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I added support to Game Genie Guy! to patch GameShark codes into N64 roms.

Open GGGuy
Open a .z64 rom (.n64 and .v64 are unsupported for now)
Paste GameShark codes from
Codes should look like this - 810F0890 3F90
Hit Patch

Let me know of success or failure. I have no clue what compatibility is like. n64hijack is doing all work:

Off Topic / Sorting Roms into Genres (Round 2)
« on: September 02, 2014, 12:34 PM »
I like sorting roms by genre in addition to alpha. It helps with the "paradox of choice" - scrolling through a huge list and making a decision solely based on the name. This way you can think "Shmups" or "Platformers" instead of "Gradius" or "Karnov."

On the last thread omonim2007 posted a much more extensive set than mine. I've cleaned these up and moved to No-Intro as a base to get rid of nonsense -  [h] [f]. All of the categorization is his work.

Here's what the NES looks like for example:

Save this to a directory with an unzipped No-Intro set. It will create directories and copy to them.

Mega EverDrive / Mega Man - The Wily Wars
« on: August 26, 2014, 02:59 PM »
I had a question about Mega Man - The Wily Wars not liking to be patched with Game Genie codes. It has some type of additional protection that will result in a black screen when altered.

I found that both Rockman Megaworld (J) [a1][!] and Rockman Megaworld (J) [f1] take codes fine but none of the Wily Wars roms do. Well it turns out that applying MottZilla's IPS patch lets you do the same.

1. Download and extract MMWW_SRM.IPS
2. In Game Genie Guy click Browse and select the IPS file. On the second dialog pick Mega Man - The Wily Wars (Europe).md
3. This will create a new rom called that will take codes fine
4. Click Browse again and open
5. Try ATNA-CAFG to unlock Wily's Tower from the start
6. Click Patch

For more codes:

Master EverDrive / SG-1000 Opinions
« on: June 20, 2014, 06:20 PM »
I have a Mega EverDrive I use for SMS. I was thinking of getting a Master ED to play SG-1000 games and possibly make some cheats for them. Several people online said that the SMS palette is "ugly" or "too dark." I'm wondering if this is really a problem or it is overblown. I'll be running RGB out of the SMS via SCART.

EverDrive N8 / Super Mario Bros. 3Mix
« on: June 13, 2014, 02:40 PM »
There's an elaborate rom hack of SMB3 where the creator disassembled the entire game. Works fine on hardware.,14049.0.html

Game Genie Guy will do infinite lives with this code:

EverDrive GB / GameBoy Cheat Codes
« on: May 22, 2014, 03:22 AM »
So it's come to this!

The Game Boy and Game Boy Color do have many Game Genie codes available.
In some cases there are only GameShark codes which don't work on the EverDrive GB.
These are easy to spot. They're 8 characters with no dashes.

Game Genie: FA2-90A-4C1
GameShark: 01047FCA

This thread is for new ED compatible codes. I'll do requests. I just ask that:

1. No Pokemon/RPG. These bore me to tears
2. Make sure what you ask for isn't already done
GameBoy Color:
3. I only do infinite lives/energy type codes

To patch roms:
Download Game Genie Guy:
Open a rom that has the same name as what I list
Paste the code and click Patch

BattleTanx (USA).gbc
Infinite Lives (CD02)

Blaster Master Boy (USA).gb
Infinite Lives (C77E)

Crazy Zone (2) (Bung) (PD) [C].gbc
Infinite Lives (C59A)

Frogger 2 (USA).gbc
Infinite Lives (C2DF)

Mole Mania (USA, Europe) (SGB Enhanced).gb
Infinite Energy (CE52)

Painter Momopie (Japan).gb
Infinite Lives (C1A9)

Infinite Magic (C44A)

Perfect Dark (USA, Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es,It).gbc
Infinite Energy (C030)

Q-bert (USA).gbc (CD8B)
Infinite Lives

Trip World (Europe).gb
Infinite Lives (C0E1)

Infinite Energy (FFA0)

Super EverDrive / Super Mario World Hack Collection
« on: January 29, 2014, 03:11 AM »
This is a collection of IPS files for Super Mario World that are known to work on hardware. It comes bundled with a utility that will automagically turn them into roms.


1. Copy a clean Super Mario World (U) [!].smc rom to the IPSGuy directory
2. Run IPSGuy.exe and watch it do its thing
3. Roms will fill the Hacks directory


I once posted on the SMW Central forum asking about flashcart compatibility. I quickly got the impression that this was not their focus. Most of the rom hacks are developed/tested with an emulator like ZSNES.

Fast forward a good while. A reproduction store called was posted on NintendoAge. It featured a nice variety of Super Mario World hacks. I figured that he must have vetted them enough to conclude that they work well on hardware and were high quality/complete enough to ask money for.

I've hunted down the original IPS files for what he has available and packaged them with a small tool/ucon64 to create a set of roms for flashcart use. The original readme file (when available) is also included for them.

All that is missing from this archive is a clean copy of Super Mario World (U) [!].smc. Place this in the same directory as IPSGuy.exe. I've added a check to confirm that the file is valid. If your rom is bad you will get an error and the process will hault.

Two additional/optional files are included:

IPSGuy.ips - This adds two cheats to each rom. (1) Infinite lives and (2) press start+select to skip to the next level. If you do not want these then simply rename or delete this file.

IPSGuy.srm - This generates save files for use with a PowerPak. Copy the Saves directory to your CF card. This can also be deleted if you are using an Everdrive.

It is not my intent to undermine I do not know if he pays royalties to the rom hackers but I suspect that the majority did not consider charging for their creations.

Until next time,

Off Topic / Game Genie Guy!
« on: January 17, 2014, 01:15 PM »
Game Genie Guy! is out.  :)

This is a small Windows utility for applying Game Genie codes to roms. This saves you the trouble of having to enter them each time the game is played.


1. Click the Browse button and select an unzipped Game Boy/Game Gear/Genesis/NES/SNES rom
 - The system dropdown should populate based on the file extension
 - The checksum box will also be enabled for non-NES games
2. Enter the desired codes, one per line
3. Click Patch when all codes have been entered
4. Open the created 'File GG.rom' in an emulator to test


uCON64 is used for checksum correction. This is required if you are using flash carts. Most emulators are not bothered by it. I recommend the MinGW version because it has no dependencies.

Download and extract ucon64.exe to same folder as GGGuy.exe:


Not all codes like being applied in this fashion. Ex: Contra Hard Corps 99 lives work fine while infinite lives does not. If you do not get the desired result try another code.

