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EverDrive N8 / Forward-facing Famicom adapters?
« on: February 14, 2020, 07:45 AM »
Are there any adapters that keep Famicom carts facing forwards that work with the N8 Pro? I have tried the My Arcade adapter, and it doesn't work properly-- the menu is all garbled up, but otherwise it functions fine.

Other adapters I have work fine, so i know it's not the cartridge.

I posted pictures of the adapter PCB here:

Alternatively, is there any way I could modify the adapter that might help it function properly?

EverDrive N8 / N8 Pro + My Arcade Famicom-to-NES adapter problems
« on: January 01, 2020, 12:07 AM »
I have 3 different Famicom to NES adapters (one official from Gyromite, one Honeybee, one My Arcade) and I can't get my N8 Pro to work correctly with the My Arcade adapter. It works fine in the official and Honeybee adapters, but I'd prefer to use the My Arcade one if possible because it's lower profile and also lets the N8 Pro face forward instead of backwards. It also has a shell (which I cut the top off because the cart is too tall) so it isnt flopping around.

When I say "not work correctly" I mean the N8 Pro menu is all messed up. Sometimes only a few characters shows up for each entry, sometimes it's just random characters. But if I can navigate to a game, the game works fine without any glitches. I actually havent run into a single glitch once in a game. My regular N8 also work without issue (menu or games) in the same adapter.

EverDrive GBA / Error: F6 FAT system not found
« on: August 08, 2017, 06:12 AM »
I bought an EverDrive GBA in late 2016 from StoneAgeGamer. At the time, there were issues with SD cards so I bought a Kingston 32GB that was confirmed compatible and haven't had any issues. Until now.

Seemingly out of nowhere, I'm getting "Error: F6  FAT system not found" I've tried reformatting the card in various different ways, including suggestions in this thread:
I've also tried a few other SD cards, but to no avail.

One odd thing I've noticed is if the GBASYS folder and required system files aren't present, it says "FILE NOT FOUND  SD:/GBASYS/GBAOS.GBA" (I'm not sure how it can tell if a particular file is present or not if it can't even detect the file system itself...)

The bootloader is up to date at version 1.04 (updated when 1.04 was released)

Anyone have any suggestions?

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