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EverDrive GBA / Can the next OS update force alphabetical order?
« on: October 03, 2016, 04:15 AM »
Got my Everdrive GBA and love it, but the ROMs and folders all appear in the order when I added them to the SD card. Copying the folder to the desktop and back to the card again solves that issue, but if I add a new ROM I'll have to go to the very last page to find it no matter what unless I copy the entire folder over again. I have to deal with this on the GameBoy Everdrive a lot. I know the GBA is powerful enough to sort alphabetically.

Other than that though I'm lovin' it, especially when used with Swift on the Gamecube to force 240p.

EverDrive 64 / Can't run games any more. FAT error. 0xFC
« on: August 26, 2016, 03:33 AM »
My Everdrive 64 was working fine until an hour ago. Now any time I try to launch a game, I get FAT ERROR 0xFC when the menu is trying to do something with the save file. This card worked just fine with saves before. I tried a newer even more modern card (class 10) and I still get the same error, so the issue is 100% with the ED64 and not the SD card. What could it be?

EDIT: I temporarily fixed it by changing the SAVE TYPE in the ED64 options to NO SAVE. What, ideally, should it be set to?

Mega EverDrive / Wonder Boy in Monster World doesn't work
« on: February 23, 2015, 07:01 AM »
When you press START, the game freezes, refusing to advance. I tried multiple different ROMs and I don't have the in-game menu enabled or anything like that. Button presses work fine to skip the demo, it's just when it begins at the title screen, it dies. Battery save issue?

Can anyone test to see if this game works on a regular non-Mega Everdrive?

EverDrive N8 / Elite?
« on: May 15, 2013, 10:34 AM »
Not sure how many of you have played this cool little game. It's amazing what it's doing on the NES without any special mappers, cheater chips and less than a megabit of memory. Fast-moving wireframe 3D graphics! Unfortunately it's a PAL game. It'll play on an NTSC console, but the bottom half of the screen is garbage. I don't suppose there would be any way to fix this to run properly on NTSC consoles, would there?

But you lucky PAL users should try this out and marvel what this weak machine was able to do with so little!

Master EverDrive / Dot files
« on: April 16, 2013, 04:00 AM »
Hey Krikzz can we get an update so the SMS Everdrive ignored filenames that start with a . ?  Thanks.

Also, the SMS Everdrive seems to be incapable of seeing directories named "SG-1000". Why is that?

EverDrive N8 / Save function is messed up
« on: February 27, 2013, 03:53 PM »
I was playing Ys 3 and the save worked. I was also playing Ys 1 and the save worked on that one, too. But I noticed that the Everdrive only ever wrote the save file for Ys 1 to the card. Playing through Ys 3 is fine as long as I don't boot up another game that uses battery back up. But I loaded the Ys 1 save and played that for a bit. I came back to Ys 3 and the save was gone gone gone. It never wrote to the SD card.

EverDrive N8 / Rad Racer 2?
« on: February 26, 2013, 04:58 PM »
This game uses mapper 4 and it plays, but the graphics are drawn wrong.

EverDrive N8 / How many files per directory in Everdrive N8?
« on: February 24, 2013, 04:06 PM »
Just curious.

EverDrive N8 / Er 50 - SD Initialization Error
« on: February 22, 2013, 02:46 AM »
This is the only screen I can get the thing to display. Sandisk 4GB MicroSD FAT32.

Mega EverDrive / The BAD ROM PAR workaround/Hex-edit thread.
« on: February 09, 2013, 01:33 AM »
I figured we should have all this in a thread. Chilly Willy has already posted information for getting two ROMs that don't normally load on the Mega ED to load by using Pro Action Replay codes or using a Hex editor to change certain values so that the ROM loads every time.

Dragon's Revenge
or Hex edit the byte at offset $36D from $70 to $71

Harry Potter
or Hex edit the the words at $186B52 and $186B66 to $5345.

Since Chilly Willy is bad-ass, he has suggested that if you have a ROM that won't load on the Mega ED to let him know as he can usually figure out a way for it to work. But please, make sure you've tried loading other versions of the same ROM as well as you may simply just have a bad ROM.

EverDrive N8 / Mappers
« on: February 06, 2013, 03:50 AM »
Do we have to download our own? Where does one get mappers? My Google-fu doesn't seem to be helping and I don't think they're in the goodsets.

Mega EverDrive / Can X-Men be completed with the Mega Everdrive?
« on: October 07, 2012, 04:49 AM »
The game X-Men requires that you press RESET on your Genesis / Mega Drive in order to get to the last area of the game, but pressing RESET boots into the Mega ED menu screen instead.  So is there a work-around for this game?  I know the SMS pause button also resets.  How about letting the Genesis Reset button do what it's supposed to do and resetting to the MED menu with the SMS Pause button instead?

Super EverDrive / Music Player
« on: September 22, 2012, 09:33 AM »
Would it be possible to make an SPC player that works with the Super Everdrive?  If the answer is no, does anyone know of a method to take SPCs and make then into legitimate SMC ROM files to play back on a real SNES via the Super Everdrive kind of like you can with VGZ files and the Everdrive?

EverDrive 64 / Folders
« on: September 16, 2012, 01:08 PM »
How many games/files can ED64 have in a single folder?

EverDrive 64 / Banjo Tooie doesn't work
« on: August 27, 2012, 12:03 PM »
I've tried every ROM image I can find.  No region works.  No amount of cheksum fixing, byte-swapping, word-swapping, header replacing or anything like that lets it run.  Mapper issue?

EDIT:  After a bit of searching I find that this is the one game that doesn't work with the ED64, it seems.  I have version 2 with the NTSC-chip, whatever number it is.

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