8 digit NES codes are preferrable to 6. 8 digit codes contain validation that ensures the game is being patched in the right spot. 6 digit codes just go for it. Applying too many 6 digit codes can make a game crash. Try fewer codes if this occurs.

Use BIN or GEN roms for Genesis/Mega Drive. SMD roms are not supported.


If you can't get a code to work try the following:

1. Try a different code. If another code works then the file is being patched properly.
2. Try a different rom - look for a good dump (!) or use Nointro roms.
3. Try it with CCCGP to see if it works. If it does let me know with the full rom name and code you are using. I'll check it out.

Why would I use this instead of CCCGP?

Tiny standalone file (60KB) - no DLLs/dependencies/registry writes
System auto-detection based on the rom's extension
Original files are copied to avoid overwriting: mario.nes - mario GG.nes
Auto-fixes checksum if uCON64 available
Always on top for easier pasting of codes from browser
Simplified code input doesn't require description
Full source code provided

Thanks to:

cracker: CCCGP
WyrmCorp: UGGCONV/source
Lazy Bastard: tutorials
John David Ratliff: tutorials
Tony Hedstrom: tutorials
Zazer: ggconv
Maël Hörz: HxD


Source code is provided. BCX and LCC are required to compile:

Off Topic / KRIKzz Interview?
« on: December 28, 2013, 07:32 PM »
Has KRIKzz ever done an interview? I think it would be interesting to read. This was about as close as I saw.

he he, you forget to calculate a lot of things (:
1) government tax. huh, it eats a lot of money
2) carts assembling and testing. i am not make them in China, so i can't assemble carts for handful of rice.
3) pcb production.
4) development. 1000-1800 hours of programming and testing. 10-12 hours every day, sometimes even more.
5) warranty service (which is completely free, by the way)
6) support. a) i made updates after than main development was finished. b)every day i process a lot of messages on the forum and by email. sometimes it just blow my brain (:
7) risks. Defective parts, pcb, my own mistakes, losted packages etc
conclusion: huge production in china = low price, small production outside of china (or even in China) = high price
shells production costs few thousands of bucks, i just not able to pay so much, my business is too small for that.
All carts is so expensive cuz they is made in small amounts, market is too small for huge companies which can make a millions of carts at once and then sell them for cheap. So no way to build good small-run product for cheap.

EverDrive N8 / Patching NES Games for Infinite Lives
« on: December 17, 2013, 01:35 PM »
I normally make cheat codes for the Master System and PC Engine. This makes more sense on those systems because they do not have cheat code support.

I found a database of NES cheats that I could convert to IPS patches. These will allow you to permanently patch cheats on to roms so you don't have to enter Game Genie codes each time. This archive contains around 400 games/2400 codes. Credit to Hank Chill X for the codes.

The games I've tried have worked fine. Let me know if you have any issues.

To patch a game:

Download LunarIPS (Windows), MultiPatch (Mac)
Patch a matching .nes rom with the .ips file

Turbo EverDrive / PC Engine Cheat Codes (Requests go here as well)
« on: October 11, 2013, 02:39 PM »
Neither the Master System nor the PC Engine have the ability to use cheats on the Everdrive. I make IPS patch files as an alternative. These allow you to permanently patch cheats into the games.

Feel free to request a game that isn't listed. I have a similar thread for Master System over here:

To patch a game:

Download LunarIPS (Windows), MultiPatch (Mac)
Patch a matching .sms rom with the .ips file

