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Looking for someone who Hacks Or Patches Cheats into Sega CD games

Well I'm actually looking for someone to Add Cheats in a Sega Cd 32X game for me

If anyone Hacks or add cheats to a Sega cd 32x game , could I request a game for you to hack for me

Much appreciation to anyone who reads this

Off Topic / (Request) A Program to Patch a cheat into a Game
« on: January 23, 2020, 02:56 AM »
Does anyone here know if there is there a tool that will allow us to apply game cheats to a N64 (.z64) or PS1 BIN file, this way when we run the game, it already has the cheats enabled and embedded?

For example an app similar to this utility for:
* RETRO games (NES, SNES, and etc.): ‪Game Genie Guy (app)‬
If not, is there a guide to accomplish something similar either with HEX editing or something?

Off Topic / (Request) How to Patch a Cheat into a game
« on: January 22, 2020, 08:43 PM »
Hi I'm a Newbie at all of this , just tryIng to understand and get the Help needed

I want to learn how to

- Use Cheat Engine & ArtMoney

- Use a Hex Editor to Find and Replace a Hex string  so the Cheat could be injected into the game

So when running a game , any emulator , any  cheat engine required is not needed  , as example I will already have infinite Lives , or Infinite Health

(I already Know about GGGuy (game genie guy) , i already patched all my NES ,SNES , Master System, Turbografx, & Gensis games with GGGUy , im looking to patch consoles after that generation ( Sega Saturn , PS1 , N64 etc ...)

In Cheat Engine & Artmoney - I already know how to search for a Value , Decrease or Increase to find an Address for Health or lives  and you can then Lock (Freeze) that address to have infinite

- in Hex Editor I know how to use in a little sense , i used HXD to find and replaced Hex Strings for Sega CD games so they could be filled with codes

My question is  can all consoles systems have the same process in to do this with cheats  ( I know the Sega CD could , and recently saw someone do this with PS1 games as well with the search and replace strings ) ?

Is there any easy way to use Cheat engine or Artmoney  and Hex editor to accomplish what I would like to do
Make or find my own cheats for games that don't have infinite health or infinite lives or infinite ammo ?

Are there any hackers out there that take requests into finding cheats for me and then givIng me the Find and Replace results

Are there any websites Forums  that's have Find And Repalce for different consoles that I can manage to patch myself

Someone explained what I would like to do below , but somehow since I'm still new and don't understand, could you please help me understand what this person is saying  step by step  , I do apologize for my ignorance since I'm a newbie

Here is the Thread

"There is nothing difficult to patch the game (you take the HEX Editor - you find the offset or code, and replace it, that's all).

Everything is somehow simple! That is ... for example,

I found the address of lives in the game 80045133: 0064 = 100 values of lives using ArtMoney .

Next, I throw this address into the debugger and put the breaker on the record,

 in the game I spend one life and should immediately work and show the debugger the address (Offset)

 the instruction code for me, where the reduction of lives is triggered. For example, the debugger gave me such 00022348: 24680011 (HEX)

the asemba instruction right next to the code (emulator pSX 1.13d ).

Add the address (Offset) in two bytes mode to ArtMoney with such a slightly changed address 8002234А: 9216 (DEC) = 2400 (HEX) / What we did was add the eight, add 2 bytes to the offset and replace the two bytes of the code (Value) 2468 ( HEX) at 2400 (HEX), so we ourselves erased it, so that there would be no deduction of lives in the game.

This is the official GameShark cheat code 8002234A: 2400
You can also check on the cracker of GameShark v5 games on the Playstation console itself (Console), one hundred pounds should work

Well, then you throw this GameShark cheat code into the converter and check. In theory, it should convert, but on the xp.
I do not understand in the ePSXe emulator there is a menu of cheat codes, then why convert them. Or he does not accept them from ArtMoney
And let the people learn the same how to do it "

EverDrive 64 / Is There A Way To Patch Cheats into N64 games
« on: January 19, 2020, 06:22 PM »
After Numerous Sesrches and Countless days and months , I have come to the conclusion that there is no method really exists to patch cheats into n64 roms similarly to GGGUY/game genie guy!

