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Mega EverDrive / Pro Action Replay (RAM) codes support?
« on: June 06, 2017, 04:05 PM »
I'm just wondering if this could (ever) be supported? I have A TON of Pro Action Replay RAM codes for multiple games that don't have a Game Genie/ROM code equivalent and I know nothing about code hacking, using tracers, etc. so I can't create new equivalent GG codes.



I just got my new Mega Everdrive X7 and it's working perfectly... except .SRM files from Kega Fusion don't work. I've tried the 8to16.exe (and for good measure the 16to8.exe) converter apps but they don't work (neither as the .bin named files, nor renaming them to .srm). I've noticed the .SRM files the Mega Everdrive X7 are much, much larger to the Kega Fusion/converted .SRM files (1-2KB vs. 64KB).

Is there a newer method to convert .SRM from from an emulator (Kega in this case) to the Mega Everdrive X7?

Here's a link to the .srm files I'm trying to convert if it helps:


P.S. Is RAM PAR codes ever going to be added to to the Mega Everdrive? I have A LOT of RAM PAR codes (that have no GG equivalent) that I'd be interested in using.

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