hexalter -i "1943 Kai (J).ips" 0x1822F=0xBD, 0x188FC=0xBD &:: Infinite Energy (2E40)
hexalter -i "Adventure Island (J).ips" 0xA183=0xAD &:: Infinite Energy (341A)
hexalter -i "Aero Blasters (J).ips" 0x8959=0xAD &:: Infinite Lives (3BD1)
hexalter -i "After Burner II (J).ips" 0x7B73=0xAD&:: Infinite Lives (30B3)
hexalter -i "Air Zonk (U) [h1].ips" 0x2B5B=0xA5 &:: Infinite Lives (20B2)
hexalter -i "Air Zonk (U) [h1] Invincible.ips" 0x27C2=0xAD &:: Invincible (3A81)
hexalter -i "Alien Crush (J).ips" 0x20D0=0xA5 &:: Infinite Balls (2046)
hexalter -i "Aoi Blink (J) [T+Eng].ips" 0x772F=0xAD, 0x66C0=0xAD &:: Infinite Lives, Energy (3C47, 3C53)
hexalter -i "Armed Formation F (J).ips" 0x2437=0xA5 &:: Infinite Lives (201D)
hexalter -i "Atomic Robo-Kid Special (J).ips" 0x2757=0xAD &:: Infinite Lives (2211)
hexalter -i "Barunba (J).ips" 0x5B68=0xAD &:: Infinite Energy (2682)
hexalter -i "Batman (J).ips" 0x1626=0xAD &:: Infinite Lives (33AA)
hexalter -i "Battle Lode Runner (J).ips" 0x45F8=0xAD &:: Infinite Lives (2972)
hexalter -i "Bikkuriman World (J) [T+Eng1.00_DemiForce].ips" 0x1D29=0xAD &:: Infinite Portion (328F)
hexalter -i "Bloody Wolf (U) [h1].ips" 0x27DD=0xAE, 0x231C=0xAD &:: Infinite Lives (2A1A)
hexalter -i "Bomberman '93 (J).ips" 0x4F00=0xAD &:: Infinite Lives (389F)
hexalter -i "Bomberman '94 (J).ips" 0x16B6D=0xAD &:: Infinite Lives (3704)
hexalter -i "Bomberman (J).ips" 0x0E66=0xAD &:: Infinite Lives (2438)
hexalter -i "Bonk III - Bonk's Big Adventure (U) [h1].ips" 0x37E1=0xAD &:: Infinite Lives (2B8D)
hexalter -i "Bonk's Adventure (U) [h1].ips" 0x2D13=0xAD &:: Infinite Lives (2DB1)
hexalter -i "Bonk's Revenge (U).ips" 0x2527=0x9D &:: Infinite Lives (2A1A)
hexalter -i "Bouken Danshaku Don - The Lost Sunheart (J).ips" 0x26149=0xAD &:: Infinite Lives (270F)
hexalter -i "Bouken Danshaku Don - The Lost Sunheart (J) Energy.ips" 0x719A=0xAD &:: Infinite Lives (2717)
hexalter -i "Burning Angels (J).ips" 0x4E52=0xAD &:: Infinite Energy (27E8)
hexalter -i "Cadash (J).ips" 0x6BB3=0xBE &:: Infinite Energy (3BFC)
hexalter -i "Cadash (USA).ips" 0x69C2=0xBE &:: Infinite Energy (3BF7)
hexalter -i "Chew Man Fu (U).ips" 0x47EC=0xBD &:: Infinite Lives (2912)
hexalter -i "Coryoon - Child of Dragon (J).ips" 0x335A=0xAD &:: Infinite Lives (3E23)
hexalter -i "Cyber Core (J).ips" 0x0E15=0xA5 &:: Infinite Lives (2069)
hexalter -i "Daisenpuu (J).ips" 0x0BF6=0xAD &:: Infinite Lives (22A4)
hexalter -i "Darius Alpha (J).ips" 0xB6F4=0xAD &:: Infinite Lives (29CA)
hexalter -i "Darkwing Duck (U).ips" 0x10ED=0xAD &:: Infinite Lives (22FF)
hexalter -i "Dead Moon - Tsuki Sekai no Akumu (J).ips" 0x2466=0xA5 &:: Infinite Lives (2021)
hexalter -i "Deep Blue - Kaitei Shinwa (J).ips" 0x3FEB=0xA5 &:: Infinite Energy (2049)
hexalter -i "Detana!! TwinBee (J).ips" 0x34E8=0xB5 &:: Infinite Lives (2087)
hexalter -i "Devil Crash (J).ips" 0x29BF=0xAD &:: Infinite Balls (2D52)
hexalter -i "Die Hard (J).ips" 0x2837=0xB1 &:: Infinite Energy (2421)
hexalter -i "Don Doko Don (J).ips" 0x10E9C=0xBE &:: Infinite Lives (3955)
hexalter -i "Doraemon (J).ips" 0x0D88=0xAD &:: Infinite Lives (29DC)
hexalter -i "Download (J).ips" 0x5C96=0xAD &:: Infinite Energy (25E8)
hexalter -i "Dragon Egg! (J).ips" 0x2725=0xAD &:: Infinite Lives (38B8)
hexalter -i "Dragon Egg! (J) Energy.ips" 0x109D=0xAD &:: Infinite Lives (2365)
hexalter -i "Dragon Saber - After Story of Dragon Spirit (J) Energy.ips" 0x20753=0xBD, 0x2077C=0xBD &:: Infinite Energy, Keep Weapon (37BD, 37A5)
hexalter -i "Dragon Saber - After Story of Dragon Spirit (J).ips" 0x79D58=0xBD &:: Infinite Lives (37FD)
hexalter -i "Dragon Spirit (J) Energy.ips" 0x28C5=0xA5, 0x28DF=0xA5 &:: Infinite Energy, Keep Weapon (2044, 2058)
hexalter -i "Dragon Spirit (J).ips" 0x685A=0xA5 &:: Infinite Lives (2043)
hexalter -i "Dragon's Curse (U) [h1].ips" 0xA183=0xAD &:: Infinite Energy (341A)
hexalter -i "Fantasy Zone (J).ips" 0x22AC=0xB5 &:: Infinite Lives (200C)
hexalter -i "Final Blaster (J).ips" 0x37E7=0xAD &:: Infinite Lives (2B5F)
hexalter -i "Final Soldier (J).ips" 0xD2A9=0xA5 &:: Infinite Lives (20FC)
hexalter -i "Fushigi no Yume no Alice (J).ips" 0x3BAF=0xAD &:: Infinite Lives (271A)
hexalter -i "Fushigi no Yume no Alice (J) Energy.ips" 0x1247=0xAD &:: Infinite Energy (2717)
hexalter -i "Galaga '88 (J).ips" 0x13CC=0xA5 &:: Infinite Lives (208A)
hexalter -i "Galaga '88 (J) Invincible.ips" 0x13DF=0xA5, 0x13E6=0xA6 &:: Invincible (203F)
hexalter -i "Genji Tsuushin Agedama (J).ips" 0x5FCE=0xBD, 0x98B6=0xBE &:: Infinite Energy (2380)
hexalter -i "Ghost Manor (U) Energy.ips" 0x630A=0xAD, 0x7FE2=0xAD, 0x7FDF=0xAD &:: Infinite Energy (3940)
hexalter -i "Ghost Manor (U).ips" 0x4A33=0xAD &:: Infinite Lives (3941)
hexalter -i "Gokuraku! Chuuka Taisen (J).ips" 0x3214=0xAD &:: Infinite Lives (2E0C)
hexalter -i "Gomola Speed (J).ips" 0x307F=0xAD &:: Infinite Lives (2216)
hexalter -i "Gradius (J) Invincible.ips" 0x3420=0xAD, 0x3423=0x29, 0x3428=0x29 &:: Invincible (2474)
hexalter -i "Gradius (J).ips" 0x2235=0xB5 &:: Infinite Lives (2085)
hexalter -i "Gunhed (J) Invincible.ips" 0x6718=0x8C &:: Infinite Lives (3310)
hexalter -i "Gunhed (J).ips" 0x677B=0xAD &:: Infinite Lives (237D)
hexalter -i "Hana Taka Daka! (J).ips" 0x0776=0xAD &:: Infinite Lives (242D)
hexalter -i "Heavy Unit (J).ips" 0x0B37=0xA5 &:: Infinite Lives (2008)
hexalter -i "Honey in the Sky (J).ips" 0x649B=0xAD &:: Infinite Lives (267B)
hexalter -i "Image Fight (J).ips" 0x30F2=0xAD &:: Infinite Lives (34A2)
hexalter -i "Image Fight Invincible (J).ips" 0x4FE9=0xAD &:: Infinite Lives (2F21)
hexalter -i "Impossamole (U) [h1].ips" 0x4110=0xA5 &:: Infinite Lives (2022)
hexalter -i "Jackie Chan's Action Kung Fu (U).ips" 0xD938=0xA5 &:: Infinite Energy (20D2)
hexalter -i "Jigoku Meguri (J) Invincible.ips" 0x34F6=0xAD &:: Invincible (3128)
hexalter -i "Juuouki (J).ips" 0x3464=0xBD &:: Infinite Lives (2900)
hexalter -i "Kato Chan & Ken Chan (J).ips" 0x2404=0xAD &:: Infinite Lives (2A66)
hexalter -i "Keith Courage in Alpha Zones (U).ips" 0xBC7A=0xA5 &:: Infinite Energy (20C8)
hexalter -i "Kyuukyoku Tiger (J) Invincible.ips" 0x2F6F=0xBD, 0x4FBB=0xBD &:: Invincible (2CEA)
hexalter -i "Kyuukyoku Tiger (J).ips" 0x22DE=0xAD &:: Infinite Lives (367B)
hexalter -i "Legend of Hero Tonma (J).ips" 0x360D=0xAD &:: Infinite Lives (349C)
hexalter -i "Legend of Hero Tonma Invincible (J).ips" 0x6946=0xAD &:: Invincible (2574)
