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News / Re: EverDrive N8 PRO has been released!
« on: February 03, 2020, 03:14 AM »
Is the Everdrive N8 Pro incompatible with the CopyNES like the original Everdrive N8 is, or has that problem been solved? That was the one thing I wish I'd known before I got an N8.

By the way, if you happen to have an Hi-Def NES mod (or Analogue NT) you could use this tool to make an .NES from an NSF with expansion audio and it will play.

The reason that would work is because even though mapper 31 does not have expansion audio, on the Hi-Def NES the expansion audio is actually generated by the Hi-Def NES mod itself, not the mapper, so it wouldn't matter that it's missing from the mapper.

For anyone with a regular Famicom, or an audio-modded NES, this will not work though. No expansion audio, sorry. That's never going to be part of this particular tool.

Reply to edited addtion:
i think that this can be automated if the nsf use the same exp chip. One automation for each type of nsf exp chip
No, that's not how it works.

Look, even if it was possible, which it's not, I'm not planning to make any future improvements to this tool.

If you really believe that I'm wrong about what's possible, that's fine, but  you're going to have to do it yourself, because I don't agree and you're not making any argument for it. If you want to prove me wrong, the source code is right there, so feel free.

NSFs with expansion audio require an NSF mapper with expansion audio to play. This does not exist. The mapper 31 thing this relies on is an NSF mapper with no expansion audio. (This mapper will not have expansion audio added in the future, its definition is already closed.)

In theory you could make a similar new mapper with all expansion audio included, but that would be its own big project and I'm not interested in it.

This project is not a generic NSF player, but a way to easily build an .NES album from an NSF. It doesn't work with all NSFs, and was never planned to do so. I offer it for free in case anyone finds what it already does useful.

It's somewhat possible to take a specific NSF and hack it to fit the requirements and build an .NES that works with its original mapper that already has expansion audio, but this is labour intensive, and you only get 1 ROM from all that effort. I'm not offering free labour services like that here, just this tool which I made to do an automated thing. This hacking can't really be automated.

Making an NSF player for Everdrive is possible of course, but that's not what this project is. I do have the skills required to make an actual NSF player for Everdrive, but again I'm not interested  in it. If you want to hire me to make one, that'd be a different discussion.

The FPGA part of PowerPak's NSF player does not have publicly released source code. (...unless you know something I don't.) The menu for it does have source code (link) but that part is not very useful without the FPGA code that actually makes the sound.

Sorry, no I will not do that. It is too complicated a problem to solve in a generic way. Every expansion sound mapper has different memory layout requirements, and Famitracker is not generically compatible with those mappers. You would have to have an NSF that is laid out in a  specifically compatible way.

This program is open source, if you want to attempt it, it's not impossible to do it on a case by case basis with sufficient effort and skill, but it is not something I could just add to this as an automated thing.

EverDrive N8 / Re: Alternative for playing NSF files on Everdrive
« on: September 03, 2017, 10:53 AM »
Sorry, no.

Ah, okay, I didn't realize I had a bad dump. Dunno if those bad bits are relevant, though: trying again with "Micro Machines (Camerica) [!].nes" (PRG: 9235B57B) yields more or less the same result. As mapper 2 it doesn't run in either Nintendulator or FCEUX.

I don't think I'd even tried it on the Everdrive, since it was already failing on emulators I presumed it was a lost cause. (I might try later out of curiosity.)

"Micro Machines (Camerica) (Aladdin) [!].nes" also fails as mapper 2 in FCEUX but works in Nintendulator.
"Micro Machines (E) (Unl).nes" works as mapper 2 in both.

My "Micro Machines (U).nes" has the following hashes:

CRC32: 0A9872D6
MD5: E739F61955C4793B74AC72A067219117
SHA-1: 799B685821C244ECC0BCEC02BC5F3BCA43E838CE

PRG-ROM: 256k, CRC: 0x6B523BD7

With the header changed to UNROM, writes to $FFF0 shortly after boot seem to switch to an invalid bank and crash.

The version of Micro Machines I have doesn't boot as mapper 2.

Writes to the "stun circuit" register erroneously bankswitch the ROM as mapper 2. These are not harmless, at least in that case. I haven't checked them all.

There is also the write of $00 to $8000 (which is why Everdrive N8's mapper 71 fails) that also causes a bad bankswitch in mapper 2, but it appears to overlap with use of bank 0 so that itself ends up being harmless?)

Fire Hawk obviously won't work as mapper 2 as well, but it's the reason we're here in the first place.

I did search for old threads but I didn't want to bump them. I'm trying to explain here how to fix the mapper, not tell people how to work around it. You can edit the header to use UNROM mapper 2 for some of these games (it's "mostly" compatible) but the better solution is for Krikzz just to fix mapper 71, I think.

Micro Machines and Ultimate Stuntman both have big problems with the racetrack getting corrupted on the Everdrive N8. Could be a problem with Camerica mapper 71 maybe?

Some pictures here:

OS: 15
Bios: 5

Edit: as a test I changed the Ultimate Stuntman header to use mapper 2 (it seems UNROM compatible), and it appears to work correctly with that header change, so I suspect the mapper 71 implementation is the problem?

Edit 2: Seems like both games write $00 to $8000-BFFF at startup, and the mapper implementation must get confused by this, presuming it has mapper-controlled single screen mirroring instead of the fixed mirroring both of these games have. Only Fire Hawk should have single screen mirroring.

FCEUX seems to work around this by limiting the mirroring register to $9000-9FFF? (source) Apparently Fire Hawk only writes it as $9000, and the rest of the games that don't have mirroring control write it at $8000?

EverDrive N8 / Re: Alternative for playing NSF files on Everdrive
« on: December 08, 2016, 08:11 PM »
Ah, okay. Thanks for the clarification.

EverDrive N8 / Re: Alternative for playing NSF files on Everdrive
« on: December 08, 2016, 07:13 PM »
No, it can't support expansion audio.

What do you mean by "unexpected results" with Famitracker? It's supposed to work with Famitracker produced NSFs. Could you send me the FTM that produces a problem?

EverDrive N8 / Re: NSF Player?
« on: December 06, 2016, 04:59 AM »
I think RainWarrior's mapper 031 is for playing NSF compilations, but I don't know how to go about compiling your own ROM.
Here's a tool to do that:

EverDrive N8 / Alternative for playing NSF files on Everdrive
« on: December 06, 2016, 04:37 AM »
Since Everdrive N8 now has support for the NSF-derived mapper 31, and with emulator support for that mapper growing as well, it's now feasible to make a mostly automated tool to convert NSFs into NES ROMs.

This might be useful for people hoping to listen to NSF files on their Everdrive. It doesn't work with all NSFs; it's mostly intended for people making their own music with Famitracker, etc. but it should work okay with a lot of NSF files. There's a bunch of information in the readme file. The main requirement is to have Python 3 installed (it's a python script).

News / Re: EDN8 OS V14
« on: October 28, 2016, 10:28 PM »
Mapper 31 does not play NSFs, it's merely based on the NSF format. It was something InfiniteNESLives and I made for music compilation ROMs like this one:

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