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As I realized recently while enjoying my EDGBA X5 on a backlit GBA (or SP), there are many games in the GBA library that when played on a backlit console show colors that are too oversaturated, garish, or the picture as a whole is overly bright. This was because these games were made to compensate for the color and brightness limitations of the original GBA screen in mind, which was not even front lit and has a limited/different color space than backlit LCDs.

This year in particular there's been a lot of great activity on Retroarch shaders that offer color correction toggling for these games (see this topic for more info and a few examples:
Emulators/cores like Gambatte and Sameboy also offer this option for the GBC. Even the old Wiimadnafen emulator on the Wii does it by default both for GBA and GBC games (GBC games also need this correction, in all cases since there was never an official backlit GBC, perhaps something to consider for a future EDGB also).

The upcoming GBA consolizer has this feature too, as well as gamma adjustments (

However, there's still no way to enjoy GBA games on a real handheld console with a backlit screen and correct colors. This would be the best of all possible worlds. I'm wondering if it would be possible to include this as a selectable setting on a future version of the EDGBA OS, or if different hardware would be needed, perhaps on a future X7 cart. Not sure if krikzz will see this any time soon, but anyone with knowledge of the capacities of the current EDGBA hardware, please feel free to share any ideas!

I've been enjoying my N8 bought straight from Kirkzz's store, but I'm wondering if there is a way to fix an inconvenience I've been encountering. It looks like every time I change cartridges and reinsert the N8 into the console, or when I take out the SD card, the cart boots to the message "settings reset to default", which in my case forces me to turn back on changed options like A/B swap and save states.

Is there a way to modify the default settings in the OS.BIN file so that even after the settings reset to default they are still what I want them to be, or if there is something I should be doing to prevent the reset in the first place.

Thanks for any suggestions.

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