hexalter -i "Legendary Axe II, The (U).ips" 0x33A5=0xAD &:: Infinite Lives (310D)
hexalter -i "Legendary Axe, The (U) Energy.ips" 0x0888=0xA5, 0x088A=0xAD &:: Infinite Energy (2093)
hexalter -i "Legendary Axe, The (U).ips" 0x682C=0xA5 &:: Infinite Lives (2009)
hexalter -i "Magical Chase (J).ips" 0x4F1D=0xAD &:: Infinite Energy (2E40)
hexalter -i "Magical Chase (U) [!].ips" 0x4D1D=0xAD &:: Infinite Energy (2E40)
hexalter -i "Makai Prince Dorabocchan (J).ips" 0x9BE5=0xAD &:: Infinite Lives (283F)
hexalter -i "Marchen Maze (J).ips" 0x5E4B=0xAD &:: Infinite Lives (2625)
hexalter -i "Metal Stoker (J).ips" 0x0A04=0xAD, 0x0AB8=0xAD &:: Infinite Lives (2614)
hexalter -i "Mizubaku Daibouken (J).ips" 0x2697=0xAD &:: Infinite Lives (2611)
hexalter -i "Momotarou Katsugeki (J).ips" 0x44ADD=0xAD &:: Infinite Lives (3BB8)
hexalter -i "Mr. Heli no Daibouken (J) Energy.ips" 0x2783=0xAD &:: Infinite Lives (3004)
hexalter -i "Mr. Heli no Daibouken (J).ips" 0x0D09=0xAD &:: Infinite Lives (3003)
hexalter -i "New Adventure Island (U) Energy.ips" 0xA5D3=0xAD &:: Infinite Energy (22D2)
hexalter -i "New Adventure Island (U) Invincible.ips" 0x764D=0x87 &:: Invincible (20AE)
hexalter -i "New Adventure Island (U).ips" 0xB47A=0xAD &:: Infinite Lives (22D4)
hexalter -i "New Zealand Story, The (J).ips" 0x910A=0xA5 &:: Infinite Lives (202C)
hexalter -i "Night Creatures (U).ips" 0x1729E=0xBE, 0x0D7A=0xAD, 0x1F7F=0xAD &:: Infinite Energy (2422)
hexalter -i "Ninja Ryukenden (J).ips" 0x308F=0xAD &:: Infinite Lives (2EAF)
hexalter -i "Ninja Ryukenden (J) Energy.ips" 0x3187=0xAD &:: Infinite Energy (2EAD)
hexalter -i "Ninja Spirit (U) Energy.ips" 0x38AF=0xBD &:: Infinite Lives (37C9)
hexalter -i "Ninja Spirit (U).ips" 0x100F=0xBD &:: Infinite Lives (2B68)
hexalter -i "Ninja Warriors, The (J) Energy.ips" 0x12F1D=0xAD, 0x130E6=0xAD &:: Infinite Energy (3319)
hexalter -i "Obocchamakun (J).ips" 0x3AE0=0xAD &:: Infinite Lives (3E04)
hexalter -i "Operation Wolf (J).ips" 0x3005=0x9D &:: Infinite Energy (2924)
hexalter -i "Ordyne (J) Invincible.ips" 0xFAC9=0xB5 &:: Invincible (20B1)
hexalter -i "Ordyne (J).ips" 0x1666=0xBE &:: Infinite Lives (2051)
hexalter -i "OutRun (J).ips" 0x338B7=0xA5 &:: Infinite Time (202B)
hexalter -i "Override - Mission Code -Override- (J) Energy.ips" 0x282C=0xA5 &:: Infinite Energy (2056)
hexalter -i "Override - Mission Code -Override- (J).ips" 0x08ED=0xA5 &:: Infinite Lives (2057)
hexalter -i "P-47 - The Freedom Fighter (J).ips" 0x431E=0xAD &:: Infinite Lives (2530)
hexalter -i "Paranoia (J) Invincible.ips" 0x4D45=0xAD &:: Invincible (2CE1)
hexalter -i "Paranoia (J).ips" 0x226F=0xAD &:: Infinite Lives (334C)
hexalter -i "Parasol Stars - The Story of Bubble Bobble III (U).ips" 0x59F9=0xAD &:: Infinite Lives (39AD)
hexalter -i "Parodius Da! - Shinwa kara Owarai he (J) Invincible.ips" 0x07E9=0xAD &:: Invincible (29AC)
hexalter -i "Parodius Da! - Shinwa kara Owarai he (J).ips" 0x0DA5=0xB5 &:: Infinite Lives (2087)
hexalter -i "Power Gate (J).ips" 0x9217=0xAD &:: Infinite Lives (3C6C)
hexalter -i "Psycho Chaser (J).ips" 0x048E=0xA5 &:: Infinite Lives (2041)
hexalter -i "Puzznic (J).ips" 0x0AAF=0xCD, 0x1968=0xCD, 0x26A0=0xAD  &:: Infinite Time, Lives (2431, 2443)
hexalter -i "Rabio Lepus Special (J).ips" 0x1A64=0xAD &:: Infinite Energy (2185)
hexalter -i "R-Type (U) [h1] Invincible.ips" 0x0DF3=0x8D, 0x40C47=0x8D &:: Invincible (2166)
hexalter -i "R-Type (U) [h1].ips" 0x0930=0xAD &:: Infinite Lives (2142)
hexalter -i "Rabio Lepus Special (J).ips" 0x4D46=0xAD &:: Infinite Lives (2187)
hexalter -i "Raiden (J) Invincible.ips" 0x1FC43=0xBD &:: Invincible (25C6)
hexalter -i "Raiden (J).ips" 0x2391=0xAD &:: Infinite Lives (34CF)
hexalter -i "Rock On (J).ips" 0x02B2=0xAD &:: Infinite Lives (2685)
hexalter -i "Salamander (J) Invincible.ips" 0xE760=0xBD &:: Invincible (29C4)
hexalter -i "Salamander (J).ips" 0xE777=0xBE &:: Infinite Lives (2085)
hexalter -i "Shinobi (J).ips" 0x18683=0xAD &:: Infinite Lives (27E5)
hexalter -i "ShockMan (U).ips" 0x078E=0xAD &:: Infinite Energy (2E0C)
hexalter -i "Side Arms - Hyper Dyne (J).ips" 0x0D14=0xA5 &:: Infinite Lives (206C)
hexalter -i "Soldier Blade (J).ips" 0x4C0A=0xAD &:: Infinite Lives (366A)
hexalter -i "Somer Assault (U) Energy.ips" 0x4818=0xAD &:: Infinite Lives (3111)
hexalter -i "Somer Assault (U).ips" 0x1923=0xAD &:: Infinite Lives (3300)
hexalter -i "Son Son II (J).ips" 0x1754=0xAD, 0x1226A=0xAD &:: Infinite Energy (22B8)
hexalter -i "Space Harrier (J).ips" 0x75F1=0xA5 &:: Infinite Lives (200D)
hexalter -i "Space Invaders - Fukkatsu no Hi (J).ips" 0xCC11=0xAD, 0x1460=0xAD &:: Infinite Lives Old and New (2DFF, 3089)
hexalter -i "Splatterhouse (J) Invincible.ips" 0x26A4=0xBE, 0x5D2C=0xBE &:: Invincible (2DF4)
hexalter -i "Splatterhouse (J).ips" 0x4865=0xBE &:: Infinite Lives (2DF4)
hexalter -i "Super Star Soldier (J) Invincible.ips" 0x11EE=0xA5 &:: Invincible (2063)
hexalter -i "Super Star Soldier (J).ips" 0x2CCD=0xA5 &:: Infinite Lives (206F)
hexalter -i "TaleSpin (U).ips" 0x5BA3=0xAD &:: Infinite Lives (37DE)
hexalter -i "Tatsujin (J) Invincible.ips" 0x2D29=0xAD, 0x2D24=0xAD &:: Invincible (2230)
hexalter -i "Tatsujin (J).ips" 0x39FF=0xA5 &:: Infinite Lives (2054)
hexalter -i "Tenseiryuu - Saint Dragon (J).ips" 0x101A=0xAD &:: Infinite Lives (32CC)
hexalter -i "Terra Cresta II - Mandrer no Gyakushuu (J).ips" 0x0998=0xAD &:: Infinite Lives (3289)
hexalter -i "Thunder Blade (J).ips" 0x3E9B=0xA5 &:: Infinite Lives (2038)
hexalter -i "Toilet Kids (J).ips" 0x32EC=0xA5 &:: Infinite Energy (208F)
hexalter -i "Toy Shop Boys (J).ips" 0x355D=0xBD &:: Infinite Lives (2BEB)
hexalter -i "Turrican (U) [h1].ips" 0x23F5=0xAD &:: Infinite Lives (2C50)
hexalter -i "Valkyrie no Densetsu (J).ips" 0x1A186=0xA5 &:: Infinite Energy (20BF)
hexalter -i "Vigilante (J).ips" 0x3687=0xAD &:: Infinite Lives (2755)
hexalter -i "Violent Soldier (J) Invincible.ips" 0xB5D1=0xBE &:: Invincible (2210)
hexalter -i "Violent Soldier (J).ips" 0x347A=0xAD &:: Infinite Lives (39F3)
hexalter -i "W Ring - The Double Rings (J).ips" 0x22CB=0xAD &:: Infinite Lives (35FE)
hexalter -i "Xevious - Fardraut Densetsu (J).ips" 0x5401=0xAD &:: Infinite Lives (220D)
hexalter -i "Youkai Douchuuki (J).ips" 0x0D3C=0xAD, 0x3AF69=0xAD, 0x3B4BD=0xAD &:: Infinite Energy (2028)
hexalter -i "Zipang (J).ips" 0x0565=0xA5 &:: Infinite Lives (20A8)

