
5.13.2016 - Found Aroenai's thread in Krikzz's forum
5.14.2016 - Ocarina staff, (A) in kaleidoscope and text cursor colors restored, Ending fix - Thanks Aroenai!
5.16.2016 - Initial Shopkeeper Cursor patch developed
5.25.2016 - English Text restored
5.26.2016 - Final Shopkeeper Cursor patch developed
5.31.2016 - Ganon(dorf)'s blood restoration patch developed
6.3.2016  - Gerudo Fortress Gerudo Symbol restored
6.6.2016  - Fire Temple Music restored - Thanks Aroena and fkualol!
          - Spirit Temple Gerudo Symbol re-palletized
6.11.2016 - Gerudo Training Grounds Symbol re-palletized
6.15.2016 - (PAL GC, MQ, Debug) French/German text replaced with PAL 1.1 French/German text
6.19.2016 - Created this page to make my patches available
6.27.2016 - Voyager of Time added to Zelda Hacks
6.29.2016 - Game Saved screen added and Water Temple Door fixed - Thanks for the patches Aroenai and fkualol!
          - Ruinous Shards added to Zelda Hacks
          - (PAL GC/MQ) Text table fixed
7.1.2016  - Nintendo Intro added and PAL patches converted to 60Hz
7.2.2016  - (MM) Nintendo Intro patch developed
7.21.2016 - (PAL MQ) Options Screen - Language Select added
          - 3rd Shadow Temple Gerudo Symbol re-palletized and added
7.22.2016 - (PAL GC/MQ) - The unkillable stalfos bug (introduced in patches) was fixed
7.23.2016 - (PAL MQ) Options Screen - Language Select fixed to save the language choice
7.26.2016 - (PAL GC) Options Screen - Language Select added
8.1.2016  - (Debug) Options Screen - Language Select added
8.8.2016  - (PAL MQ, GC, Debug) Options Screen - Language Select updated to final version - Thanks Aroenai!
8.10.2016 - (MM) Options Screen - Language Select patch developed
8.13.2016 - (MM) Language Select Screen patch developed
8.15.2016 - Updated this page
8.16.2016 - (GC2N64) patches completed
          - Petrie's Challenge added to Zelda Hacks and All Patches
          - Debug Off created - Thanks for the compression table Aroenai!
8.17.2016 - Petrie's Challenge CRC fixed
8.20.2016 - Debug Off Pause Menu fixed
8.24.2016 - 1.0 patches updated with NTSC-U 1.0 text timing
          - French text fix for PAL GC and MQ
9.6.2016 - GBM fix for Petrie's Challenge, patches created, originals kept for purists
10.26.2016 - Added the 1.0 Fire Temple music to the 1.0 Petrie's Challenge patches (thanks GBM!)
11.28.2016 - Fixed problems with Game Saved (thanks GBM!)
          - PAL Ending Timing fix (thanks pcfreak324!)
          - Voyager of Time correct ROM patches created (thanks Kerr Avon and GBM!)
05.26.2017 - Restored No Controller prompt and fixed Nintendo 64 Intro glimmer for everything but Petrie's Challenge
05.28.2017 - Created patches for the newest Petrie's Challenge patch including all new updates (also updates with these)
07.17.2017 - Added some tools including Save Manipulation tools.
09.09.2019 - Fixed French character set issue with GC.

Possible Future Plans
   Check up on any bugs
   Foreign Language patches
   Converting other Zelda Hacks to N64 colors

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