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I just got a Gamester multitap, it's a rebranded version of Performance's Super Multi-play.

- When set to Mode 2 for 4 player mode, with 2 right cables connected to ports 1 and 2, the Everdrive boots up normally, menu can be browsed with "white" player 1

- When set to Mode 2 for 5 player mode, with left cable connected to port 1, the Everdrive boots up normally, but menu can't be browsed from any controller input, including console's port 2

- When set to Mode 2 for 5 player mode, with left cable connected to port 2, the Everdrive freezes at the "OS init..." text message, having or not having a controller on console's port 1 doesn't make a difference

- If I connect the multitap in mode 2 to port 2 AFTER selecting a game, multiplayer works correctly, as in console's port 1 for player 1, and "blue" player 2, 3 and 4 (don't have a 5th controller to test 5 players)

If I'm not mistaken, MODE 1 is supposed to emulate Sega's Team Player multitap. Does anyone know if this also happens with the original Sega Multitap? Could this problem eventually be fixed in a future firmware update?

I just received my Mega Everdrive X5! It left Ukrania on November 29th and arrived to my country on December 30th, 5 days later (with weekend+holiday in between) here it is!

I wonder what's the usual folder setup you guys/gals use on your micro sd cards? I have an 8gb kingston card bought about 7 years ago that was not being used.

I also noticed in the 3rd review video ( the reviewer shows some of the content of his sd card, I don't know if his Everdrive came with a card or if he downloaded it from somewhere. Does anyone know where I can get those technical demos he showed (bad apple, titan, mode7 effects, etc), and any extra not related to original game roms, like homebrew?

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