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Just out of interest / for nostalgia I have been loading up the master system BIOS files individually to play the built in games (the ones that load up when no cartridge is inserted), however most of the BIOS files load up to a "Software Error" screen however If i load up "[BIOS] Hang-On (USA, Europe) (v3.4)" or "[BIOS] Missile Defense 3-D (USA, Europe) (v4.4)" these load up fine and all the games can be played including Snail Maze (if you hold up + button 1 & 2). The original 1.3 or the Alex Kidd BIOS versions don't want to play ball though.

Would be cool if it was possible to load up the BIOS files and have them all behave like no cartridge is inserted? Not sure what the difference is with the ones that do work.

I know there are other ways to play these games by loading up the roms directly but just curious how this works exactly.

P.S. I have the SMS BIOS option set to off in the config options otherwise this will not work at all.

FXPAK (SD2SNES) / MSU-1 Audio Levels (upgraded SD2NES Revision H)
« on: February 15, 2019, 03:15 AM »
Hi Guys,

I successfully fitted the upgrade board to my SD2NSES (Revision F to Revision H) and everything has worked great.

However I have some older MSU-1 patched games e.g. Street Fighter II Turbo (CPS2 Arcade) where the sound of the music is much louder than the sound effects, I am guessing this was done due to the older revision having the volume issue so the MSU audio has been amped up to compensate.

Is there anyway I can reduce the music volume down for these games that have this issue?

Off Topic / SNES Intermittent Buzzing
« on: December 31, 2018, 07:57 PM »
Hi Guys,

I am hoping there might be some peeps that are clued up on the hardware side in here that can help me with an issue I have.

Whilst playing some Super Mario Land 2 via a Super Gameboy adapter on my SNES I started to hear some horrible buzzing noise coming in and out completely swamping the audio. This doesn't sound like the usual buzzing noise you get with poorly grounded SCART cables etc as I am using a high quality shielded RGB cable. I have since tested a normal cartridge etc and the noise is still there and cuts in and out and seems to be getting worse. I am using an original nintendo AC power supply (with the blue connector) and swapped this for the one that goes into my NES (also an original AC power supply) and it does the same.

My Console is also modded with a SuperCIC and UIGR (modded by myself so I am fully capable of soldering etc).

Would I be correct in thinking this is probably a capacitor issue or something else?

Hi Guys,

Just bought myself an SD2SNES and I am loving it. However I have a question about the SuperCIC integration.

I recently modded my SNES with a SUPERCIC and UIGR which all works great, however after enabling the SuperCIC options in the SD2SNES menu I noticed it is switching round the wrong way e.g. if I start a PAL game it switches it to 60hz and if I start a NTSC game it switches to 50hz.

I cant work out why because without the SD2SNES the normal IGR button presses switch to the correct forced region e.g. L+R+SEL+Y switches to Forced 50 (green LED) and A switches to Forced 60 (red LED) as per the UIGR manual. Also in the match cartridge mode (orange LED) if I start a normal PAL cart it starts in 50 and switches to 60 after 9 seconds and if I start an NTSC cart it starts and stays in 60 so that is always working as expected.

I would really like to use the auto switching modes as this would be the icing on the cake but I cant see how I can tell the SD2SNES to switch them round. I can get around the issue by disabling the SuperCIC integration.

Does anyone know how to sort this issue or what settings I might be able to change?

EverDrive N8 / OS Upgrade Question
« on: August 23, 2018, 07:58 PM »

Apologies if this is posted somewhere else but what is the correct method for updating the OS on the Everdrive N8? I am upgrading from version 1.6 to 2.0 rc3 but noticed that the original MAPS folder under the EDFC folder contains a lot more files. Is it best to wipe out all files except SAVE (for savestates) or to just write the files over the top therefore combining the total number of files if that makes sense?

What is the correct method for an upgrade?

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