 So do any of you know of a method to easily make them into ips patches for somebody with idiot  level knowledge , I mean I know how to search for values , increase , decrease and find address on artmoney and cheat engine , but that's it , don't know how to use them

Or does anyone even know of an archive of ips/aps patches for N64 games that are solely for cheats? trainers dont seem to work well for me , so not trainers plus trainers usually have region unlock and language translation from my experience but I'm only looking for cheats  : infinite health , lives ,or infinite Ammo mainly for games

Hope someone could help me  .... or if someone takes requests , I really would like one game hacked with 2 codes and I would be more then happy

Thank you

Hi , I do apologize for my ignorance but I'm a noob

I have a few questions

I'm looking to create a cheat code for a game

I overheard you could make Sega Cd codes with " Artmoney" & "Cheat Engine "

I tested those programs out 

Searched for the value and decreased or increased the value till I got a code that I was able to freeze

Except that's all I could do , I'm lost after that

What I want to do is make a code so I can hex edit directly on the game , or a patch of that code directly on the ISO

So when I play the game in the Sega cd or an emulator I won't need to have a cheat code engine on it

Could anyone provide me a step by step idoet proof  instructions how to make a cheat code for Sega cd games

Hope someone is able to help

Thank you in advance


Off Topic / "PSP CWCHEAT" I'm in need of some assistance or Help
« on: December 13, 2018, 12:01 AM »
I have an issue with 2 games

I can not get them to work with cheats  , it's been 5 days that I have been trying

On my PSP 2000 6.61 " Modded" , I recently installed CWCHEAT

I had the eboot files of

Rugrats "SLUS00650"


Die hard trilogy 2 " SLUS01015"

And tried them in my PSP

They boot up fine

Then I hold select to bring up the menu

The unusual part is " Cwcheat doesn't identify the name of the game

I click select cheats and only black boxes

I have tried so many code databases and even tried to create my own and no luck in every way possible

If anyone could test those 2 games out and find me a code fix so I can play those 2 games with cheats I would highly appreciate it

Thank you very much in advance

Mega EverDrive / Sega CD Patched ROM .... HELP !!!!! HELP !!!
« on: November 18, 2017, 03:55 AM »
Hi everyone

You probably going to think I'm a idiot for asking this

But I have done all the steps I have mentioned and no luck and no success on burning patched roms

I downloaded the correct game/rom /CUE

I downloaded the correct IPS

I use lunar to patch the CUE file ( since I burn the CUE with IMBURN)

So i patch the CUE file with the ISP

I run Fusion emulator and it crashes with the patched CUE file

I try to attempt to burn the CUE with IMBURN and when I load the CUE file it's an unsupported file now

I have regularly burned Sega cd games with there original CUE file and they work fine playing on the Sega cd

Mind if I ask what am I doing wrong

I really want to play these patched Roms  ... but I haven't been able to , it's been so frustrating

Hope your able to help me

Thank you :)

Hello everyone

I would love some help with something that I don't understand

What I want to do is

Is to find isp files with either infinite health or infinite lives codes for Sega cd games , so I can easily patch them with Lunar then I am able to burn and run on original hardware , which is the Sega CD itself

I have found these 2 links from a user " Mezmorize " and he seemed to make his own system and had posted several games patches already ... unfortunately the links are long gone and dead

Here are the links please look them through

As you can see these links to the patches are dead and would like to find certain games

If anyone could locate these files where they are now , I would very much appreciate it

Or if anyone who knows the best site to find ISP patches for the Sega cd , please pass the info to me

As I just picked up my first Sega cd and wanting to play these games with cheats to possibly beat :)

Thank you in advance to anyone and everyone who could help:)

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