Here is a quick tutorial:

We want Magic Engine formatted codes. Let's do Batman for example:

Infinite Lives - F833AA:2

Drop F8 from the beginning and :2 from the end to get the RAM value for lives - 33AA

1. Open Mednafen (emulator) by dropping the Batman rom on to its executable
2. Hit Alt+D to open the debugger
3. Type Shift+W for breakcode write
4. Type 33AA and hit enter
5. Hit Alt+D to hide the debugger
6. Get killed to decrease the lives value. This will bring the debugger back up
7. Open Batman in a hex editor (HxD)
8. Open a find, toggle to hex, and type the hex on the right hand side:
9. Change the value of the CE. I used a AD to change the decrease to a load (basically does nothing)
10. Save the rom and reopen it to see if it worked

Changes I make using this as a reference:

8D - AD
C6 - A5
85 - A5
9D - BD
D6 - B5
95 - B5
99 - BE

VisitntX has a thread over here that has some IPS patches already made:

Mega EverDrive / Patching Master System Games for Infinite Lives
« on: September 26, 2013, 04:12 AM »
It seems silly to have two threads for this but it's applicable to the Mega Everdrive as well.

I am making patches for Master System games so that they can have infinite lives. Currently neither the Master nor Mega Everdrive can accept Action Replay codes for the SMS.

Master EverDrive / Master System Cheat Codes (Requests go here)
« on: September 26, 2013, 04:09 AM »
I have a thing for infinite lives. I don't need to be invincible. I don't need infinite magic or ammo. I just want to be able to play through a game without having to replay a stage I've already completed. I have limited time for gaming between work and family. When I do have time I like to play games through to the ending.

This thread is for hard-coding infinite lives into Sega Master System roms. This is primarily useful when playing roms on real hardware via a flash cart. On an emulator an Action Replay code would suffice.

Feel free to request a game that isn't listed.

