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FXPAK (SD2SNES) / Question about power draw of the SD2SNES
« on: November 23, 2017, 01:52 AM »
Hey!  I picked up a snes and a SD2SNES about a year ago now.  I haven't used it very much recently but now when I go to power it on there is a massive voltage drop on my Power Supply and it can't provide enough to run the everdrive.  I tries desperately to load the menu up but is constantly flickering.  If I put in other SNES carts I have no issues.  (Sadly the PS that was sold to me was a third party at 9V)  I guess I am wondering.  Since this PS was working for me up until recently should I be concerned my SD2SNES is damaged?  Or is there something I can do myself to look into why its drawing so much current?  I am hoping its a Power Supply issue and that if I can find a proper 10V supply my issues will be solved.  When I turn on the console with the SD2SNES in the voltage drops to 7V which can't be enough to run the SNES.

Just curious if anyone else has any tips while I wait for my nes Power Supply to arrive. 

As a note:  The console and cart worked fine for the first 6 months.  I just didn't use it for about 3 and tried again and am now having this issue.



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