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EverDrive N8 / Everdrive N8 hangs
« on: November 04, 2017, 04:48 AM »
Hello, I'm posting this after searching and reading a lot of threads on this and other forums. I received an Everdrive N8 spring 2017 bought directly from Krikzz. When I received it, it would randomly hang during a game (no specific one) on my unmodded US frontloader. Even though I only use an original Nintendo power supply, I thought it might be the capacitors. I've never had issues with original games with this console. I recapped the console, and it would still hang. I was using a Kingston SD card, i tried another one I had lying around, still the same. I ordered a Sandisk one and still got the same behavior.

The behavior of the hang is that the game freezes, some sprites on the freeze frame become instantly garbled, and the sound hangs on whatever note it was playing and just keeps playing that sound.

Since then, I've started modding some consoles. I have a US frontloader, with NESRGB and Blinking light win, fully recapped, same behavior. US Frontloader with Hi-Def NES and Blinking light win, fully recapped, same behavior. US toploader with Hi-Def NES, fully recapped, same behavior.

I'm becoming awfully suspicious of the N8 itself. I am using Smokemonster's pack with the latest Everdrive OS. My Everdrive PCB is identified V1.4N 28.06.2013

Is there anything obvious I might have missed?

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