To patch a game:

Download LunarIPS (Windows), MultiPatch (Mac)
Patch a matching .sms rom with the .ips file

hexalter -i "Action Fighter (UE) [!].ips" 0x3824=0x2A &:: Infinite Time (C118)
hexalter -i "Addams Family, The (E) [!].ips" 0x0628=0x3A &:: Infinite Lives (C32D)
hexalter -i "Aerial Assault (UE) [!].ips" 0x359A=0x1A &:: Infinite Lives (C139)
hexalter -i "After Burner (UE) [!].ips" 0x2DC3=0x00 &:: Infinite Lives (C018)
hexalter -i "Air Rescue (E) [!].ips" 0x2534=0x3A &:: Infinite Lives (C113)
hexalter -i "Aladdin (E) [!].ips" 0x3F89=0x3A &:: Infinite Energy (C116)
hexalter -i "Aleste (W) [!].ips" 0x5EE4=0x00 &:: Infinite Lives (C812)
hexalter -i "Alex Kidd - The Lost Stars (UE) [!].ips" 0x33D0=0x2A, 0x3403=0x2A &:: Infinite Energy (CD1D)
hexalter -i "Alex Kidd in High Tech World (UE) [!].ips" 0x6174=0x3A &:: Infinite Time (C10E)
hexalter -i "Alex Kidd in Miracle World (U) (V1.0).ips" 0x6C28=0x7E &:: Infinite Lives (C025)
hexalter -i "Alex Kidd in Shinobi World (UE) [!] Energy.ips" 0x28FD=0xB6 &:: Infinite Energy (C22E)
hexalter -i "Alex Kidd in Shinobi World (UE) [!].ips" 0x04DC=0x7E &:: Infinite Lives (C22F)
hexalter -i "ALF (U) [!].ips" 0x037B=0x3A &:: Infinite Lives (C24A)
hexalter -i "Alien 3 (E) [!].ips" 0x5AD3=0x00 &:: Infinite Lives (C424)
hexalter -i "Alien Storm (E) [!].ips" 0x76BE=0x3A &:: Infinite Lives (C119)
hexalter -i "Alien Syndrome (UE) [!].ips" 0x08F5=0x3A &:: Infinite Lives (C054)
hexalter -i "Altered Beast (UE) [!].ips" 0x0E84=0x7E &:: Infinite Lives (C08F)
hexalter -i "Arcade Smash Hits (E) [!].ips" 0x84A0=0x3A, 0xC161=0x3A &:: Breakout, Centipede Infinite Lives (C021)
hexalter -i "Ariel - The Little Mermaid (B).ips" 0x6611=0x3A &:: Infinite Lives (C24A)
hexalter -i "As Aventuras da TV Colosso (B).ips" 0x7CF0=0x3A &:: Infinite Lives (C0DC)
hexalter -i "Assault City - Light Phaser Version (E) [!].ips" 0x327D=0x00, 0x3354=0x00, 0xC012=0x00, 0xD795=0x00, 0x10012=0x00, 0x11A5C=0x00, 0x1457B=0x00, 0x14A8A=0x00, 0x1579D=0x00 &:: Infinite Energy (C0D9)
hexalter -i "Assault City - Pad Version (E) [!].ips" 0x328C=0x00, 0x3363=0x00, 0xC012=0x00, 0xD795=0x00, 0x10012=0x00, 0x11A5C=0x00, 0x1457B=0x00, 0x14A8A=0x00, 0x1579D=0x00 &:: Infinite Energy (C0D9)
hexalter -i "Asterix (E) (V1.0) [!] Energy.ips" 0x2E109=0xB6 &:: Infinite Energy (C09A)
hexalter -i "Asterix (E) (V1.0) [!].ips" 0x49BD=0x7E &:: Infinite Lives (C09D)
hexalter -i "Asterix and the Great Rescue (E) [!].ips" 0x399C=0x00 &:: Infinite Lives (C197)
hexalter -i "Asterix and the Secret Mission (E) [!].ips" 0x7DA9=0x3A &:: Infinite Lives (C0DC)
hexalter -i "Astro Warrior (U) [!].ips" 0x015B=0x7E &:: Infinite Lives (C23F)
hexalter -i "Astro Warrior & Pit Pot (E) [!].ips" 0x0162=0x7E, 0x690E=0x00 &:: Infinite Lives (C021)
hexalter -i "Aztec Adventure - The Golden Road to Paradise (UE) [!].ips" 0x2104=0xB6 &:: Infinite Lives (C144)
hexalter -i "Back to the Future Part II (UE) [!].ips" 0x25C4=0x3A &:: Infinite Lives (C363)
hexalter -i "Bank Panic (E) [!].ips" 0x1F16=0xB6 &:: Infinite Energy (C01F)
hexalter -i "Batman Returns (UE) [!].ips" 0x0690=0x46 &:: Infinite Lives (D29B)
hexalter -i "Battle Out Run (E) [!].ips" 0x1F33=0x3A &:: Infinite Time (C19F)
hexalter -i "Battlemaniacs (B) [!].ips" 0x616E=0xB6 &:: Infinite Lives P1 (C781)
hexalter -i "Black Belt (UE) [!].ips" 0x1BBC=0xB6 &:: Infinite Lives (D9AC)
hexalter -i "Blade Eagle 3D (UE) [!].ips" 0x79EA=0x7E &:: Infinite Lives (C180)
hexalter -i "Bomber Raid (UE) [!].ips" 0x2D44=0x3A &:: Infinite Lives (C042)
hexalter -i "Bonanza Bros (E) [!].ips" 0x27E8=0xB6 &:: Infinite Lives (C4E1)
hexalter -i "Bonkers Wax Up! (UE) [!].ips" 0x71B28=0x3A &:: Infinite Lives (C375)
hexalter -i "Bram Stoker's Dracula (E) [!].ips" 0x52A6=0x3A &:: Infinite Lives (C53D)
hexalter -i "Bubble Bobble (E) [!].ips" 0xC864=0x00 &:: Infinite Lives (CEB7)
hexalter -i "Captain Silver (E) [!].ips" 0x21FA=0x7E &:: Infinite Lives (C028)
hexalter -i "Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse (U) (V1.0) [!] Energy.ips" 0x2EE1=0xB6 &:: Infinite Energy (C0BD)
hexalter -i "Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse (U) (V1.0) [!].ips" 0x148F=0x7E &:: Infinite Lives (C0C8)
hexalter -i "Chapolim x Dracula - Um Duelo Assustador (B) [!].ips" 0x036B=0x00 &:: Infinite Lives (C1E0)
hexalter -i "Cheese Cat-astrophe (E) [!].ips" 0x4ED1=0x00 &:: Infinite Lives (C219)
hexalter -i "Choplifter (UE) [!].ips" 0x27D7=0x00 &:: Infinite Lives (C29B)
hexalter -i "Chuck Rock (E) [!].ips" 0x13E8=0x00 &:: Infinite Lives (C08E)
hexalter -i "Chuck Rock II - Son of Chuck (E) [!].ips" 0x5B67=0x3A &:: Infinite Lives (DD5C)
hexalter -i "Cloud Master (UE) [!].ips" 0x15B1=0x3A &:: Infinite Lives (C4C9)
hexalter -i "Cool Spot (E) [!].ips" 0x1480=0xB6 &:: Infinite Lives (D18E)
hexalter -i "Cyber Shinobi (UE) [!].ips" 0x2C73=0xB6 &:: Infinite Lives (C00E)
hexalter -i "Daffy Duck in Hollywood (E) [!].ips" 0x0F9A=0x00 &:: Infinite Lives (C58A)
hexalter -i "Dead Angle (UE) [!].ips" 0x1142=0x7E &:: Infinite Lives (C01C)
hexalter -i "Deep Duck Trouble (E) [!] Energy.ips" 0x7E113=0x7E, 0x7E1B1=0x7E &:: Infinite Energy (D2B2)
hexalter -i "Deep Duck Trouble (E) [!].ips" 0x679F=0x3A &:: Infinite Lives (D2B1)
hexalter -i "Desert Speedtrap - Starring Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote (E) (M5).ips" 0x0EDD=0x3A &:: Infinite Lives (C026)
hexalter -i "Desert Strike (UE) [!].ips" 0x13E2=0xB6 &:: Infinite Lives (CED5)
hexalter -i "Dick Tracy (UE) [!].ips" 0x125B=0xB6 &:: Infinite Lives (CE67)
hexalter -i "Double Dragon (UE) [!].ips" 0x31D9=0xB6 &:: Infinite Lives (CB2B)
hexalter -i "Double Hawk (E) [!].ips" 0x2C2F=0x7E &:: Infinite Lives (C398)
hexalter -i "Dragon - The Bruce Lee Story (E) [!].ips" 0xB471=0x00 &:: Infinite Lives (CCA9)
