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Alright... How do I put this? This is proving far more difficult than I thought it'd be... :(

I tried to plug away into HEX Editing but I either do not find the right place to edit the ROM (changing values that does not translate into anything) or I change it and break it with no visible results... Most codes are 81 codes which means 2 bytes into the ROM offset with a 2 Bit value (0001 for instance). Then there is the all -0XC1 calculus conversion and what not... I have asked in r/N64Homebrew and was given some pointers but could not make it work.

I have seen @triclon create a GameShark Injector for Mario Kart 64, so he might be able to adapt it to Mario Golf. The files/codes are all here and the ROM is the US Mario Golf ROM.

Also, while browsing the Web, I've found a Super Mario 64 GameShark Code Injector that mentioned the following:

"Not all N64 GameShark/Xploder64 code types are supported. This is due to certain code types not translating
into just hex writes for various reasons, such as codes that:
- Require physical hardware (like a GS button).
- Perform live checks and or dynamic modification.
- Simply not being appliable (Expansion pack releated, non-Super Mario 64 security chip related)."

It could very well be the case here of the Transfer Pak...

Still, those who would like to play on emulator are still able to do so  ;)

For those more tech savvy than me and there are quite a few here (@saturnu, among many others), feel free to create the ROM Hack. Fancy247 @Mariogolf64netplay, I'm sure you could do it if you'd want  :)

This comment by @saturnu in a different thread sums it up pretty well  ;)

modding gameshark codes into a rom...
it seems like you want to embed gs codes that alter ram positions.

the ed64 copies the patcher routine to a location into ram and than the codelist is attached.
as far as i know a general exception handler is registered, that calls the cheat engine routine every time it is triggered.

the max length of codes is determined by performance issues that would accure if the routine would need too much cpu time.

so in praxis the n64 must manipulate some ram settings many times beside calculating the game itself.
if the routine needs to go over a bigger number of codes it does consume more cpu time and the game slows down.

keeping that in mind one solution of this problem would be to patch the rom-code itself to do the things you want.
so as a romhacker you need to find the spots in the rom that alters the memory locations for your gameshark codes.

if game performance doesn't really matter to you can edit the ed64 menu source, so you can attach more then 24 codes. in this case you would need some basic coding skills.

i would say it is possible, but it's not an easy task.

That's all from me here folks. Hopefully, someone will come in here and make it real and if not I'm glad I learned something  :)

PS: I tested just the 4 codes as I have now received an Expansion Pak and not even those slots opened, not even with the enabler code activated, so it could be that these codes only work on an emulator  :(

Thank you very much for your hard work. I appreciate it. Sorry for "stealing" it  :( Not a fan of NetPlay. N64 was made for local play with friends. But other people might join in.

@IRL Random Hajile I could ROM Hack it going address by address but I forgot to mention. We need to put the codes in YML format (I think it will work).

Another thing: if I save a match between Kid and Azalea (for instance), even without the code, the HW loads the characters in that match just fine.

I'll keep sharing my discoveries  8)

PS: added MarioGolf64 Cheats in .YML format. If someone can test it, I'd appreciate it  :)

@IRL Random Hajile I took the plunge to check how the Game Boy Characters was achieved via NetPlay and hopped on Discord. I have Amazing news  ;D This was achieved via Game Shark codes. At first, I tried to export the cheat via Project 64 Cheats Editor but it did not work as the cheat was truncated. I then thought of checking the "Project64.cfg" file on that build and wouldn't you know? The full cheat was there and OMG it is a lot of code. I was like... whoah  :o

So I tried to copy that line of code by copying to PJ64 2.3 cheat file "Project64.cht" and again, wouldn't you know... I booted up PJ64 2.3, enabled the cheat code and there they were. All 4 Game Boy characters were there.

In summation, the line is enormous, so I am uploading the code in separate (so those who have an Expansion Pak can try on real Hardware; I will as soon as possible) and also the cheat you need to edit manually on  "Project64.cht" file so you can have the Game Boy Characters available.

