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EverDrive GB / Re: Everdrive GB keeps resetting on GB Boy Colour
« on: October 11, 2020, 03:57 PM »

You search the Problems by the batteries, but what about the GBC itself?

Retrosix sell an higher capacitor for the power regulator from the GBC. It seems that the original 100uF cap is measured to tight. I wait for my X7, but when it comes an it makes problems with my GBC I change the Cap to one I have hear, 470uF or if I make an Order from Retrosix (I need a new shell and other GBA stuff) I order an the 680 with it 2,61Euro only is to much for an Cap (normal price around 0,40Euro or even less), but I haven't a store near to me and the lost of time... so its ok.

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