hexalter -i "Dynamite Duke (E) [!].ips" 0x39C3=0x00 &:: Infinite Lives (C981)
hexalter -i "Dynamite Dux (E) [!].ips" 0x187D=0xB6 &:: Infinite Lives (C04B)
hexalter -i "Dynamite Headdy (B) [!].ips" 0x2446=0xB6 &:: Infinite Lives (C013)
hexalter -i "E-SWAT - City Under Siege (UE) [!].ips" 0x0E03=0x3A &:: Infinite Lives (C0C1)
hexalter -i "Earthworm Jim (B) [!].ips" 0x340E=0x3A &:: Infinite Lives (C1D6)
hexalter -i "Fantastic Dizzy (E) [!].ips" 0x3C05=0x3A &:: Infinite Lives (D961)
hexalter -i "Fantasy Zone (UE) [!].ips" 0x25DB=0xB6 &:: Infinite Lives (C065)
hexalter -i "Fantasy Zone - The Maze (UE) [!].ips" 0x5BBC=0x00 &:: Infinite Lives (C067)
hexalter -i "Fantasy Zone II - The Tears of Opa-Opa (UE) [!].ips" 0x486E=0x00 &:: Infinite Lives (C0A3)
hexalter -i "Ferias Frustradas do Picapau (B).ips" 0xA2A3=0x00 &:: Infinite Lives (C72A)
hexalter -i "Fire & Ice (B) [!].ips" 0x31B7=0x3A &:: Infinite Lives (D56B)
hexalter -i "Flash, The (E) [!].ips" 0x3EB6=0x3C &:: Infinite Lives (C0A1)
hexalter -i "Forgotten Worlds (E) [!].ips" 0x2A9F=0x3A &:: Infinite Energy (CC8C)
hexalter -i "Ghouls 'n Ghosts (UE) [!].ips" 0x2BD5B=0x00 &:: Infinite Lives (C033)
hexalter -i "Golden Axe (UE) [!].ips" 0x1B5F=0x00 &:: Infinite Lives (C005)
hexalter -i "Golden Axe Warrior (UE) [!].ips" 0x27D7=0x7E &:: Infinite Energy (C318)
hexalter -i "Golvellius - Valley of Doom (UE) [!].ips" 0x3834=0x7E &:: Infinite Energy (C81A)
hexalter -i "James Bond 007 - The Duel (E).ips" 0x365B=0x3A &:: Infinite Lives (C735)
hexalter -i "Kung Fu Kid (UE) [!].ips" 0x0B8A=0x3A &:: Infinite Lives (C081)
hexalter -i "Land of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse (U) [!] Energy.ips" 0x20C19=0x00 &:: Infinite Energy (C099)
hexalter -i "Land of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse (U) [!] Energy.ips" 0x20C19=0xB6 &:: Infinite Energy (C099)
hexalter -i "Laser Ghost (E) [!].ips" 0x1CBC=0x3A, 0x6B7D=0x00 &:: Infinite Energy (C338), Infinite Time (C01C)
hexalter -i "Lucky Dime Caper, The - Starring Donald Duck (E) [!] Energy.ips" 0x1550=0x00 &:: Infinite Energy (C13E)
hexalter -i "Lucky Dime Caper, The - Starring Donald Duck (E) [!].ips" 0x1A25=0xB6 &:: Infinite Lives (C069)
hexalter -i "Legend of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse (U) [!].ips" 0x5229=0x00 &:: Infinite Lives (C304)
hexalter -i "Maze Hunter 3D (U) [!].ips" 0x2B20=0x3A &:: Infinite Lives (C03F)
hexalter -i "My Hero (UE) [!].ips" 0x0571=0x00 &:: Infinite Lives (C045)
hexalter -i "New Zealand Story, The (E) [!].ips" 0xA964=0xB6 &:: Infinite Lives (DDEC)
hexalter -i "Ninja Gaiden (E) [!].ips" 0x1615=0x3A &:: Infinite Lives (DFC7)
hexalter -i "Power Strike 2 (E) [!].ips" 0xC4C0=0x3A &:: Infinite Lives (C314)
hexalter -i "Psychic World (E) [!].ips" 0x283F=0x7E, 0x289A=0x7E &:: Infinite Energy, ESP (DF10, DF12)
hexalter -i "Psycho Fox (UE) [!].ips" 0x0F33=0xB6 &:: Infinite Lives (C016)
hexalter -i "Quartet (UE) [!].ips" 0x22AB=0x00 &:: Infinite Lives (C016)
hexalter -i "R-Type (UE) [!].ips" 0x0AF9=0xB6 &:: Infinite Lives (CE01)
hexalter -i "Rastan (UE) [!].ips" 0x8E9E=0x3A &:: Infinite Energy (C020)
hexalter -i "Robocop 3 (E) [!].ips" 0x2AD8=0x3A &:: Infinite Lives (CE6A)
hexalter -i "Robocop versus The Terminator (UE) [!].ips" 0x48CC=0x3A &:: Infinite Lives (D05B)
hexalter -i "Shadow of the Beast (E) [!].ips" 0x334F=0x3A &:: Infinite Lives (DA50)
hexalter -i "Shinobi (UE) [!] Energy.ips" 0xB533=0x7E &:: Infinite Lives (C06C)
hexalter -i "Shinobi (UE) [!].ips" 0x0851=0x00 &:: Infinite Lives (C07A)
hexalter -i "Smurfs, The (E) [!] Energy.ips" 0x9CB3=0x3A &:: Infinite Energy (D924)
hexalter -i "Smurfs, The (E) [!].ips" 0x355E=0x3A &:: Infinite Lives (D923)
hexalter -i "Solomon no Kagi - Oujo Rihita no Namida (J) [!].ips" 0x2A8C=0x3A &:: Infinite Lives (C4A9)
hexalter -i "Sonic Chaos (E) [!].ips" 0x15FB=0x3A &:: Infinite Lives (D299)
hexalter -i "Sonic The Hedgehog (UE) [!].ips" 0x5464=0x00 &:: Infinite Lives (D246)
hexalter -i "Sonic The Hedgehog 2 (UE) (V1.0) [!].ips" 0x0930=0x00 &:: Infinite Lives (D298)
hexalter -i "Sonic Triple Trouble.ips" 0x13F0=0x3A &:: Infinite Lives (D140)
hexalter -i "Spacegun (E) [!].ips" 0x3630=0x7E, 0x36BB=0x7E &:: Infinite Energy (C4B7)
hexalter -i "Space Harrier 3D (UE) [!].ips" 0x60D6=0xB6 &:: Infinite Lives (C139)
hexalter -i "Streets of Rage (E) [a1].ips" 0x2928=0x00 &:: Infinite Lives (C013)
hexalter -i "Streets of Rage 2 (E) [!].ips" 0x3131D=0x7E &:: Infinite Lives (CCFF)
hexalter -i "Strider (UE) [!].ips" 0x57AB=0x00 &:: Infinite Lives (D485)
hexalter -i "Submarine Attack (UE) [!].ips" 0x3220=0xB6 &:: Infinite Lives (C028)
hexalter -i "Super Space Invaders (E) [!].ips" 0x52FC=0x00 &:: Infinite Lives (C2EE)
hexalter -i "Taito Chase H.Q. (J) [!].ips" 0x24F3=0x2A &:: Infinite Time (C238)
hexalter -i "Teddy Boy (UE) [!].ips" 0x3219=0xB6 &:: Infinite Lives (C01B)
hexalter -i "Terminator, The (E) [!].ips" 0x3C40=0x3A &:: Infinite Energy (CC16)
hexalter -i "Thunder Blade (UE) [!].ips" 0x270A=0xB6 &:: Infinite Lives (C00A)
hexalter -i "Trans-Bot (UE) [!].ips" 0x0710=0x3A &:: Infinite Lives (C15D)
hexalter -i "Vampire (E) [!] Energy.ips" 0x46FC=0x3A &:: Infinite Energy (CA3A)
hexalter -i "Vampire (E) [!].ips" 0x1160=0x3A &:: Infinite Lives (DFBA)
hexalter -i "Wonder Boy (UE) [!] Energy.ips" 0x63D7=0x00, 0x64B1=0x7E &:: Infinite Energy (CC36)
hexalter -i "Wonder Boy (UE) [!].ips" 0x156C=0x7E &:: Infinite Lives (C143)
hexalter -i "Wonder Boy III - The Dragon's Trap (UE) [!].ips" 0x2511=0x2A &:: Infinite Energy (CF52)
hexalter -i "Wonder Boy in Monster Land (UE) (V1.1) [!].ips" 0x3895=0x7E &:: Infinite Energy (C0BC)
hexalter -i "Zillion (UE) (V1.1) [!].ips" 0x3045=0x1A, 0x3083=0x1A, 0x30B4=0x1A &:: Infinite Energy (C143)