I hope you enjoy the characters. I certainly will  ;)

PS: I take no credits for this. Please check out the person who did this on Discord. He was the author and he should be the one receiving praise for what he has done.

PPS: The Mario Tennis save file with the Extra characters was also on that NetPlay build. That's where that file came from. Just FYI  :)

Update Post: Took a look at Mario Golf Netplay, though unfortunately the .sra file provided by the Netplay build doesn't work as intended on the ED64 V3 and instead has the unintentional effect of resetting all the progress back to new (as if I was playing the game for the very first time). There isn't actually a Mario Golf hacked ROM or anything along the lines of that supplied as far as I can tell. Gotta insert an unmodified Mario Golf ROM into the Roms folder in the Project64 Netplay build, and run replace.bat to replace the .sra file before starting a network game to avoid any desyncs.
The Project64 Netplay build itself does work pretty well however and it is cool to see those GBC characters golfing!
I suspect that:
"Note: They can't be saved onto the game pak, but you can only use them whenever you upload them onto your N64 and until you turn the power off, when you turn the power off, they are gone, so you gotta re upload them again when you turn the N64 on."
...may actually be true here, so even if that savefile were to have worked, the next time I launch the game on ED64, those GBC characters would likely be wiped clean.

Would be pretty cool to see if someone were to make a ROM hack of Mario Golf to permanently unlock the GBC characters by default and have it work on real hardware.

Might be a long shot but was the .SRA file 32KB in length? On emulators, it is usually smaller. Could you attach it here? I may be able to biteswap it, extend it and test it... It's my last attempt anyways.

Unfortunately, I have some bad news...

What we are trying to achieve is not possible... N64 gets the data for the final characters through the .SAV file present on the Game Boy Cartridge. This means that the data uploaded is uploaded in real time.

I tried the code:

810C2900 000E

It unlocked Plum on 1st GB slot. After that, I changed it to:

810C2900 0004

And I got Luigi on on 1st GB slot. After importing Kid via N-Rage plugin and changing the code back to:

810C2900 000E

Kid remained. So Transfer Pak gets Kid and other GameBoy character information directly from the .SAV file. The N64 code present on the ROM does not include the GameBoy characters information.

What one can do is instead of having 4 Plums, is change the codes, so we'd get:

Unlock ?? 810C2900 0009 (Mario) 1st slot
Unlock ?? 810C2902 0004 (Luigi) 2nd slot
Unlock ?? 810C2904 0007 (Wario) 3rd slot
Unlock ?? 810C2906 000D (Metal Mario) 4th slot

Refer to for other characters. Also, the order can be changed freely to whatever you like. Who gets Twins is up to anyone but at least we can have all slots filled.

If anyone wants to try to ROM hack, be my guest. I have given it my best and I'm not even a programmer, so  :P

So, I am fooling around with the emulator and I have good news  8)

The GameShark codes can be altered. For instance, this following code:

Unlock ?? 810C2900 000E

810C2900 = 1st Game Boy slot;
000E = Plum.

However if I change that to:

Unlock ?? 810C2900 0004

810C2900 = 1st Game Boy slot;
0004 = Luigi.

If we find the last 4 characters for Kid, Joe, Azalea and Sherry and I am trying to achieve this via N-Rage (Transfer Pak emulator), Game Boy save and Debugger function on PJ64, then we will be able to get them with the cheats.

