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EverDrive 64 / Standalone Stadium GB Emulator Compatibility List
« on: June 10, 2019, 10:49 AM »
Hello folks.

Last month, zoinkitty released a standalone GB/GBC emulator for the N64.
He isolated the Pokemon Stadium 2 emulator and that's why you need a Transfer Pak to play your games.

So far, only one guy on assemblergames reported some games working. Unfortunately, the website will close very shortly.
That's why I am starting this thread here.

I tested it on my PAL N64 + Everdrive v2.5. I did not test the save feature, only a few minutes of gameplay.

These are my results :

Kirby's Dream Land : Working
Legend of the River King : Working
Legend of the River King 2 : Working
LoZ Zelda Link's Awakening DX : Working with minor graphical glitches
LoZ oracle of seasons : Working
LoZ Oracle of Ages : Working
Lucky Luke : Not Working. Stuck on a black screen when booting the game
Lucky Luke Desperado Train : Working with minor graphical glitches
Mario Golf : Working
Mario Tennis : Working
Pokémon Card GB2: Great Rocket-Dan Sanjō! (ENG translated on a repro cart) : Not working. Game is too big
Pokémon Gold : Working
Pokemon Pinball : Working
Pokemon Trading Card Game : Working
Pokemon Yellow : Working
Resident Evil Gaiden : Working
Shadowgate Classic : Not working. Graphics do not work. Blank image.

Shantae (Repro cart) : Not working. Game is too big
Wario Land 3 : Not working. The transfer pak is not setup properly.
Wario Land 2 : Working
Yu Gi Oh Dark Duel stories : Not Working. Game is too big

thebigman1106 list :

Super Mario Land 2 : Working
Jurassic Park : Working
Zelda Links awakening DX (Via Nintendo Power Flash Cart) : Working Minor GFX errors
Space Invaders : Working GFX errors in Super Gameboy Mode
Arcade Classic No. 4: Defender / Joust - Not Working
Everdrive GB : Not working

EverDrive 64 / New translated rom (Mini Racers)
« on: April 13, 2019, 10:45 AM »
Manfried75 from translated the rom in French.

If there is someone that wants to make an English patch out of it, I can help for the translations as I am a native French speaker.

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