Tutorial to play along at home:

Open a recent build of Meka with the cheat finder
Load a game and get into the actual gameplay
Press the == button on the cheat finder without any additional input
Lose a life
Hit the < key
Lose another life
Hit the < key again
Repeat until you run out of lives
You should end up with a few ram values where the life counter is stored
Click on one. If it flickers or shows a constantly changing value move on
The good value should be one that decreases each time you die
Scribble this down once you have it. It is half the puzzle

Reset the game or hit continue and get back into gameplay
Open the debugger
Type the c key + enter to continue
Type b + space + the ram code above and hit enter. This will freeze the game when it is read or written to
Focus on the game play window and kill your character
You should see a rom value when it is decreased. Scribble this down as well

Open the memory editor and click on rom
Type the value from the debugger and hit enter. It will jump to its position
Try changing its hex value to a 00 for a noop. This will tell the game to do nothing in place of the decrease
Other potential values are:

12 - 1A
22 - 2A
32 - 3A
35 - 00, B6
70 - 46
77 - 7E

Mega EverDrive / Sorting Roms into Genres
« on: September 10, 2013, 01:41 PM »
I posted this in the NES forum as well. Sorry if this is discouraged.

I prefer having roms sorted by genre. That way I can think 'shooter' rather than 'Truxton.' I can easily filter out sports games so I don't have to scroll past NFL 1947 - 1996. It also makes it easier to discover new games I haven't played before.

I couldn't find any automated tools to do this. So I put some together. These are small bat files that work with extracted GoodTools romsets. Put them in your rom directory and run them.

Genesis -
Master System -
PC Engine -

EverDrive N8 / Sorting Games into Genres
« on: September 09, 2013, 12:07 AM »
I am not a huge fan of massive rom lists. I've found that I greatly prefer them sorted into genres. I couldn't find any tools that offer this for the NES.

Here's a small bat file that will chew through a GoodNES set and copy files to sub directories. Just put it in the same directory as an extracted GoodNES set and run it.

I need to do the same for Genesis. It just took me several hours to get this together. Let me know what you think.

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