Long story short, the codes would be:

Unlock Azalea 810C2900 XXXX

Unlock Kid 810C2902 XXXX

Unlock Joe 810C2904 XXXX

Unlock Sherry 810C2906 XXXX

We just need to figure out which ones are those  8)

Well, I have some mixed news. The following GameShark codes work with the US rom version of Mario Golf:

Enable Code (Must Be On) F10B1670 2400
Unlock ?? 810C2900 000E
Unlock ?? 810C2902 000F
Unlock ?? 810C2904 0010
Unlock ?? 810C2906 0011

These work on an Emulator (should work on real Hardware but I am waiting for my Expansion Pak to arrive) but it is just like you said:

"I suspect that:
"Note: They can't be saved onto the game pak, but you can only use them whenever you upload them onto your N64 and until you turn the power off, when you turn the power off, they are gone, so you gotta re upload them again when you turn the N64 on."
...may actually be true here, so even if that savefile were to have worked, the next time I launch the game on ED64, those GBC characters would likely be wiped clean."

So what do these cheats do? They unlock clones of Plum (likeness, voice and so forth) changing only the drive stats:

So we have 5 Plums:

Original Plum with a 208 yard (Straight);

Kid with a 202 yard (Draw) = Plum with 205 yard (Straight);
Joe with a 205 yard (Draw) = Plum with 207 yard (Straight);
Azalea with a 204 yard (Fade) = Plum with 210 yard (Straight);
Sherry with a 200 yard (Straight) = Plum with 210 yard (Straight).

Original stats are based off this video ( Maybe the stats can be changed as Mario Golf on Game Boy is an RPG.

Perhaps a ROM hack is indeed required as switching off the console/not activating the cheat = losing the characters after rebooting.

The same happens on an emulator with N Rage. The game warns you that you cannot save any progress when you have a Transfer Pak inserted.

So we have two options as far as I can see:

ST7 save conversion to test;
ROM hack/Game Shark code adjustment from the code obtained from a ROM running when the data is imported to the game.

But to anyone who has OCD, one can now have every empty space filled with Plum  ;D

Well, thank you very much for the extensive testing. This is what drives N64 and Everdrive communities forward. My last attempt will be to emulate the Transfer Pak on PJ64 with N-rage plugin and derive a save file from that. If not, there still are GS codes. I'll keep you posted  ;)

Alright guys and girls.

I have some good news. It is indeed possible to achieve this with just save files. I will be sharing here only the Mario Tennis save file that includes all the GB characters and courses. I am using the European ROM version if you want to know.

Additionally, I am linking a .ST7 file for Mario Golf which apparently also includes the GB characters. If anyone can convert it to 32KB SRA file format, then we are Golden  8) If not, I think only MupenPY or OpenEmu would be able to open that save. I could not open it with those programs and the ROM file.

Also, regarding Mario Golf, there is a NetPlay hacked version of the rom that has the GBC characters unlocked with their default stats. I don't feel like playing online or joining Discord just to ask for the save/hacked ROM but if anyone's interested, just search on YouTube/Reddit and you will find what I mean.

In the meantime, enjoy Alex, Harry, Nina and Kate in Mario Tennis on your EverDrive 64  ;)

Good evening, everyone.

A few years ago, I bought an Everdrive 64 2.0 from Krikzz and it still works amazingly (love it to bits). Nowadays, I am playing and replaying Mario Golf and Mario Tennis. Both these games already include amazing characters but I know they included a few more for those who had a Transfer Pak and a GameBoy.

With that in mind, would someone who has a save file with these characters unlocked from their GameBoy game counterparts, upload the save file for both Mario Golf (.SRA file) and Mario Tennis (.EEP) file?

I would like to try them out since I don't own a Transfer Pak nor a GameBoy with those games.

I do not much mind for Pokémon Stadium 1 and 2, but 4 new characters in Mario Tennis and Mario Golf would be nice.

I have looked into GameShark codes as well but apparently Plum is "cloned" as the data originally came from the GameBoy cartridge...

Thank you in advance and Happy 2021 to Everyone  :)

PS: if what I read on GameFaqs is indeed correct, then I suppose there is no workaround for it and you may disregard this thead entirely...

"Note: They can't be saved onto the game pak, but you can only use them whenever you upload them onto your N64 and until you turn the power off, when you turn the power off, they are gone, so you gotta re upload them again when you turn the N64 on."

