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Is there a way to restore an Everdrive GG to factory defaults ? (without anything already pre-loaded)
I tried re-flashing the firmware without success...

Another question I have: is everdrive GG compatible with OS-v1 and OS-v2 ? Reading the cheangelist it seems that GG support was available only from OS-v4... what happens if I flash a <OS-v4 to my Everdrive GG ?

EverDrive GG / Use everdrive gg on a real master system?
« on: May 19, 2019, 10:12 AM »
Hi guys, will it be possible to use an everdrive gg inside a real master system re-routing the correct pins (more than 20 i suppose) ? If so i will try to build an adapter (i already have the connectors to do it). THe redirection pinout can be found here:

Here they are some pics if the site will go offiline:

Please Someone let me know that, Thank you :)

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