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Turbo EverDrive / Picky PC Engine issues (TED&burning)
« on: July 29, 2017, 11:34 PM »
In this thread I'll list two problems, one will be easy to figure out with a little advice. The other problem is a long running one which I will explain in detail:

I purchased a recapped original white PC Engine and CD add-on with briefcase IFU from a reputable professional. It is not region modded as I only planned to play japanese games and use the turbo everdrive for everything else including the CD System card. The refurbisher tested the console with original games and a turbo everdrive 2.5 and everything checked out.

Prior to this I ordered my TED 2.5. My first tests were fine, Legendary Axe played beautifully. However more complicated games like OutRun, Gradius, and basically most everything else would have intense graphical issues and crash immediately when starting play. This ain't my first rodeo so I formatted several micro SD cards of various size and brands and tried them all to no avail.
So I sent just my PCE console along with the TED back to my refurbisher. He tested the TED on every type of system available to him and found it worked just fine with Turbo DUOs and COREGRAFX, but had similar issues on original Turbografx16 and PC Engine hardware. Again he had already tested another TED2.5 and it was working fine on my console. So we were able to pinpoint the issue down to my faulty everdrive. I sent it back to krikzz and recieved a new one promptly by mail. (thanks guys!) :)
It works great aside from one game: Gradius. Although Parodius works beautifully now, Gradius 1 for PC Engine will play normally except the entire screen is black aside from the powerup marquee that sits in the middle of the screen. My ROMs are from the everdrive pack I got on emuparadise forums. Any ideas?

My second question is kind of a dumb one, hopefully no one here will be upset:
I tried burning a PC Engine game last night using NERO copy disc with the image mounted with daemon tools. I burned at 10x speed because there's no option to burn any slower. the audio will play fine in any CD player, but I don't know how to use a PC Engine CD system at all, so I can't really test my burn that well either! I have a patched System card bios on my everdrive that when I boot it comes to just a black screen and nothing happens with the cd in the tray unless I hit play and then it just plays audio. Am I doing something wrong? What method do you use to burn disc images properly?

Thanks in advance you guys!

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