EverDrive 64 / Re: Super Mario 64 3D All Stars (Rumble SUpport)
« on: October 20, 2020, 07:33 AM »
Thanks @CrashOveride!

Is there any English Shindou patch that retains the audio from the original US release? Found it weird that Nintendo didn't restore the iconic "So long, eh Bowser!" given he wouldn't be Koopa in English on the 3D All-Stars release. There are also a couple of instances of Mario's voice being higher-pitched according to TCRF, but that's less important.

So, the only reason why the pro isn't open source is so that China stops cutting into Krikzz's profits? Cool. Also deleting my previous post? Double cool.
Yea, not really.

But StoneAgeGamer and apparently have the files for the Pro version.
Maybe there has been some agreement on a kickback percentage so they can have it exclusively? And that is fine, but if so, be open about it.
Otherwise, the reasoning is... well, let's say we all are allowed to have opinions.

You're right Dreimer, the confusion is because that Chinese SD2NES is NOT the pro even when it says so. It's based on the open source SD2SNES Mk2 (NOT pro, which is Mk3).

The chinese have new SD2SNES Pro
This is incorrect, the chinese product uses the word "Pro" but it isn't equivalent to the SD2SNES/FXPAK Pro.
It seems to be a variation based on some older SD2SNES Mk2, not sure which revision.
Are you sure?

The Chinese "Pro" version seems to use a Cyclone 2. (The Cyclone 2 might be a copy/clone on there, but regardless)
The non-pro SD2SNES uses a Spartan 3 instead.

So, with that in mind, it seems like it should be in spec with the legit FXPak Pro, correct?

Plus, the AliExpress "Rev X" aka FXPak Pro clone listing, explicitly states it supports SA-1 and MSU-1, which are exclusive to the Pro, right? (Information is all over the place, so I can't be 100% sure)

Edit 2:
Hmm, it seems the real FXPak Pro uses a Cylone IV, so indeed, the clone "Pro" is not a Pro indeed.
But neither is it like a non-pro, which used a Spartan 3.
Very odd, since the FW upgrade was working according to someone here a few posts back.

Edit 3:
There are mentions of the Cyclone II, for example in here:

But there are actual Cyclone IV features, that just won't work otherwise, not because it is not ported over, or enabled otherwise, but because the slower FPGA's would not be able to keep up:

So, I'm very upset that there is no BOM and PCB that is open source for the FXPak Pro, but I will be getting a "original".

SD2SNES is completly open-source and its circuit, data and pcb gerber are offered officially for free to anyone by ikari.

I don't think so. The firmware is open to contributors, sure. The PCB schematics up to Rev. F of the old SD2SNES were public, and every revision from then onward was not made public, for the sole reason that the Chinese were manufacturing their own boards based off the Rev. F schematics. ikari doesn't even offer support for those boards because of the influx of people asking for help when their "clones" died because of the cheap parts they were using.

Actually, that may perhaps be correct? I must admit having a lot of trouble finding the correct parts. I thought I found it eventually though.
The Github repo just needs a better readme, BOM list and cleanup/update.

Why wouldn't we want things to be open source? With the first link the chain is forged...

Wow... I thanked the person who shared the AliExpress link, and you censor both the link and my thanking reply?

So what that it is on AliExpress? I can make my own FXPAK Pro, it would be more expensive, but I could, and then start selling it on my website of choice. If that happens to be AliExpress, is that wrong?
They just call it "Rev X" if you search for it. I admit it's weird because of Revision H being the latest revision. But it is still based on the same design. I could change the pcb and put my logo on it, would that be wrong?

Can anyone shed some light on this? Seriously, I like to know how I am in the wrong here for getting a printed PCB, pre programmed FPGA etc, from a Github repo, pre assambled, from AliExpress/China?
If I am, I really gladly would like to know, because I do care about these things.

Thanks in advance.

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