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I've read about needing UIC II installed, and the latest operating system and some other things to make DD and Arcade games work properly. What should my initial setup on my SD card be to get this up and running 100% so I dont have to worry about anything save for a few issues stickied?

I've also read that saving in certain games is weird.

Lastly, I have to ask because I've seen this in more than one place. The battery. What is the deal with it? What is it for? How long does it last? And are my saves stored on the actual rom on the SD meaning they are safe if the battery does need to be replaced?

P.S. What controller are people rocking these days? I'm fond of the original style, but I've had a bad experience with 3rd party controllers. They all have that issue when the joystick is either full on or off. Example being I can't walk in a game. I'm either not moving or I'm sprinting. I'm considering the Hyperkin Captain. Does that work well? Better options?

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